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January 05, 2010

The Question We're All Asking

I ended yesterday's episode of General Hospital with a serious question heavily weighing on my mind.

It wasn't "On a scale of 1-10, how amazing was the line 'Who do I have to screw to get off this movie'?", because the answer to that is clearly 10.

And, no, it wasn't "What was the point of having a big Carly kidnapping if nobody even knew she was missing until Jason stumbled upon her at the end of the episode in which she was kidnapped?", although that IS a good question. Not that anybody would actually think Carly wouldn't survive this, because duh (I don't think even Bob Guza thinks the audience is dumb enough to seriously worry about Carly's survival), but they could have at least attempted to make this into a dramatic scenario!

And it also wasn't, "What did Greg Vaughan do to the writers that led to their refusal to write scenes for Lucky in which he was on equal footing with Jason, or actually on-screen at all?", but I am curious about that. The difference between the writing for GV's Lucky and Jonathan Jackson's Lucky continues to be striking.

Lucky: What are you talking about?

Jason: Lucky, it's such a long story. I--

Lucky, crabby: Condensed version.

I enjoy competent Lucky, and Jason having respect for him.

And the question wasn't even, "Why would a police officer let the local mobster hang around waiting for a detective, at the detective's desk, unattended and not say anything to the local mobster, even when the local mobster starts oh so casually rifling through the papers on the detective's desk with a plain as day 'Nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see' look on his face?", although I can see why you'd think that, because what the hell?  

No, the big question I am left with is: what circumstances led to Johnny encountering a senior citizen and deciding to trade shirts with him, and why weren't we treated to that scene on-screen? What did Johnny give the old man in return? I feel like a bag of Werther's originals and a recorded episode of Matlock were involved somehow.


It's an old man sweater, is what I'm trying to say. And yet the terrible sweater made Olivia infantilize him more than she usually does!

It's all very confusing, but one thing I do know for certain is that I spent more time creating an elaborate backstory for this sweater (which, if it is a recurring wardrobe staple, may become my newest irrational wardrobe obsession) than the writers have spent thinking about Johnny in general. That says a lot about me, and about the writing staff, and none of it is good.


I find myself concerned for Johnny's prostate and arthritis. Maybe he's resurrecting Dillon Q's ED storyline...

Now Mallory you know I have always ascribed to the theory that TIIC hate the beautiful people and seek to marginalize them in response to the never seen but much missed Greg Vaughan. God bless Twitter!

Although I am over the immediate "what? you totally didn't see us ignore this character for a decade! People have always been around him and concerned about him. You all just imagined the past several years!". The sudden ascencion of Lucky to all knowing sage is annoying and grates. I just don't buy all these people being concerned and talkign to Lucky when for the past decade he could have walked by them on fire and none of them would have A- noticed or B - attemtped to even spit on him to put it out. The show may have forgotten about it but I haven't.

Sometimes I see outfits and convince myself that the wardrobe people are just creating an elaborate practical joke that we just don't understand.

The backstory I was thinking off was what made Franco pick out those clothes for Sam. Did he give her a towel to dry off then take her to the bedroom and search for the perfect kidnap wardrobe for her. If he did, why did he chose to put her in boots. That would seem illogical since he is confining her to a box.

I think that sweater was in his dad's closet.

Oh the good ole times when Lucky use to pull out knives on Jason then when he was reduced to being a wimpy inept cop. Now he's the go to guy for all situations. Great what one cast change can do for a character.

I seriously think I tried on the sweater last night at Sears...which says a lot about me AND the wardrobe department of GH. But though it looked cute on the table and was on sale, I didn't buy it. Because it looked like an old man sweater... and not just because the florescent lights in the store made me spot far too many gray hairs that I'm pretending are blond.

"I enjoy competent Lucky, and Jason having respect for him. "

No wonder Jason has respect for him -- Lucky does whatever Jason wants.

I think Guza is trying to pretend the last decade never happened, and Lucky is still the mob flunky he was when JJ left.

Seriously, what's uglier - Johnny's old-man sweater or Robin's hideously unattractive, 4 sizes too big for her, plaid monstrosity that simply refuses to die a quick, merciful death?

I completely LOL'd when Franco said that fantastic line. Hilarious about Johnny's sweater. Thoughts of Werther's and more trivial backstory were priceless. Great job Mallory!


Mallory, you are just too funny! Great line from Franco.... I had to rewind that part, since I watch GH during my chores. I hate that Lucky is the go to guy....and what is all this partnering with Jason Morgan..... I prefer the GV Lucky that detested what Jason and Sonny did for a living. I hope this Lucky won't be a mobs best friend. The SHiite that is GH these days.

That line was EPIC. I will miss Franco!

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