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January 22, 2010

Shocke and Awe

Sometimes, when I am completely exhausted, I will think that I saw or heard something completely out of the realm of possibility and even knowing that there is no way I saw or heard what I think I saw or heard, it still takes me a while to realize that I had some sort of sleep-deprived hallucination. I once thought I heard "Everyday I Write The Book", but with an interlude in another language...but the song I was listening to wasn't "Everyday I Write The Book" at all. And then there was the time that I "saw Marcia Cross" looking at Post-It notes at Staples, but it wasn't Marcia Cross at all. It was an easily spooked redhead who hurried away when she saw me looking at her quizzically.

Needless to say, when the end of today's General Hospital came and I found my very, very tired self looking forward to Monday, I seriously wrote it off as a figment of my exhausted mind, because how often does this show make you gasp with delight and wish that the next episode would hurry up and get here?

Lucky: You're so amazing. You're always looking out for me, you know. Helping me hold on to my dreams, like building a house in the country or spending the rest of my life with you. But as it turns out, the truth has set us all free.

Elizabeth: Lucky, you're drunk. You're not making a whole lot of sense. You need help.

Lucky: I already told you, you have helped me. You shocked me out of my dream world, my adolescent fantasies. You finally made me see reality. You don't love me, Elizabeth. Otherwise you wouldn't be screwing my brother behind my back.


So you see why I thought I imagined it! That is, until I re-watched and paid close attention to the acting.

Jonathan Jackson? Amazing.


Becky Herbst? Fantastic.


Tyler Christopher? Just realized he's left his car lights on this entire time!


And that's when I knew all was right with the world and this was GH, albeit a surprisingly good few minutes of GH.

(This, Lucky and Luke's conversation and the equally surprising Dante/Michael reveal will be discussed in greater detail this weekend with all sorts of exclamation points and excitement, after I sleep and slog my way through the non-amazing parts of the episode. Lord, beer me strength)


yep.. JJ was utterly fantastic. I wish maybe lucky had played mind games with them for a few more eps but I still went "oh no he didn't... in your face Niz"

"Tyler Christopher? Just realized he's left his car lights on this entire time!"

bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha. That is all.

JJ is doing it. HILARIOUS about TC's reaction, or lack thereof.

JJ still looks and feels to be about 18 years old to me. I know he is much loved, but the youth faced NuOld Lucky is creepin me out. Made worse for me by the sad facial hair, pouty purple "wish I could be in a vampire movie" lips, and the heroin chic eyes. BUT the vacant TC is far more disturbing! What happened to him? Was it the affair with Courtney that began his downward spiral? The doppleganger rapist debacle? The pirate flashbacks with Emily that "explained" his tattoos waste of time storyline? I really want to know what made TC check out @ work. Maybe like us he just can't take 98% of the ridiculous crap Guza churns out???

I'm so glad I found this site. I am a member of this message board in which one may not "ACTOR BASH." They are under the delusion that the actors go to the board, in their off time, and read the posts or something. So, this whole experience over here has been a breath of fresh air. I live for it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Gee, can you tell I love this? Loved your comments above and have to agree with the insane attempt on JJ's part to grow some facial hair. It's hideous, to say the least. Shave already.

I hate what they are doing to Liz. But Becky is awesome IMO. I worry that Guza is doing as much damage to Liz as he can just so he can send her back to the nurse's station where she'll collect dust once again. The suspicious part of me is afraid this is just a plot to get the Liason fans riled up about what's happening to their beloved character. If they are concentrating on the Niz mess than they won't be worrying them about Liason.


Welcome to Serial Drama, where our motto is "if you don't have something nice to say, come sit next to me". :)

It disturbs me that TC's facial expression in the screencap here is EXACTLY the same as his expression in flagrante delicto with Liz in the "Barely Concealed Hatred" posting. The man makes DOOL's Roman look over-animated.

Great post! Can't wait for the in-detail post that should be coming soon......the Luke/Lucky convo was indeed awesome! And the Michael/Dante reveal......ooooooh.

Finally something to look forward to in GH. Can't wait to see how Liz begs Lucky's forgiveness and Nik just stands there saying they didn't want to hurt him......bwahahahaha!

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