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January 14, 2010

The Sublime and the Ridiculous

General Hospital's remarkable inconsistency in everything they do, from writing to wardrobe, makes every episode somewhat intriguing, because you can never sense what's coming up in the next scene. Will it be better than the previous scene? Will it be worse? Will it be so much worse that you're forced to unplug your television in order to exorcise your room from its badness?

Today's episode, for example, featured a conversation that actually made me do a dramatic head-desk. I always thought that was just a phrase! But, no, I actually slammed my head against my desk when Sonny went there:

Sonny: You know, a lot of times you don't know what goes on behind closed doors. And, you know...I don't have to explain this to you, but I'll be happy to. Sometimes there's a couple, they look perfect. Like a--like--or a match made in hell. But on the inside, it's the opposite. Like everybody thought that Claudia and I, we were a disaster. But in actuality, you know, we had a pretty decent dysfunctional relationship. You and Felicia... On the other hand, were like destiny. You guys could do no wrong--

I'm not surprised that Sonny took the low road (it's closer to where he's standing, after all). And I'm not surprised that Mac spent his few allotted minutes of weekly screen time getting a horrible heartbreak thrown in his face. I'm just surprised that that much douche could fit into less than a hundred words. Everything about that piece of dialogue was either offensive or ridiculous.

But! The show made up for it with Lulu, of all people. While her recent history has far too much Sonny worship for my liking, and while she has a habit of getting irritated at things like her brother possibly having a tumor, she was immensely watchable today:

Lulu: I saw Lucky last night. And he told me how he overheard Nikolas proclaiming his love to you, and he confronted him on it, and he didn't even try to deny it. Nikolas actually believes that he's in love with you.

Elizabeth: I know, I know, and I feel really bad about the whole thing.

Lulu: That's really good to know, but I'm not concerned about your feelings. Lucky is a different story. Do you realize how flipped out he is about this?

Elizabeth: Ok, thank you for your concern or lack thereof, but, really, this is none of your business.

Lulu: Actually, it is, since Lucky came to me thinking that I was covering for you, again, like the time you cheated on him with Jason.

Lulu: Are you and Elizabeth reading from the same bad script? The same thing here is Lucky's betrayal, and the only villain he can see in this piece is you. He should be just as mad if not more so at Elizabeth. And if he's wearing blinders, I'm not. I know that you didn't fall in love with Elizabeth out of nowhere, without her active participation.

I love when she uses her smugness for good. Pout and sneer all you want, girl!


Two important GH topics to share:

  • Rebecca Herbst is pregnant! I am, of course, happy for her and her husband, but I think that we can all admit that congratulations were our second thought, the first thought being "OMFG, if they write this pregnancy into the show I am setting myself on fire, I SWEAR TO GOD, I'LL DO IT".
  • As readers Sarah and Amy noted...Emma has a plaid coat.



She can pull it off because she's the cutest to ever cute, but SERIOUSLY WITH THE PLAID COATS IN THIS FAMILY. Maybe I'm paranoid and take things too personally, but I'm starting to think that this show is screwing with me. If Patrick starts wearing plaid scrubs, I'm out.


Actually "OMFG I'll set the studio on fire with me inside if they write it in" was my first thought...Second though was "If those lazy hacks do do it...it better freakig be Lucky's this time is all I can say".... congrats for her family maybe about third on the list. I then immediately started praying to the soap gods that what we all fear doesn't happen.

And while I don't necessarily disagree with what Lulu said...I am more than a litte over of this week of "Nikolas is really the victim here...feel sorry for Nikolas". Cause no...not going to.

LOL! Although I didn't get a chance until tonight, I came over here SPECIFICALLY to report Emma's "oh no they di'nt" plaid coat, but I should have known you gals, or one of the other uber-astute SD readers, would have caught it already. :)

That little girl is cuteness personified, so I haven't made any angry calls to the comment line - YET. If Patrick shows up in some jaunty London Fog plaid pea coat, all bets are DEFINITELY off.

BECKY HERBST IS PREGNANT? Oh dear gawd.....here comes the "who's your baby daddy" train again....has a woman on this show EVER gotten pregnant where one of the following did not occur?

1) Paternity of baby in question.

2) Health of the baby at risk

3) Health of the mother at risk.

4) Mother in danger of being shot, stabbed, kidnapped, drowned, frozen or otherwise inflicted with bodily harm?

Let's just pray they are NOT going there and, instead, are planning to give Becky a lot of BIG handbags and place her precariously in front of potted plants and tall wingback chairs. Please.

I am with you on the "setting myself on fire" if this pregnancy is written in. I honestly believe that is the ONE thing in this cluster that will drive me absolutely apesh*t. I've put on my big girl panties and sucked up a lot in this crapfest, but another WTD storyline would turn me into the biggest, whiniest baby ever. I would NEVER stop bitching and moaning about it and I'm pretty sure Elizabeth Webber would be on my hate list FOREVER.

Good gravy, the woman is a friggin nurse! Doesn't she know a darned thing about birth control??? Please Guza, use your brain for once. Do NOT write Becky's pregnancy into the storyline!!

He's going to write Becky's pregnancy into the storyline, isn't he?

Where are my matches?

And what on earth was Sonny's point anyway? I was perplexed as to what the hell that had to do with anything.

Hate Lulu, but if she keeps saying things like that to Niz, I could learn to like her.

Exactly, Louise. That conversation made zero sense. What in the fresh hell does Mac and Felicia's relationship have to do with Sonny and Claudia? Felicia may be MIA, but last time I checked she was still alive.

Guza's totally planning a "Whoose the Daddy" as we speak. Jasus Christ.

All I can say is: poor Lucky.

I know I asked this before, but I must ask it again. Who IS this Liz? I used to love her (except when she was with Rick). Now she is just a lying Skanky McHobag! What's up with this?

OMG - Patrick WAS wearing a plaid scarf yesterday (I can't believe I noticed given he was in the middle of the ATROCIOUS, BORING AND POINTLESS "Lisa and her furniture and her come ons" storyline).

This better not be the beginning of the aforementioned "jaunty" plaid coat......

I'd like everyone to take a good look at this season's Biggest Loser contestant, Michael, and tell me that doesn't look like Sonny + 400 pounds.

I don't watch GH. Haven't for awhile. Even so, if GH does ANOTHER WTD story with Liz, I will STAB MYSELF IN THE EYE WITH A PEN, I SWEAR I WILL.

How sad is it that when I first read about the news of the preganancy of an actress who, by all accounts, is a lovely human being, my very first audible reaction was OH GOD.

I happen to like plaid and flannel, so it doesn't tear me apart like some I guess.

Dear Mallory,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but get out the lighter fluid!

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