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January 27, 2010

The Week's Most Unintentionally Hilarious Dialogue

Just catching up...

Carly:  What could you possibly say that absolves Elizabeth of such hideous betrayal?  I mean, of all the men that she could've hooked up with, she hooks up with Lucky's brother?  Why doesn't she just stab a knife in his heart?  It'd be a hell of a lot cleaner.

Jason:  Why don't you stop being so judgmental?

Ha!  Oh, Jase.  Sometimes you're so precious.  This is one of those brain damage moments, huh?  Carly not being judgmental is like the sun not being hot, water not being wet, or Jason Thompson not being sexy.


Carly not being a gigantic screeching judgmental delusional (Jason makes my kids lives safe?!?!) hypocrite is as likely as Jason updating his wardrobe with pink cashmere sweaters and khaki pants!

When she explained to Jason why she was NOT a hypocrite I thought his last remaining brain function might short circuit causing his over gelled spiky hair to catch on fire! That woman has cheated on everyone she has ever been with and always with the most offensive "betrayal" worthy man. If anyone's kids need to be picked up and taken away from anyone it's flippin' Carly!

Guza and his crew must smoke a lot of weed to write this crazy crap. I know I should if I want to stop hating this show so much.

And Lulu, STFU! I lost all new love for her, even in her Dante coupling, the moment she went full on Carly at the Hub. It was disgusting. HOMEWRECKER LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR!!! Georgie and Dillon anyone... writers??? And nobody knocks an addict off the wagon, so that also really pissed me off. Lucky is NOT a child, even though he may look like one. If he drinks and drugs that is his choice, not Liz's fault. Uchhh. I'm not pro Liz or anything, just a realist. I dig great soapy anger and flipouts when they are emotional and based in reality and also WRITTEN WELL, but the wildly unbalanced judgement and endless misogyny is killing me here.

It's like GH exists in Bizzaro World.

Bravo Sarah! May I non-creepily stalk you? I have been feeling the EXACT same way! Where the hell is the scathing judgements on Nikolas....who has just been revealed to have slept with his THIRD...count it.. THIRD otherwise taken woman. That if he was teh instigator as he claimed to be (and I agree with) then his stupid "it just happened" excuse doesn't work?

And I kept wondering when Carly developed brain damage to go with Jason's. Has it completely slipped her mind why everyone bought her Jason was Michael's father lie so easily? And when she stated that Jason had taught her kids so many things....was I the only one who yelled "Like how to murder people"????

I'm not saying Liz doesn't deserve to get creamed for this. She does. But so does Nik....and this shoving Liz under the bus is ridiculous. In the space of that episode I found myself agreeing with Nik....with Jason...and feeling something close to gratitude for Ethan. Now I think you all know me well enough to know I don't want to feel anything for ANY of those three, much less agree with them!

Well, I just caught a glimpse of next week's spoilers....by the end of next week Dante is "protecting" Sonny. OMG! Why am I suprised!

In spite of the fact that nine times out of ten I want to strangle Carly (I think it's Laura Wright's awesomeness holding me back), I couldn't help but get a kick out of Carly nearly SKIPPING over to Jason's place to out Liz. Sorry, I found it frackin' hilarious!

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