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January 16, 2010

Comments And, Um, Comments

Yesterday was a pretty interesting soap Friday, no? In Pine Valley, David's (surprisingly shoddy! Really, why did he choose a hereditary disease to claim to be dying from?!) lie has led Jake and Amanda to wonder if Jake, not David, is Trevor's father (of course, this is a question that could have been answered immediately after Trevor's birth with this newfangled notion called a "paternity test") (how many parenthetical notations is too many for a single sentence?). On The Young and the Restless, Victor is back, Ashley and Sharon now know they were at Fairview at the same time, and Tucker is Katherine's son. And in Port Charles, Lucky knows about Nik and Liz, and will now probably go blind since he had the misfortune of seeing them going at it.


All noteworthy events that are begging to be discussed in greater detail this weekend, but right now we have a question for you, dear readers. We know that many of you have had problems commenting in recent weeks and we're trying to work with TypePad to figure out what the deal is (our working theory is Brian Frons ruining things, as is his wont). If you are one of our readers with commenting issues, drop us an email and let us know about it, and hopefully we will have things squared away soon, and we can all go back to bitching together about the state of our soaps. We're sorry for any aggravation this may have caused!


Uhhh... Tucker is Kathering son (unfortunately), not Jill's. :)

Is it just me, or does Lucky look less "I AM OUTRAGED" and more "...ewwwwwww."

Why were we lead to believe that Katherine's child was a girl when it turned out to be a boy? I'm confused!

Margie, maybe Tucker has the same "issues" that Vincent/Valerie had on Passions? I mean, his name is Tucker, fer cryin' out loud!*

*Y&R writers, don't. Just. Please. DON'T.

Ahhh, thanks for catching that, Joey! Lesson #1: Don't blog whilst tired.

I'm guessing Katherine had twins and Nikki is the other half of the equation...

Annie, you are right! JJ's face conveys everything I feel about the "Niz" (won't even go into what that rhymes with) situation. Blargh!

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