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December 13, 2009

This Is A Little Dry...

It has been near impossible to watch a full episode of The Young and the Restless without being overcome with the urge to take a nap.

Of course, it is possible that the overwhelming desire for sleep is due to the frigid weather; I'm always cold as it is, and when you figure in frigid temperatures, then I'm extremely cold and sit with a blanket on me at all times, and a blanket often makes me want to go to sleep. But I think it's more likely that the show itself is dulling my senses and making my eyes heavy.

Take, for example, Friday's episode, which I finally watched this afternoon. The moment that I was most engaged with what I was seeing onscreen was during the commercials! A commercial for A&E's new "reality" show about the Jackson Five irked me to the point where I had a visceral, verbal reaction to it and shouted insults at Jermaine, who I think we can all agree is the worst Jackson. Why is that even a thing, first of all, and why are they taking away precious Criminal Minds episodes to make room for this freakshow on Sunday nights?

The show itself? Dull.

  • Soap operas have an unfortunate reputation for being mindless, and cheesy, and televised versions of Harlequin romances, and The Young and the Restless often goes too far in attempting to prove that's not the case. In the grand tradition of such engrossing storylines as "the cutthroat campaign for state senate", "a trip to the senate ethics committee' and "the thing that starts with an R and rhymes with beliquary that I am afraid to type, lest the show get any ideas", Friday's Y&R episode continued the convoluted (and boring) story about Chancellor going public and shares being sold.

Neil: Oh, yeah. You bet I am. Tucker McCall is the Evel Knievel of the business world, accomplishing unimaginable feats. He--making them look easy. Case in point-- Collins/Macarthur. They were on life support until McCall singlehandedly stepped in and brought 'em back from the dead. So to me, business is like an art, and that was a masterpiece.

Kay: Mm. He's an iconoclast not bound to the old ways of thinking. I, uh, I really appreciate that.

I'd appreciate a business story that was written with some sense of what the business world is like (not that I am an expert in the field of business, but I do watch the thirty second CNBC segments on the local news in the morning!)! And maybe some entertainment, while I'm making apparently unreasonable demands.

  • And this was followed up with Billy taking a stand behind the first amendment. And what did he get for his troubles? Sent to jail, for contempt of court! Maybe I'm just burned out on court stories right now, thanks to my exposure to Pine Valley's bizarre legal system, but those scenes made me want to do nothing but watch Law & Order.
  • And then there was some garbage.

Amber: Will we ever celebrate an anniversary?

Daniel: Of course we will. (Chuckles) You just can't lose hope, that's all.

Amber: I know. It's just hard, you know? I just can't stand sleeping in our bed without you.

Daniel: Well, I'm never without you, 'cause I dream about you every night.

  • And then ACTUAL GARBAGE.



That is what Y&R thinks a landfill looks like. So many questions, all of them starting with "What the hell...?"

I just don't know what to make of this show. Not that long ago, I was riveted, and now, the only thing that has my full interest is Jack, because of my well-documented, deep (and, let's face it, a bit creepy and irrational) love of Peter Bergman, and even his story is pushing it at the moment, which is just COMPLETELY depressing. Mr. Matthews as Tucker McCall (which is a terrible name) does show promise, so maybe this coming week will be better...? Let me cling to that dream.


ICAM. This show is so boring these days. I am eagerly waiting for the day that Amber and Daniel are off the show.

I caught the end of Y&R on Soapnet this weekend when I was waiting for the OLTL marathon to start. I couldn't figure out what Phyllis was doing. Is that supposed to be a landfill? It looks more like Phyllis has stumbled into an episode of Hoarders.

I can't believe Kay didn't show up in one of her designer pant suits and cocktail rings.

I think the mere fact that some people are excited about the rumor that Shelia might return proves just how bad this show is.

Yeah, what is up with Neil and his man-crush on Tucker? That's been the most disturbing bit of all this boredom for me. He practically got all googly eyed like a teenaged girl over the mention of Twilight everytime they talked about him.

In a related note-I'll admit to being schizophrenic over the Adam/Sharon thing. It's gross, but that's only because I know what Adam is really like. If he didn't have that past, I think I might like the 2 of them together. Also, part of me thinks it might be fun if Adam corrupted Sharon and she wasn't such a goody two-shoes. The two of them being mean and underhanded to other people might be interesting!

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