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January 17, 2010

The Fast & The Furious: Genoa City Drift

As was briefly mentioned the other day, Friday's episode of The Young and the Restless was quite good and dropped the kind of bombshells that require capitalization and exclamation points: Victor is BACK! Tucker is possibly Katherine's SON! Mac is having Lily and Cane's TWINS! Ashley and Sharon know they were at the mental institution at the same TIME!


(I know, I know, soaps are supposed to be filled with shocking bombshells and intrigue and excitement, so how can there possibly be a but about an episode filled with them? Oh, you seriously underestimate my ability to whine)

For starters, we sit through an awful lot of boring episodes over the course of a given week where literally nothing happens. Couldn't some of those bombshells have been spread out a little bit? Putting one of those revelations on a boring day would have saved us a lot of yawning.

And most importantly: WHY are some of these bombshells happening already? I'm sorry, Tucker revealing that he's Katherine's son?

Kay: I have owned this company outright for decades, and I have given it every fiber of my being. So why would you want to take my legacy from me?

Tucker: Times change. Legacies don't mean that much anymore.

Kay: For me, they do! For me, they do. Now I thought you were my friend and my ally, but you are neither of those.

Tucker: No. I'm your son. 



WHY IS THAT ALREADY HAPPENING?! This should not have happened until, I don't know, this time next year. He's been on the show for literally eight minutes! And this takeover story is bizarre, and makes little to no sense if you actually stop to think about it (I don't blame you if you have not stopped to think about it. The entire story has been thirty seconds long, so there is no real time to sit and think about it), but that, too was rushed like a rushing thing. Way to freaking pace yourselves, Y&R!

Especially since rushing this story along means that we barely had any time to sit back and appreciate the wonder that is JoJo before she was cruelly taken from us.


Jo-Jo: I'm having too much fun in my fancy new digs. Come on, Ess. I got a taste for some of that fancy Russian caviar on my scrambled eggs. I can't get enough of that stuff. Come on.

JoJo was given hardly any time to make the world smile and, meanwhile, Amber Moore continues to exist. Life is completely unfair!


Mac is carrying Cane and Lily's baby. No, sorry, babies! Not surprising, really, because Mac is magical and wonderful, and of course she is going to have twins. Of course.

The show spent exactly twelve seconds inserting some drama into the story, by having Lily worry about the pregnancy, given that she and Cane had already lost a child. But instead of mining that for entertainment, after a few beats, Mac's twins were revealed and everything was happy. How lame! Why couldn't that be spread out over an episode? I'm not saying I want lots of this story, but it would at least be soapy.

Apropos of nothing: you know the scene in Knocked Up where they are discussing the terms of the Dirty Man bet, which Martin did not understand, and Jason said to him, "You just looked at me with that blank stare of yours - it was like talking to a wax statue"?




While I am sure that Ashley and Sharon knowing they were at Fairview at the same time will go nowhere, and Adam will continue to weasel his way out of the lies he's caught in with surprising deftness, I could not take my eyes off of their scenes. Part of it, sure, is that it's compelling to watch the details finally come out knowing the truth about Faith, but most of it was staring in awe at Sharon Case's flyaways.


She probably could have taken flight if she tried hard enough. And Eileen Davidson's hair was no better.


??!!??!!??!! I hope the Y&R hairstylist job is a volunteer position and that nobody was paid money to do...that to these otherwise beautiful women.


Nick and Adam's fight was ridiculous and amazing. When Adam picked up a potted plant to toss at Nick, I died a little, from happiness.

So bizarre! And also, hilarious!

And then Victor walked in, making a triumphant return after leaving town while Eric Braeden was, then wasn't, then was, on the show.

    Victor: What the hell is going on here?

It only took seven words for me to wish he would leave again! I know that "not douchey" is a skill Eric Braeden hasn't yet mastered, but I still held out hope that he wouldn't be so awful when he came back.


I was surprised too at how quickly the Tucker-as-Katherine's-son reveal came out. I hope there is a good reason for this. I'd like to see Tucker and Jill's relationship continue, but it seems like it would be impossible after what he's done.

RIP JoJo...you were fun while you lasted.

Hmm, this seems like such an obvious suggestion now....Tucker should have been around for a year or so wreaking havoc on GC before finally revealing himself as Kay's son. It didn't occur to me until I read it here! They need to sign you up as a writer! Of course, if they hadn't killed off John Abbott and Brad Carlton, they wouldn't now be scrambling to create other moguls in town in the blink of an eye!
I hope Tucker's recast has some sex appeal though. He is just yucky, and his hair is way too fluffy for a MAN!!!

Thank GOD I am not alone! I HATE HATE HATE VICTOR!! And no, my caps and exclamation points are not being overdramatic. I had to stop watching once he came back on. He is SO obnoxious. His voice, the weird way he spaces his words, EVERYTHING! And Eric Braeden seems like an ass too, so I don't feel bad about hating him.

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