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February 23, 2010

Finally, Someone Said It!

I often wonder about the extras in certain soap scenes: what do these random Genoa City residents think of the melodramatic goings-on? And how have they restrained themselves from, like, telling Phyllis to take it down a notch or ten, or writing Jack suggestive notes on the cocktail napkins at the GCAC? These are the things I think about when I get bored during this show which is regrettably often these days, but I am getting ahead of myself. Monday's episode was notable, because we got to hear from a random Genoa City resident and what we heard from him was so beautiful that it made the angels sing!


Kevin: You saw this woman?

Usher: Definitely.

Kevin: All right, who was she with? Uh, what did she do? Did she say anything? Did she look scared?

Daniel: Did you see her leave here?

Usher: No.

Kevin: So you don't know whether or not she left alone?

Usher: No idea. Hey, is there a reward?

Kevin: "Is there a reward?" My wife is missing. You're asking me about money?

Daniel: Hey, it's okay.

Usher: Maybe she bolted because you're a tool, huh?

"Maybe she bolted because you're a tool, huh?"

"Maybe she bolted because you're a tool, huh?"

"Maybe she bolted because you're a tool, huh?"

It gets better every time!

And, in fairness to my new hero, not everybody pays attention with freakish detail to everything they encounter over the course of the day, unless they happen to catch a marathon of Law & Order and then become convinced that odds are they will at some point be a witness to a crime and will be interviewed by the police and in order to be useful, they should start paying close attention to everything they see, just in case, so whatever, Kevin!

This will probably be the first and last time I exhibit any degree of interest in the Kevin/Jana/Ryder/Daisy storyline of boring boringness, because the lack of caring I have about the entire scenario is so profound as to be indescribable. The only part of it that IS describable is the part with the Ouija board and that can best be described as, "WTF? Did I seriously just watch people use a Ouija board for eight hours? I wish I were dead."



The rest of Monday's show was SO DAMN BORING. My thumb got quite the workout because I felt compelled to fast-forward most of it. Brief observations:

  • The Jack/Patty story is absurd. I love Peter Bergman beyond all reason, and Stacy Haiduk is fantastic, and I am not even opposed to stories where crazy people take over the lives of their look-alikes, but this is just silly. At least, if it follows precedent set by other stories on this show, it will be over within a couple of weeks...
  • Having Stephen Nichols on the show continues to be glorious.

  • So...are we officially ending the attempt at rehabilitating Adam? I don't know what to make of this story at all, which is sad, because I like Michael Muhney a lot and really enjoy him with Sharon Case.
  • Less enjoyable is the fact that Y&R caught General Hospital's fever for ugly plaid coats.


  • I want to punch Phyllis in the face.
  • Smugphyllis

It's gotten so bad that I can't even stand the sight of her. She is so strident, and smug and annoying and we see way, way too much of her.

What say you, readers? Is anyone else super bored with this show right now? Check back this week for a more in-depth review of the recent Genoa City goings-on, too...unless I fall asleep before finishing this week's episodes.


Y&R is such a challenge for me. The writing is (generally) good, the acting is (generally) good, the storylines are (sometimes) good. And yet, I find the show so damn boring! Try as I might, I have yet to make this show a permanent habit. I figure if I check in once or twice a month I'm pretty caught up because Y&R has always moved at a snails pace...

Oh, and I want to punch Phyllis in the mouth all.the.time. She seriously grates...

Bah! The Phyllis Bashing. I understand totally as sometimes she's so over the top. (However, epi's where Jean Cooper is on tends to make it a wash. Love. Her)
Hmmmm. Does Jana survive all this? I can't get Billy's NYE dream out of my head, where Kevin is married to (shudder) Mac in 5 years. I love Emily O'Brien, so I'd hate to see that happen.
And NOW they're dragging the AWESOME Chloe into the Scooby Gang! UGGGH!
All that said, Y&R is still 90% better than any other Drama...

And am I the only one that would prefer to see Patty live the life of Boring, Dreadful, ANNOYING Doctor Pee???!

Unfortunatley, I've been watching Y&R for the last few weeks--soley to see Stephen Nichols. He's been good, but he is wasted Maria Arena Bell and Hogan Sheffer hackastic hands. Sigh. This show is deadly dull, but it is actually is moving a rapid pace. These people have the attention span of gnats--and easily amused gnats at that.

Ugh, sign me in as someone who hates Miss McSmug Phyllis. Sseriously wtf do the writers see in this character? She's been the exact same one note over the top melodramatic hag since day one. All she does in rant, talk loud, make exaggerated faces and try way to hard to be sexy when in fact she comes across as an over used, ex call girl who didn't get the memo that her clients are sick of her. Get her the flip off my screen so I can watch what used to be favorite soap and could be again if they got rid of her and Daisy and Ryder. While she's at she can take Victor with her too.

I watch the show simply because Stephen Nichols is on and I've loved his version of Tucker. I saw the first version played by the other actor and I just couldn't get into the character being a maverick billionaire but Stephen is playing him wonderfully and totally as I expected the character to be when I first read about him.

Urhhh, I'd like to throw down a beatin' on Ms. Hagatha Jazzhands, every time she enters a room, braying & honking into business she doesn't belong in! Get this tired, old washed up redhead a job, I think Chancellor's needs a cleaning lady, maybe she could do that well & reuse the maids outfit she pilfered from the GCAC and really get some scoop from the good citizen's of GC! Tucker, you got me hook line and sinker, hun, now turn on the charm baby, like only SN can!!

i am new to the Y&R i started watching when Stephen Nicholes came to the show. The on;y think i can say so far is who the heck does their hair

Love Stephen's version of Tucker. I love the subtle nuances he is bringing to this character. Just wish he had more of a story and was on more.

I started watching Y&R for one reason and one reason only....Stephen Nichols. He is magnificent! And yes, I want to punch Phyllis in the face too! Who is she really anyway? And last but not least, the usher told Kevin "Maybe she bolted because you're a tool" when Kevin was looking for Jana. I still get a kick out of that one.

I definitely fast-forward through any kind of Cane and Lily scene, and any kind of JT and Victoria scene. I fast-forward as soon as I see Nick and Phyllis start kissing.
She hasn't always been the same though...she used to be all crazy all the time in the old days.
Can't stand Phyllis now, but I tend to lose respect for a "strong" female character who desperately clings to a man who's in love with someone else.
(Staying together for the child doesn't hold up since he didn't stay with Sharon for Noah.)
Also, re: the Patty and P switcheroo: how are their bodies exactly the same in bikinis??? It would be more interesting if Jack spotted a birthmark or something he'd not noticed before, and then flashed back at some point to that mark on Patty way back.

Well, as a new YR viewer I'm kind of intrigued by some of these people. Here's my general take:

First and foremost, Stephen Nichols is great as Tucker. He's so not Steve and so not Stefan. As a PP said, he's definitely got the maverick thing going on, and he's been bringing so much mystery and charisma to what motivates him. I love watching him, he's been great, especially in scenes with Jack and Kay.

I don't know what to make of Phyllis. She's so obnoxious and hypocritical now that I've gotten more of a feel for her. But I'll tell ya at least she can act. I mean she can really act. Nicholas is god-awful. Just a terrible actor. Whaaaatever. Sharon is interesting. Looking very forward to the whole baby blow up and see where that goes.

I knew the first minutes I saw the Emily/Patty SL for the first time just what was going on there. How can Jack not know it's her? Honestly, come ON. He's already slept with both women, so he really ought to know the diff once you get past the face. puh-LEEZE.

Lilly. Cane. Don't care.

Victoria. Completely unlikeable. In every way. So, don't care there, either.

Now, the Ryder/Daisy SL I really am enjoying. The chick playing Daisy is terrible; worst actor on the show, hands down. She was hired for her hair, I mean, no other explanation -- there had to be better potential Daisy's out there. But I like this SL alot.

And then there's Jill & Kay. They are one of my favorite supercouples. I didn't need to see the last 20 years to see how their history plays out even today. I'm so enjoying their love/hate relationship and how Tucker fosters that. Very very good stuff.

So, between all things Tucker, anything Jill & Kay, and the whole Ryder/Daisy thing, those are the stories interesting me at the moment. The rest of it is general noise for now.

Love your blog, girls!

Love Stephen Nichols as Tucker and that is keeping me watching...Phyllis to me is SO over the top annoying...Jill and Kay...what can you say, daytime vets who can bring it...and I was thinking the same thing, Jack can't tell the difference of who he has been sleeping with?? whatever....

I liked Russ's Tucker McCall. I realize Nichols was out of work and is a popular daytime actor and I am a Nichols fan but I'm not over the moon with the suited up Tucker when Russ' uniqiue version was rocking it as the laid back billionnaire...However I too am confused about the ouijii board..Huh?

I don't find Y/R boring I enjoy the show tremendously. Yes there are times eg no show is 100% but for the most part I would agree with them winning the SGA as the best in writing...especially when I look at other soaps.

Oops I mean SAG award and while I'm at it I agree with with most of what you've said...

I like Adam not because he's a sociopath but because of Muhneys awesome performance and he's a diabolical villan not so mustache twirling....I too thought he was on the road to redemption. I like Ashley in this and can't wait for the baby switch to come out.

Also I saw the Patti switcheroo a mile away as soon as it was revealed she had Emily's face I predicted all of this and agree I'm wondering if her handwriting is the same. She is a doctor who signs things wrote notes, on patients charts not to mention books...I still can't get over the hair ?? How did that happen? LoL

I agree its just overwhelmingly silly at this point it makes me laugh.

The whole Patti/Emily storyline is ridiculous and needs to GO AWAY. Not only are we expected to believe these "two" look alike and sound alike, now we're expected to believe they kiss alike, make love alike and have exactly the same bodies. PUHLEEZE.

AND how do they explain the fact that Patti was pumped full of strong drugs for weeks, but now she's just fine without them? Must have gone to the Ashley Abbot Academy For Curing Your Insanity In One Week or Less...

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