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January 04, 2010

Days of Our Lives: 2009 in Review

I was a seriously derelict Days blogger this year.  (Uh, last year.  See, I am so far behind that I don't even know what year it is.)  So anyway, this Year in Review is less "here is a summary of what happened on the daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives this year" and more "here is a summary of the 3.5 posts I did about the daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives this year, which cover approximately 7% of 2009's story arcs and focus heavily on how many hot men are on the show and how bad James Scott's hair was through mid-summer."  Thank you for your understanding.


So here we go; 2009 in very brief and incomplete review:

Days started the year off on a couple of veteran-canning notes, first ignominiously writing off John and Marlena (if you can even call that writing), then by sending the recently returned Steve and Kayla off into the sunset without really writing them off at all and making for awkward conversations about how they were just hanging out around town and then in some new undisclosed location.

In March, basically everything on the show was still bad.  Among other things, Chloe and her ginormous hair talked to God and/or ceiling tiles a lot, tragic things happened to James Scott's hair, Bo had ridiculous psychic visions, Melanie was a grating caricature of a character that made my kicking foot itch, and there was a super-hot bartender that we have inexplicably never seen nearly naked again.

Until her recent character pseudo-rehabilitation, the only thing I liked about Melanie was when she got smacked in the face by nasty hospital food.

During this rather dull early-2009 era, I did manage to find an episode of Days that I loved.  That it was from 1988 should probably not come as a surprise.  You should feel free to still be shocked by the 80s hair and wardrobe, though.

James Scott continued to sport very, very bad hair.

By June, despite the mostly glacial pacing of most of the stories, there were several things I was starting to enjoy, and Days continued to improve for pretty much the rest of 2009.  Yeah, I was pretty dumbfounded by that turn of events, too.

Grace died.  I ruined my rep as a heartless bitch (well, at least the heartless part) by admitting it made me cry

In July, I was liking lots of things, including hot shirtless men, Duh Face of the Year contenders, Max leaving town, and hot shirtless men.

Louise Sorel returned as Vivian.  And I haven't blogged anything about that since, but there have been moments of awesomeness.

Joe Isuzu plays Chad's father. I have no idea what compelled me to post about that.  I blame the then-heat wave.

After the baby switch reveal, Sami slapped Nicole.  It was glorious.


I cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die promise that a new, substantive Days catch-up post is forthcoming. If nothing else, I have to discuss the insanity of Lauren Koslow's hair, and how I keep getting lost in Wally Kurth's dimples.


Toward the end of the year, Days got really, really good. Nicole was found out to be batshit, EJ finally grew a pair and stopped being everyone's butt-monkey, the greatest double-slap in the history of daytime has finally happened and been recorded for posterity, and Sydney became the cutest daytime kid since Cameron Webber. All in all, Days semi-redeemed itself. Now if we could just get Sydney back to Sami (finally, jeez), all would be right with the world.

I have to say later in the year Days got better. I haven't even really watch since college Days until after the baby Sydney reveal, on SoapNet. Highly recommended from this site) and I have to say it's been really pretty good since. I love the way their cast has multigenerational layers and stories. The newbies with the vets. As the way a soap should be... Unlike GH which has totally forgotten its history...and tries for shock value at every chance and even killing off historical characters kids'. I personally like seeing the next generation stirring up trouble or going through drama. That is what the soap is all about.

Seriously, there is so much crackalicious snark to be had with Days now that you seriously need to start reviewing it again. Regularly.

So, where's the substantive catch up post? I think y'all have no love for Days any more.

I was looking for this information, thanks for put in this easy way, I mean in a easy way to understand it jajaja, well until the next time.

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