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February 06, 2010

BRB, Hitting Head Against Brick Wall


Be sure to pick up the new ABC edition of Soaps In Depth for an exclusive interview with GENERAL HOSPITAL's Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) about baby #3! "We've been talking about having another for three years," reveals the actress, already mom to Ethan, 8, and Ella, 5, with husband Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan). And while Herbst was able to hide the bun in her oven for the first few weeks, the cat is literally out of the bag now! "My body is the type where, when I get pregnant, I pop out right away and instantly gain ten pounds!" Good thing that her alter ego is pregnant too: No giant handbags for Herbst to tote around Port Charles in the next few months!

First of all,* there is NOTHING wrong with giant handbags.  Don't hate.

Second of all,

the cat is literally out of the bag now!

No.  No it is not, "professional writer."  This caused me to cosmically guffaw in a penultimate fashion.

But most importantly:

Good thing that her alter ego is pregnant too


* Okay, so my actual "first of all" should be congratulations to Rebecca and her husband, but that requires a generosity of spirit that news of this impending [no doubt "Who's the daddy?"] storyline has completely drained from my being.


1st, Congrats to Becky Herbst! I'm so excited for her and I'm sure that baby is gonna be beautiful. *Can't wait until pictures come out*

Just having 3 kids by 3 different daddies doesn't make you a hobag. My grandmother's three kids all have different dads and all my mom's 3 kids have different dads.

What does make you a hobag is when you concieved 2 of your 3 kids by ONS and the 3rd in an ongoing affair behind you fiance's back...

Anyways, I hope it's Lucky's and I hope it's a girl. That would just be so precious...

If they make it Lucky's and he goes back to Liz it will show me that no matter who is in the role Guza will always write Lucky as a loser and a fall guy. So what if the baby is his, NO ONE deserves what Liz did to him (TWICE)and if he goes back he is stoooooooooooooooopppppppppiiiiddddd.

Does Liz deserve Lucky sleeping with her sister? How about Maxie? And Sam? I don't think Liz deserves to stay with an abuser.

The problem is that every single time Lucky has given Liz an out SHE kept saying, "no, no,no Lucky I love YOU, I want to be with YOU" when she knew good and damn well that she didn't. She did it to him with Jason (was there a reason she remarried Lucky when she was in love with Jason?)and again with Nikolas (was there a reason she was remarrying Lucky while in love with Nikolas?)LIZ is to blame for those 2 scenarios. When given an out both times she said no, knowing full well Lucky was not what she wanted. Yes, he hurt her BUT she never should have been leading him on after the fact. If you don't want to be there LEAVE HIM ALONE. How hard is that??

Also you can't count Sam. Lucky did not cheat on her with Sam. He went to Sam AFTER Liz with deep off into Jason.

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