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December 18, 2009

Yesterday's Dumbest...Well, Everything

As we watch the continuing destruction of the character of Aidan Devane and make our way to what will be an amazingly short-lived Zach and Kendall reunion, I have so many questions.

The biggest question of all is, of course, why the hell this had to happen in the first place. You want to trim the cast and get rid of the handsome British guy that you've had back-burnered for six months and instead of just writing him off by letting him fade away and having someone bring him up a few months later like, "I just got a postcard from Foxy Aidan. He's [insert story here that is normal and happy and has nothing to do with going insane and kidnapping a former girlfriend] and loving it!", you make him into an awful psychopath. You have a lead actress who is going to be having a baby, and you decide that the best way to cover up her pregnancy is put her in unflattering clothes and have her held hostage in various locales. You have an enormously popular couple whose time on the show is coming to an end and rather than giving them a few happy weeks together, have them separated in the angstiest of ways. What the hell?! It's like the show decided to do the worst thing possible for every aspect of this story and the only plausible explanation I can come up with is severe head injury.

But I have other questions. Like how did Zach all of a sudden become psychic and realize exactly what went down between Kendall and Aidan? I mean, I don't think he actually had a vision, he just sort of played in his head what could have happened, but it totally read as a psychic vision.

And how does his facial hair grow so quickly?






And, really, why is Aidan all shouty crackers?!

Aidan: You're gonna do exactly what you're told. You belong with me now. Where do you think you're going? You're not going anywhere. Don't be stupid. I'll kill you first. He never deserved you. You should have been with me this whole time. You'll forget about him. I promise. You do exactly what I told you, or I'll kill your mother if you so much as wink at her.

What is the purpose of this story? If it is to make me weep with sadness, and anger, mission accomplished!

AND! How did Aidan get Kendall into, and out of, the hotel room without anyone seeing her?

But, for some reason, the question bothering me the most: WHY would Aidan use his real name at the hotel?! What the hell kind of superspy is this jackass?! I used code names when I was writing notes in seventh grade math class and he can't be bothered to think of one to use while he's imprisoning someone against her will?!


I thought I was the only one who used code names while writing notes in junior high!!! EEE! I'm not alone!

Whatever magic facial growing powers Zach has...clearly he needs to bottle it as a baldness cure! It would be a Fusion top seller!

How long before Zach gets killed? I am convinced this is how asshat Pratt has it set up. Aiden comes back and kills Zach. Kendall is so distraught she goes off to the Martin attic for months and months, and when she returns she looks nothing like Alicia ... sigh

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