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December 19, 2009

Today In James Franco News

A friend texted me last night, "Your imaginary boyfriend Joel McHale is talking about your imaginary boyfriend James Franco".

Yes, it's true! Like Cameron Mathison's thong before him, James Franco's Franco made his way to The Soup and Joel McHale asked the questions we've all wondered: why is he doing this? And how badly does Franco want to make out with Jason?

Edit: HUGE thanks to Katie for sending me the clip!

Here's what we know about the character James Franco is playing on General Hospital: he is an artist obsessed with photographing dead bodies, and wants to meet known gangster Jason Morgan. And when he meets him, he asks for nothing more than common decency.

(Shows clip of Franco being a kind host, offering Jason chips and dip)

There are six more layers in that dip than the complexity of that writing.

Joel, you don't even know the half of it!

(Looks at picture of James Franco) Did you lose a bet or something? Here's what we don't know: why is James Franco playing a character on General Hospital, and does his character want to kill Jason Morgan, or make love to him?

(Plays one of the more homoerotic Jason/Franco clips)

Those eHarmony first dates are always very awkward. (To James Franco's picture) Seriously, do you have a huge debt or something?

And! Tonight, James Franco hosts Saturday Night Live for the second time, proving that he has some sort of affection, or maybe pity, for shows with horrendous writing.

He was very funny the last time he hosted (I know I am not the most reliable judge of his performances, on account of the crazy, but he was!), so I am as optimistic as I can possibly be about an episode of SNL. Although if they do a Gilly sketch, all bets are off.


Great minds do think alike!! This was awesome! Thanks so much for posting this!! I laughed so much watching the clip! Can't wait to watch SNL! I am most certain Franco will make a reference to GH!!
Love, Love James Franco! You know, he has a brother named Dave Franco? What a talented family they have!

OMG, that SNL promo is LOVE. LOVE, I tell you. I might have to actually watch that thing (or at least record it and FF judiciously).

And I saw The Soup last night. The writing zing was the most amazing thing I've heard on TV in a while. If only I could find the clip.

Whatever. SNL is way past it's prime and I like Franco the actor but I'm tired of this overexposed hamfest he seems to be on.

I Love JF, love this SNL promo and The Soup spot was equal in it's awesomeness! As a GH watcher (like me) I think you have to have a sense of humor about it all. JF is giving more expsosure to GH then they have gotten in years. Fans of GH (you know, the ones who bitch about it every two seconds online) should be glad for that, although they swear they wouldn't mind if it was cancelled. Yeah, right. Just enjoy it for what it is. Soaps have always been an escape (as any form of entertainment is) and these days, it really can't hurt to just sit back and enjoy without being so critical. I'm looking forward to SNL for entertainment, just like I do for GH and if James Franco's fine ass just happens to be on both, even better!!!

Here's the link: http://www.thedailybeast.com/video/item/the-soup-on-james-franco

Katie, you rule so hard! Thank you!

I'm kind of glad most of the GH viewers have not bought into the stunt casting with Franco and Jonathan's return and their ratings continue to sink. I love James Franco but this type of stunt casting in the long run does the show more damage than good. What find funny is that the only thing that has cause a ratings upswing on GH in recent months was the carnival which by the way, a Quartermaine was a key part of and Claudia's murder. Go back to Columbia James. Marlon is laughing at you from his grave.

I don't know that I would consider James Franco "stunt casting" Lori. GH didn't go and seek out JF, rather he approached them. I don't care if it's GH or friggin' Lost, I doubt many would turn down a JF appearance on their show. Now could the story have been better, of course, but most stories on GH are craptastic. I'm not so quick to judge JF for taking a risk and trying something new. Stunt casting is 100% bringing JJ back to the show.

Mallory, you probably ended up watching SNL, but just in case, you MUST see these two skits:


Make sure you see the end of that first one!!

And this, if for nothing else than James Franco in adorable striped one-piece jammies:


This post is kind of old, so I hope you see these! LOL!

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