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February 06, 2010

BRB, Hitting Head Against Brick Wall


Be sure to pick up the new ABC edition of Soaps In Depth for an exclusive interview with GENERAL HOSPITAL's Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) about baby #3! "We've been talking about having another for three years," reveals the actress, already mom to Ethan, 8, and Ella, 5, with husband Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan). And while Herbst was able to hide the bun in her oven for the first few weeks, the cat is literally out of the bag now! "My body is the type where, when I get pregnant, I pop out right away and instantly gain ten pounds!" Good thing that her alter ego is pregnant too: No giant handbags for Herbst to tote around Port Charles in the next few months!

First of all,* there is NOTHING wrong with giant handbags.  Don't hate.

Second of all,

the cat is literally out of the bag now!

No.  No it is not, "professional writer."  This caused me to cosmically guffaw in a penultimate fashion.

But most importantly:

Good thing that her alter ego is pregnant too


* Okay, so my actual "first of all" should be congratulations to Rebecca and her husband, but that requires a generosity of spirit that news of this impending [no doubt "Who's the daddy?"] storyline has completely drained from my being.


Maybe.. maybe they'll just let it be Lucky's.. it could happen right? Wishful thinking huh? Please..just be Lucky's and get it over with...*sigh*

Sorry Becca. I just emailed Mallory about this because I saw the magazine in the grocery store, and they are, in fact, doing a WTD story line.

My two thoughts...

1) Yay for Rebeccay Herbst

2) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Not another WTD storyline and why Liz?

I'm not even watching anymore but I'll be damned if this show isn't still making my head hurt.

There is nothing wrong with huge handbags if it saves everyone from another WTD storyline especially Liz as we went through this with her before.

Three babies from three different baby daddies and we're STILL saying Liz isn't the biggest ho bag in Port Charles??

I'm really praying it's NOT Lucky's baby just so he can go on with a possibly normal life instead of being sucked into Liz's whirlwind whorenado existence. Nikolas won't care. He can just pawn it off on Alfred or the invisible nanny that takes care of...what's that kid's name again? The one that Nikolas is supposed to be the father of? I forget.....

My girl deserves better than this crap another WTD story with two idiots please no wonder I don't watch anymore,And liz hardly quailfies as the town whore if she is one than every broad in pc is one .Do I even have to go into everybody history?wtfever

Last time I checked Carly had 3 kids by 3 different daddy's too. Just saying. ;-) 3 kids by 3 differnt fathers doesn't necessarily make someone a ho bag, (I have an aunt whose 3 kids are all by different fathers, all of which she was married to) it's the actions that led up to the pregnancies that make it all questionable.

They have done it once again. Make me love this show, like can't get enough of it, for one week. Then turn around and slap me in the face the next. Dante covering for Sonny and now WTD with Liz? Sigh.

I'm still just befuddled that GH has decided to make the "heroine" of the show have her 3rd unplanned pregnancy(someone else needs to handle the sex ed for her kids, because she's not connecting the dots), and her 3rd incident of wondering who the father might be.

I don't think she ever wondered when it came to Cameron. She knew Zander was the father (if I'm not mistaken), she was just trying to pass it off like it was Ric's and Ric figured out later that the baby was not his.

This show's unwavering commitment to choosing the worst of all possible options is a thing to behold. A thing to behold and curse about, to be perfectly honest...

Yeah, yeah, I've already done the "congrats" thing. So now I plan to pout and cry and sit in a corner until the bad bad feelings go away.

I don't even watch this show any more, but the kid has to be Lucky's this time. It's the only way to keep him trapped in this mess.

Plus, mixed metaphors. Bun in ovens AND cats in bags.

No having three kids by three different fathers does not make you a ho-bag UNLESS!

-You're cheating on your current husband/boyfriend/significant other when you got that way - TWICE.

-You have random one-night stands with men while being sanctimonious and judgmental to everyone else for simple mistakes, like wearing white shoes with a black purse.

-You've slept around so often with different men that you don't know who the father of your baby is - TWICE.

-You are supposed to be a NURSE and one of your best friends has HIV yet you're ridin' it bareback every time, apparently. Ever heard of a CONDOM??

-You scream at the mothers of patients about what terrible mothers they are while you dump your kids off on "gram" so you can sleep with men other than your husband/boyfriend/significant other.

Yep, HO BAG!

At least Carly was married to Jax and happily when she got pregnant with Jocelyn. I'm no Carly fan, and she's done her fair share of trampy behavior, but at least she knows she's a ho bag. LOL! That's what really does it for me, I guess. Her high and mighty attitude about everyone else's existence. Not cool.

Elizabeth is just gross. They have ruined this character to the point of no redemption, at least in my humble opinion. And again, it's just my opinion. I know some people love her.

P.S. - Dawn, I meant no offense on people with three kids by different fathers. Lots of people marry more than once and have kids in each marriage. Those kids have "fathers." What I was describing with Liz is called "baby daddies." LOL!! You're right. It's the actions that got her that way that qualifies her for her current status. :)

--MALLORY AND BECCA-- The comment box is a mess again. Everyone make sure you copy your comment before you try to send!--

Rene I know you didn't mean any offense.

1. Excuse me but when she had sex with Jason she was wearing a CONDOM, and we haven't even found out yet what's the excuse this time. So don't jump to conclusions

2. She was yelling at the woman because she was PROJECTING it was how she felt about herself.

3. Just because you know you are not a nice person or because you are married doesn't give you a get out of jail free card for being a HO. Carly and Sam are good cases of being lifetime HO's. Yet Alexis who also has three kids with three different baby daddies I never think of this way. At least Liz never did the "two-men in one night with no shower" sex

4. Really so a woman who watched a child get kidnapped, a rapist and a man who shot a cop (who just happened to be his son) can find redemption but not a woman who did the soapiest thing on a soap sleep around.

oops my bad I meant to say Jason not Liz was wearing a condom - that would be a whole other kind of soapiness :)

Off-topic, but I can sit there and watch that Barney clip over and over again. NPH is love!

I swear I wish I could say this surprised me but once I realized that if Guza "wrote" it in quick enough that it would be a February sweeps reveal....if they wait ten weeks again to have a paternity test...well there's May...and the baby being born in November....well he has his every sweeps period worked out for the year and all he has to do is make one decision (one that with the pressence of Helena is sure to stir online debates the ENTIRE TIME....and lets be real...taht's what Guza is aiming for) and he's done! No thought...no actual work.....we'll be seeing the same three scenes between now and that test.....and then three new scenes between that test and November....and then he'll forget these three characters even exist.

Honestly I think the baby will be Lucky's...since Nik has all but completely disappeared from this "triangle" since the second the reveal happened. And I read the article and it's pretty heavy on the LL2 angle.

Dillon, in my opinion, Liz (a "character" - not Becky the actress) is completely unlikeable on about 100 fronts. That's why she can't get redemption, at least not from me.

Alexis - likable - lovable, in fact. :)
Sam - has her moments for me.
Sonny - ALSO unlikeable and agreed, not worthy of redemption from me.
Carly - Has her moments

Liz - Never liked her, never will. Too holier than thou for me, and just comes off - icky.

Becky Herbst seems like the loveliest lady ever, and I wish her nothing but joy with her new baby.

The character of Elizabeth? Blech and double blech.

(Hate typepad.) Love Liz. Hate the writing. Not going to type the rest of my post again. *sigh*

I'm pretty sure that Lucky will be the daddy. I think that TPTB want JJ & BH together and no man will go back to a woman who's having his brother's child. So the baby will have to be Lucky's.

Poor Lucky.

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