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January 13, 2010

I Wonder How They'll Screw This One Up

Cady McClain is on her way back to All My Children for a brief stint.

AMC's parade of returning faves continues! ABC confirms to Digest that Cady McClain, fresh off her most recent stint as ATWT's Rosanna, will be reprising the role of Dixie, last seen as a ghost in 2008, for a short-term story arc that will reteam her with leading man Michael E. Knight (Tad). The network's lips were sealed on all other details (the timing of her return, the length of her contract, and whether Dixie will appear in angel or human form). Stay tuned for more info!

When I first read that, I forgot all about how ABC Daytime has burned me before with bringing characters back...like the time they brought this exact character back, and instead of bringing her back from the poisoned pancake dead, they made her a ghost. And I was a little excited! And then just a few words later, I saw the phrase "short-term story arc" and I knew it wasn't worth even the most mild excitement, because--well, this show has demonstrated a profound inability to do long-term stories, so why would I have faith in them to execute a good short-term story between a dead/maybe not dead character and the other half of a popular couple?

I am genuinely interested in seeing how they bring her back. I feel like these are the options:

  • ghost. Still dead, still the victim of poisoned pancakes, still in possession of a distracting push-up bra.
  • alive. This is the least appealing of the options, because if Dixie is truly alive, I'd need an actual story, rather than a short arc, because how lame would that be. "So, I wasn't dead, really, but I'm also not going to stick around Pine Valley, either. Laters!" In other words, this is probably what is going to happen.
  • alive. And then, after a happy reunion with Tad and JR and Kathy, gets hit by a car or poisoned by another breakfast food and winds up comatose, because this show likes nothing more than giving its viewers the finger.
  • fake flashbacks.
  • doppelganger. Most likely a doppelganger with a bad attitude, because that worked out so well this year on General Hospital.
  • robot. Who would have a Dixie robot, and for what purpose? I don't know. But it's possible.


I actually have some hope because of the fact that Lorraine Broderick will be writing this story.

Any hope I have has been tempered by the news/ rumor that the new HW team is David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski. When Ellen Wheeler shows up to direct the coffin will be officially closed. Gah!

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