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January 13, 2010

Gold-Digging Made Good

While I could rant about the fact that Tea's great "sacrifice" in which she chose her daughter over Todd lasted all of two episodes, or the notion that Dani shouldn't be allowed to spend a week with the man who raised her (who she thought was dead!) because all of a sudden it's urgent and time-sensitive that she goes back to Llanview to get to know her bio-dad, or the sigh-inducing sitcom storyline about a bunch of teenagers living with a baby (are any of them employed at this point?  how does this work?), or the tremendous waste of Michael Lowry's talent and the great potential of his character Ross, but what would be the point?  What would be the point when all the bad was overpowered by such goodness?  You might think I'm talking about Cristian's shirtlessness or the mere presence of David Vickers and, truly, that would've been enough.  But we got more!  One thing I've loved about the evolution of whatever it is that's going on between Clint and Kim is that every time I start to worry that Clint is getting played, he turns it right around on her and totally disarms her, but still keeps her around.  I like.  And today when she was shocked that he wasn't kicking her out after learning of her Nigel/Neville scam, Clint uttered what was perhaps one of the greatest lines in the history of ever:   

"You know, it's fairly obvious to me that you're lookin' for a sugar daddy. 
Now then, if I'm gonna be the daddy, sooner or later
we're gonna have to talk about the sugar."




Um, I think I found my new favorite soap duo.  And I know I'm not the only one who was shocked to learn that Amanda Setton and Jerry ver Dorn somehow have serious chemistry (and kudos to both of them for bringing it, especially Setton for her beautiful reaction moment in which she played busted-scared-excited-flattered-lost all in one brief closeup).

God I love when soaps are soapy.


It's just great to hear that JVD still has it and has been given a storyline to show it.

As an old fan from GL(OLD! I remember when he came on the show!), I'm thrilled for him. Sorry, the old Clint couldn't have played this to save his life, but I'd be the sugar to JVD's daddy!

(are any of them employed at this point? how does this work?)

To be fair, at some point they did explain that Marty is paying for the apartment as long as Cole stays in college.

I totally love Clint/Kim. Clint has Kim's number down but still keeps her around. And Kim is definitely the better of the two strippers.

And thanks for mentioning the Ross/Dani/Tea scenes. The overall message of how Todd is Dani's real father makes me mad. Oh well. At least ML and KM had some amazing scenes. I love how he gave up his own happiness (keeping Dani near him) to do what's best for her. Although, how is knowing and loving Todd really good for you? And I especially love how he told her he was the lucky one because he got to see her grow up. at least he'll have those memories. Hopefully, Todd will just have Dani hate him.

GL's Ross and Blake were one of my all tiem favorite daytime couples, so I knew that JvD would be able to rock the chemistry with a younger woman without looking like a dirty old man. I am so glad to know that he's being used and still rockin' it.

Best part of Amanda Setton is that though Kim clearly has an agenda, she makes it seem like the character is also sincere on some level. Like that Kim does genuinely and could grow to love Clint and that in different circumstances she would have told him the truth without even thinking about what's in it for her. And as much as I hate Stacey, I love how fiercely loyal Kim is to her, because that tells more about Kim's character than it does of Stacey's.

Against my better judgement, I do like Todd but not even TSJ can make me like this heavy-handed TnT romance. It makes me think that the best OLTL storylines are the ones, which aren't TPTB's or the writers' favourites.

I know, right? Klimt rules. I can't wait to see where they take this. It reminds me of the hot chemistry JVD used to have with Sherry Stringfield back in the day.

If I had my way, they would have kept Michael Lowry around and paired him with Blair, but at least they redeemed him, kind of. If Todd can be forgiven for his crimes and remain on the show for years, I don't see why Ross can't return for appearances every once in a while. (If ML doesn't want to sign a contract. I'm not sure if that's an issue or not).

Anyway, what do you think of the return of Ford, Louise? I've been enjoying his rampant shirtlessness this week and his awkward moment with Kish today was too cute for words. You should do a post with shirtless!Ford screencaps for..uh..educational purposes. ;)

Clint and Kim are totally the best thing in soaps right now, much less OLTL. They have rocking chemistry. The stars have really aligned with these two. Jerry ver Dorn and Amanda Setton hit every nuance perfectly. I love that, like Louise said, Clint is in this thing with his eyes wide open and Kim really seems like she could grow to truly love him. Everytime Clint defends her, she just beams. Partly because she can see the money at the end of the tunnel, and partly, I think, because he's the first man seems to really care about her.

Plus, that sugar daddy line made me bust a gut. Hysterical.

Every aspect of the Clint/Kim storyline is awesome, and I love the twins reactions to it as well, I can't wait for Natalie and Kim to mix it up I REALLY, REALLY want Natalie and Kim to turn into the Viki and Dorian of the show because the potential is soooo there.

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