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January 14, 2010

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

For the spawn of Victor Newman, Nick is generally pretty unobjectionable. He's kind of a douche, and painfully dim, and he whines and stares blankly a lot, but compared to his deadly dull sister and [insert adjective here to describe Adam, because who the hell knows what personality he is going to have on any given day] brother, he doesn't bother me too much.

Except when he says things so hateful, so condescending and so just plain wrong that you'd think Victor himself said them, but you'd know that wasn't possible, because the line was delivered clearly, with no monotonous mumble.

Sharon: We've both made mistakes.

Nick: Well, I've learned from mine. You keep covering the same ground, throwing yourself into desperate relationships without giving a damn how it affects your family.

Sharon: The only people I have to consider now are myself and Noah.

Nick: Well, you sure as hell weren't thinking about him last night, 'cause he almost died.

Sharon: You don't think I know that, Nick?

Nick: If you did, you would have put our son first, before Adam and before yourself. Sharon, how many kids do we have to lose before you get your act together?

I...I just can't even. That was so horrifying and cruel that I got zero satisfaction from watching Sharon slap him.



Scalping him would have been a step in the right direction, but still not harsh enough punishment for that exhibit of...well, I was going to say "dickitude", but that's not a word, and "that exhibit of Victor Newmanism" is probably more apt. 


Damn Nick...live up to your unfortunate DNA why don't you? Taking notes from Sonny Corrinthos and dear old Dad are you?

I thought we were supposed to like Nick and find him dreamy.....

Is Guza secretly writing Y&R?

I can't really blame the writers for this (comparing it to Guza) because althought it was hard to watch, it's a recipe for an awesome soap opera. I love that Nick is totally Victor's son and he and Sharon are turning into Victor and Nikki Part 2 -- two people who are intertwined with each other because of a shared past and kids, who will always be in love, but who are also completely toxic for each other.

Drama to me just isn't bad things happening to good people. If I wanted to watch crappy things happening to people who are nice to each other, I'd watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It's hard sometimes, but that's what makes it occasionally golden. Basically good people whose emotions make them make bad mistakes is what a good soap opera is all about.

(And I think there's a huge difference between a man who thinks he's doing right by the mother of his children but who in a fight says something hurtful -- and somebody who is a murderer who more than occasionally calls women whores and bitches.)

Um....wow. That is so wrong on so many levels. And I don't even watch this show.

I love how Nick expects Sharon to be with their grown son every moment of the day. No doubt what he does when he has Noah. This from a guy who bought him a huge, powerful snowmobile that he's just bound to wreck any day now. Great thinking there, Dad!

Maybe Nick should buy Sharon one of those leashes they use on little kids so she knows where Noah is all the time.

have never been one to watch a soap opera, but today I think people watch them less than they used to a few decades ago. My grandmother's generation watched them all the time; I think they liked to escape from reality for an hour a day.

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