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January 25, 2010

Shot Through The Heart

I'm not going to pretend like it's rare for me to say things like, "I had to keep looking away during that episode" or "I honestly felt like I was intruding on the worst moment of a person's life" after I watch General Hospital. It's a distressingly frequent occurrence, actually! But I'm usually saying them in the "I had to keep looking away during that episode, on account of how horrendously written it was" or "I honestly felt like I was intruding on the worst moment of a person's life...oh, wait, that happened and that person was actually me. Never mind" kind of ways.

Today, though, was like a punch in the throat. I had been so eagerly anticipating Lucky's smackdown of Liz and Nik for their crimes against humanity, but I wasn't expecting it to be so...raw. And painful. And nearly impossible to watch.

(I DID expect lots of slut-calling, so at least I wasn't totally caught off guard by Lucky's tirades. I mean, seriously, men on this show are not allowed to express even mild annoyance without denigrating a woman for being a whore).

Jonathan Jackson was even better than he has been in recent days, and since he has been pretty damn great of late, well...I know that I compliment him so often that anything I say about him can easily be interpreted as mindless gushing, and maybe that's a little bit right, but still, he was good.


As was Becky Herbst, who hit every single note of pure devastation.


And Tyler Christopher managed to shed a single tear after spending most of the episode stone-faced*.


But I am too caught up in the soapiness to even make a "Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's glycerin" crack.

*He was good when Liz kicked him out at the end, though. Credit where credit is due and all that. I feel like I am growing as a person!

I was originally going to do a "The Day's Most GASP! DID THAT JUST HAPPEN? Dialogue" entry after today, but pretty much every line Lucky said was in the running. Like, everything about this exchange was [insert hyperbolic expression of greatness here] and [and also here]:

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Lucky: So you've said.

Elizabeth: I have no excuse.

Lucky: Something we agree on.

Nikolas: Look, I don't know what else to say. We didn't plan for this to happen, Lucky. It just happened, ok?

Lucky: I don't even know what that means.

But wait! There's more!

Lucky: Who cares?! Who cares if I'm drunk?! Drunk! Sober! Sober! Drunk! I can still smell every lie that comes out of your mouth. But look, I'll own my part in this. Ok? I couldn't see what was right in front of me. You're too edgy when Nikolas is around. You cry for no reason. You push me away and then say it has nothing to do with me. I should have known after everything that Elizabeth has done that she was a faithless tramp. But never, ever in my wildest dreams did i ever imagine this betrayal from my own brother. 


Lucky: You're the big surprise, Nikolas. All those years learning to trust each other, believing you when you said you loved me, that we were both our mother's sons. I got news for you. You are a Cassadine right down to the bottom of your rotten soul. Yeah, i guess i had to see it for myself, but you two make a hell of a pair.


Elizabeth: You know, what you saw, it was the end of it.

Lucky: End of it? Oh, it helps to know that wasn't the only time. When did this affair start exactly, huh? Well, you know what? I don't wanna know.

I loved, loved, LOVED when Carly stopped by. Liz's complete terror at Carly "The Mouth" Jacks learning her secret and Lucky's "Oh, it's already been broughten" look as he went to let Carly in were awesome.

Carly: Elizabeth, it's Carly. Are you home?

Elizabeth: Please don't.

Lucky: Pardon me. Hey, cuz. Come on in.

Carly: Ok, obviously you guys are in the middle of something.  I just wanted to invite you to Josslyn's christening. It's on January 29, so--

Lucky: I'll be there, wouldn't miss it. Nikolas and Elizabeth, I don't think they're gonna be able to make it, though, because they'll be too busy rutting like farm animals.

RUTTING LIKE FARM ANIMALS! I am torn between asking "Who says that?" and "Why doesn't everybody in the world say that every single day?".

The entire painful, nasty episode took the ugliest turn yet when Elizabeth alluded to the two greatest children in all of soapdom. After hearing those two words, Lucky completely lost it in the most vicious way.

Elizabeth: I know you want to punish me, but think about the boys.

Lucky: Shut your lying mouth! You can whore yourself out to anyone you want, but don't you ever, ever try to use Cam and Jake to manipulate me again, you bitch.

Elizabeth: You can attack me all you want, but i have never used Cam and Jake to manipulate you.

Lucky: You always have. You knew the problems I had with my dad from day one. You held Cam and Jake out as my chance to be a better father, to have a stable family, but what you really wanted was for me to be your fail-safe. You wanted me to play papa while you were out tramping around. Those boys have no idea--

Nikolas: Lucky, you're understandably upset, but you're taking this thing too far.

Lucky: Like hell I am! You heard her. She doesn't want the world to know what you two did, for the boys' sake. She thinks that by throwin' them in my face, she'll get what she wants like always. Well, not this time! You cheated, he lied, and you handed yourself out like candy.

AH! I couldn't watch, but I also couldn't not watch.

And then Lulu brought it all home. Dare I have high hopes that tomorrow will be another day of amazing smackdowns?

Nikolas: I have. Elizabeth and I both spoke to him. Well, I'm-- "listened" would be more accurate, I guess.

Lulu: Did he say why he started drinking again?

Nikolas: He knows the truth. Elizabeth and I have been sleeping together for months now.

Lulu: You liar. You selfish pig. How could you do this to your brother?

Pretty fab, no? And that's not even getting into Michael telling Sonny that Dante is a cop, or the sheer WTFery of Carly suggesting that Jason get custody of Jake because Liz had an affair with Nikolas! The whole episode made my head spin, but mostly in the good way, which is just weird!


Regarding the name-calling directed towards Liz (totally deserved btw) - I will give Lucky (and/or Awesome Writer) props for noting later on that he call her what he called her. He seemed a little suprised but not repentant (at least not yet)that he went that far. Has Sonny ever acknowledged that he calls women derogatory words (whether it be warranted or otherwise)? Clue: No.

Ok... I've been waiting on this post..like seriously..."oh i can't wait for this post- checking to see if you've posted it yet" kind of waiting... what does that say about me lol.

I couldn't agree more. Brilliant. Jonathan Jackson was brilliant! I was only vaguely aware of other story lines... he was so good. I don't think I've ever felt so sorry for someone and happy for them at the same time.

Lol I also was waiting to see what u'd say about Nik's tear out of nowhere.glycerin lmao

Apparently, Tyler sheds visine tears. (Thanks TWOP!)

Jonathan Jackson blew me away, today. That was an Emmy winning performance, right there.

That was so brutal and so good. It's what soap really is about... those emotions running so high and confrontations that mean something.

Lucky's calling Liz the same old Guza names meant more and didn't bother me the way it does with Sonny because you could see how ravaged Lucky was. He was dying on screen today and so was Liz. Nik seemed to have a slight touch of indigestion. But Lucky and Liz were just heartbreaking.

I actually felt sympathy for Elizabeth which surprised me but Lucky owned today, no question. JJ was astounding.

WTF was with that the "What happened to that precious little girl who I found trembling in the snow? I'll always love her" line, though? That is all kinds of wrong, on so many different levels.

I wouldn't have had a problem with Lucky calling Liz such terrible things, just because that's what people do when they're lashing out, but Guza just uses them so many that they lose their power and gain a different sort of vileness.

I joined Nikki to day in anxiously awaiting your post. Normally, I am not a fan of calling others derogatory names, but I also will admit to completely losing control of my mouth when pushed to far. I'm pretty sure my ex-boyfriend would testify to that.

It was understandable that Lucky "lost it" and said words he normally doesn't. Sonny uses those words in everyday conversation. If you are going to use them, they better have impact. By calling every woman you know a dirty word, the words lose their punch.

When Nikolas said "it just happened." I was waiting for Lucky to ask if he tripped and fell and it just "slipped" in.

I applaud Becky Herbst attempt to show us how repentant Liz is. Unfortunately for her, Guza writes her character and you know she's going to be sleeping with Nikolas the first chance she gets.

JJ's performance was fantastic, which totally emphasizes how much TC is hamming it in. Is he trying to get fired? Although I'm a fan of the thought he's going for duh face of the year.

That one little tear was all he gave for such a heart breaking situation. JJ and Becky were sobbing at different points. Come on TC you wanna play with the A team, you need to bring your game.

I was actually expecting Carly to call Lulu and tell her to go help her brother. Unfortunately, Carly was true to from and went right for the whole "get your son back" thing. Does she think that she and Jason could raise Jake together like they did Michael?

The awesomeness of this storyline completely eclipsed the rest of the show for me. The build up has been intense, but I am hoping the payoff will be totally worth it.

Ok, I was actually home today and for some inexplicable reason, decided to watch GH live. I haven't even seen the whole show in months, no clips, nothing.

First of all...holy hell, JJ rocked my socks off. I was a fan of his from his first stint as Lucky but admittedly, I was a bit on the fence about his return, not because I was a great fan of GV or anything but I just wasn't sure if JJ looked old enough to play a father of two who once upon a time had himself a hot little fling with Sam.

But I digress.


And that dialogue - normally, I hate GH's penchant for routinely referring to women as "whores" and "sluts" and the like, and hey, sorry to those who might disagree, but Liz had it coming. And what was it w/ Nik repeatedly trying to defend her by saying it wasn't her fault, he's the one who insisted?!? He didn't force her! She went willingly! Ughh...I loathe Nik more and more and really, my dislike of the character is now beginning to bleed onto the actor playing him which might be unfair on my part but nevertheless, there it is.

I even liked the sheer randomness of Carly stopping by to invite a person she has made it clear time and again that she can't stand, in person, to her daughter's christening. (Seriously, who goes door to door to invite people to anything - is she flying to London to invite Robin as well?!?). And the "rutting like farm animals" - I have to disagree - I was not torn between wondering who says that or why we don't say it enough. All I want to know is how soon I can include that particular phrase in my own speech. I can't comment on the rest of the show because I kept muting in between the Lucky/Niz scenes but I'll definitely have to watch tomorrow to see if Lulu tears into Nik (and hopefully Liz as well).

"rutting like farm animals" may now be my most favorite GH quote ever.

That was exactly the kind of stuff Emmy voters love. JJ has it sewn up now.

I'm brand new to this blog and have to say that I'm hooked to the max. I work from home mostly and thank goodness because every other minute after GH was over, I was desperately clicking to see if you had commented yet. It was well worth the wait and, as usual, you've done a smashing job giving the blow by blow of this most explosive and climactic soap story! Lived for Lucky. Liz was fabulous and Nik, well, what can I say? His performance left a lot to be desired but thank God, the cameras didn't focus on him too much. My absolute favorite was when Liz, true to form, tried to use "the boys," (an overly used description of many soap brothers), once again to perhaps rein him in a bit. His comeback was spot on and this whole episode reminded me why I actually tune in to this usually mob ridden show! Can't wait for more of your insight.

Lucky thy name is hypocrite! Liz, call Sarah and then hand the phone to Lucky!

Call Sarah and then hand the phone to Lucky, LOL!

I loved that whole scene. Lucky was just awesome and Liz looked like she was just punched in the gut.

I loved when Lucky held her face and said "What happened to that precious little girl who I found trembling in the snow? I'll always love her". The tears streaming down their faces was so heartbreaking.

I just hate the fact that Lucky loved Liz as a weak rape victim who needed Lucky to save her. I wish he could have save what happened to the little girl who made those vows with me on Valentine's Day at the church. That would have sounded better than Lucky wanting the little girl (why is he saying little girl) who was crawling out of the bushes after just being raped.

I said this elsewhere and I'll say this here...when Lucky asked what happened to that trembling girl he found in the snow...he was referring to the girl who found the courage to trust him and let him take care of her after her brutal assault. He was referring to the girl who had the courage to pick herself up out of that snow and go on with her life. That girl was fearless. That girl had strength. That girl was the bravest young woman he'd ever known. It had NOTHING to do with her being a rape victim and, if that's the first thing that came to a person's mind when he said that line, that speaks more of a personal perception of Elizabeth as the perpetual victim than it does of how Lucky perceives her.

He wanted to know where that brave, strong girl was because, in that moment, when she crawled out of those bushes to face the scary world beyond instead of curling up in a ball to die, Elizabeth Imogene Webber was the bravest girl in the whole world! I totally got what Lucky was asking when he uttered that line. I've wondered the same exact thing for the last decade.

Where the feck did that girl go?

I was crying during the last Lucky/Liz/Nik scene. CRYING! Eff this effing show - just when I'm ready to quit you, you give me a reason to stay around.

And Holy Hell, can someone thank whoever it was who cast JJ again if just because it seems to have snapped Tony Geary out of his acting coma? I've been waiting years to see some of the scenes we saw today between Lucky and Luke.

Also anxiously awaited this post, also agree that Nik's tear was glycerin. I mean, TC just stood there, looking bored.

Love, love, LOVED JJ! Ooooh...watching those scenes felt like a guilty pleasure; I actually cheered!

I know, name calling is never okay, but let's face it, Lucky was right on about Liz.

I agree with your post except that I didn't think Becky Herbst was all that good. But I never do so that isn't new.

I do so enjoy scenes that were written soley to put on an actor's Emmy reel since his name was on the pre-nom list before he filmed a scene.

I'm not saying Jonathan didn't give a great performance but since I have SUPER STRONG EMMY BAIT ALLERGIES...it was hard for me not to be completely aware of what I was actually watching. I'm the same way when the show does these things for STeve Burton or Maurice Bernard. or anyone really.

And I also couldn't help but feel if the show hadn't devoted itself to spending the past half a decade to treating Lucky like an afterthought while Greg was there...then no one would have been cheering as hard as they are right now. Calls of it being over the top and typical Guza trash would be all over the place, IMHO.

And I wish I could get into Luke/Lucky scenes...but the whitewashing and retconning on that level just has me shaking my head.

Kelly, I noticed the same thing about the name-calling. At first I yelled, "NO,not Lucky, too," but I too noticed his relfection on it later during that amazingly awesome scene with Luke. A friend recently recommended I watch OLTL's Kish storyline just to show me how awful GH is in comparison, and I was starting to agree with her (amazing writing! awesome performances!) But then there was this. No matter how hard you try to quit GH, they always pull you back in.

OMG I needed a friggin' CIGARETTE after those scenes. JJ was amazing. And I'm giving him a pass on the name-calling because, unlike Sonny (what was up with his calling Maxie a ditz? Asshole. But I digress.), it's not something he does all the time and he was drunk. And I think JJ realizes how bad that sounds and tried to make amends.

One last thing - could Tyler Christopher BE anymore disengaged onscreen? I've never thought that Becky Herbst was a good actress, but at least she was present in those scenes and gave her all. TC couldn't be bothered.

Lucky was awesome!! My comment is about Carley. Does anyone remember right after Micheal got shot Carley went to Liz and apologized for getting on her about Jake - Carley said that Liz made the RIGHT decision in keeping her child out of Jason/Sonnys life. How soon she forgets.

Ok I'll acknowledge JJ was good today but it really IMO was not about the performance. He got all the lines and dialogue today and said I think what viewers of this show have been waiting to hear about Liz for years. And I think JJ did a good job. But I really liked the Luke/Lucky scenes.

Well I know this site is a no win when it comes to Becky(I know you guys adore her) but she can't come close to what Sharon Case does.

And Tyler. I think he's become a very lazy and lackluster actor. I realize he has gotten very little material in this whole story, but I haven't seen him put forth the passion in his performances since maybe 2004/2005. While I know he got his emmy bait with the Rebecca reveal nonsense last year, it was OTT and a crap performance.

Tyler Christopher looked like he was going over his shopping list in his head, but otherwise, wow!

Am I the only one that was overtaken with mad glee as Carly went on and on about how Elizabeth, the precious, virtuous "angel" had fallen. Her enjoyment of the whole thing was so over-the-top awesome that it made me love her. And the "I know, I love the wrong people but..."

Yeah I'm with you except on the part about Becky's performance. For me both she & Tyler were overshadowed by the far superior JJ.

And today, ladies and gentleman, is a shining example of what Greg Vaughan could never do. Sorry, GV lovers, but today's scenes were ones he could never pull off with the emotion and intensity that JJ did. I know there is complaining that the only problem was poor writing for GV Lucky over the past few years, and they're just spoon-feeding GREAT STUFF to JJ, but I think that's just sour grapes. Even if they had given GV this kind of material, he just doesn't have the chops for it.

I have also LOVED the Luke/Lucky scenes. The father/son connection with these two is just incredible. The anguish is palpable with Luke watching Lucky sit at the bar, a younger but identical image of himself so many times over the years - an image he hoped he'd never see.

Like a couple of others here, I didn't think Becky's performance was that stellar. You could see she was straining for tears.

The three of them in that room was like a scene done for acting school. "Kids, JJ is the example of an emotional, heart-felt performance, Becky is the example of 'you're almost there, but you've still got some work to do,' and Tyler's performance, here, is an example of why standing too close to your microwave while you make frozen burritos is a BAD PLAN."

I cannot WAIT to see Lulu bitch-slap Nik today, though he, of course, will be busy wondering if there really IS room for Jello.

I'm hoping for a similar bitch slap of Carly by Jason - so....an affair is a reason to have your kids taken away? Hope she remembers that when she's banging Sonny for the 5000th time (and you know it's coming). With that reasoning, bye-bye, Jocelyn!

Per normal, I fast forwarded through the Jason/Sonny scenes. Same lines, different day. I say they are secretly in love. Wish they'd just rut like farm animals and get it over with.

Heh, I was working hard to find a way to insert that line.

While I applaud JJ's scenes, I think the name calling was over the top and distracted from the performance. I can see it from Sonny but not from Lucky. But this is misogyntic GH, what else did I expect?

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