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February 11, 2010

Is "Enormous Tragedy" An Overstatement, Or An Understatement?

Part of the trouble with having a Thursday that sees me out of the house, and away from the internet, for more than twelve hours (aside from the part that sees me become so exhausted and slap happy on Fridays that I am half asleep at 4:30 and am genuinely amused by corny jokes sixth graders tell) is that I run the risk of missing big news, which I hate, because I hate being the last person to know something in general. And because when I do hear the big news, I am almost always in a public place, and therefore have an over-the-top reaction in front of people.

That was a roundabout way of saying that tonight, I learned that David Canary is leaving All My Children while I was in Starbucks, of all places, and made a sound halfway between a shriek and a gasp and attracted stares and a concerned, "Miss, are you all right?" from the barista (I nodded politely and refrained from shouting, "No, I'm not, because David Canary is leaving All My Children. WHY WHY WHY, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING, WHY?).

I think that many of us have half-expected this news for some time now (probably going back to Stuart being killed off, AKA "Reason Charles Pratt Is A Sadistic Hack #236743"), but it doesn't make it any less devastating! I can't imagine a Pine Valley without Adam, and an AMC without its most talented performer. Well, actually, I can imagine those things, and the best descriptor for both is "terrible". How the HELL am I going to make it through a full episode of this show now? I am either going to have to bribe myself or turn to drugs!


They need to honestly put AMC out of its misery. David Canary was the only good thing left about AMC and was the only reason I continued to watch periodically. DC's performances were always top notch, whatever the quality of material. Although part of me is happy that DC no longer has to be a part of the shitfest that is now AMC, I will still miss him on the show.

Wow. Pratt has actually murdered a soap opera. Do you think Frons is stupid enough to bring him back to GH?

I refuse to believe this till it happens. THIS IS HATE SPEECH.

Also because then maybe he'll change his mind and I just wont have to deal with this.

AMC needs to be put out of its misery right now..

Frons is finally getting the show he wanted all along.... with his precious pets front & center, and the "REAL" talent all kicked to the curb..

First, the major loss of Thorsten Kaye & Alicia Minshew..... Now, David Canary... There also rumors that Susan Lucci will be getting less time once DC is gone...

The show already revolves around vile, disgusting, waste characters such as, Ryass Lavery, Greenlee, Annie, & Fake Liza...

The move to LA wasn't worth it.....and I think part of the reason for Frons moving the show to LA was to get rid of the best of the best so he can shove the worst of the worst down our throats...

AMC isn't AMC without Adam Chandler... No one can ever or will ever replace him as the Adam we love & love to hate...

Who is supposed to step up in Adam's shoes.... RYass???? GMAFB...

They might as well just cancel the show... Sure, I love & love to hate David, but he's wasted propping, pimping the vile Rylee...

I love Tad... Although, at times he gets on my nerves, but he's stuck with Fake Liza...

Jesse & Angie are great, but they have no freaking story..

I'm mad... Mad as hell...

First I lose my Zach, Kendall, Zendall...Now, we lose Adam Chandler....

Frons needs a pink slip and a one way ticket straight to ----!!!

I can't believe we lost AM and TK, and now DC. It's not worth watching AMC without Adam.

How do Frons and JHC still have their jobs?

I feel your pain, as I've long believed that D.C. is the BEST thing about that horrible show. But than again, I've never been a Lucci fan - I think she $ucks...She and Cam Mathison drag it down, where Canary and Melissa Claire lift it. In the end, it's a wash. A dirty, crappy wash.

To answer your question as to how you'll get through - Seriously? Take my advice, which is Ditch It entirely. I made the choice back in 2007 (I think I have the Year right. It was around the Satin Slayer/Pole Dancing/Real Greenlee Farce)....
A) You'll live a Happier Life
B) You'll no longer be Sucked Dry anymore, and thus have more energy at 4:30
C) Kids Jokes will still be funny, and a lot better than this crap show... In General, life will feel better....It has for this former viewer!!

"Adam Chandler" should move to Llanview and Mix it Up with Dorian Lord!!!!!

But hey, look at it this way. Now there will be plenty more screentime for Ryan! *running away quickly*

I was very sorry to read about DC leaving but it was sort of expected. I have so many wonderful memories of Adam/Stuart. The thing that hurts me the most is that Adam and Brooke are my all time favorite AMC couple.

Ugh, I am gutted about this! Just, ugh!

Commenters in other places have brought up the possibility of Adam Chandler moving to Llanview because, apparently during one of the OLTL/AMC crossovers it was hinted at that Adam and Dorian had a past of some kind. If DC's exit is primarily to do with the relocation business, perhaps this is a viable option and we won't lose the brilliance of Adam Chandler? More wishful thinking, I suppose.

David Canary is brilliant and this is just awful, terrible news for the dwindling AMC audience. He's been on the show just a few month's shy of my entire lifespan for god's sake!

Sidenote, re: AMC bleeding castmembers: I thought Alicia Minshew was only gone for maternity leave? Admittedly, I missed the Zendall exit story, so I don't know how she was written out. But I thought she was coming back (??!!!???!!!!!)

Good luck with that because since Thorsten & Alicia left, I haven't been able to sit thru it once & have just give up on it. I hope someone in charge realizes the enormity of this debacle & does something fast to correct it. If not, may I recommend Y&R & also TCM shows some great old movies between 1 & 2.

Wow - this is just plain tragic. It's like what the mainstream press wanted you to think Eric Braeden leaving Y&R was except with 100 times the talent and charm.

(And I say this as somebody who spends a lot more time in Genoa City (almost every day) than I do in Pine Valley (hardly every anymore))

Who would have thought that somebody mentioning Satin Slayer in a comment would ever make me reflect "good times"?

(Maybe if ABC is going to just cancel a soap, they can just move most of Llanview to Pine Valley and hope nobody notices.)

I am so glad that I am among friends who are equally devastated and horrified. This seriously upsets me!

And I have to say that I will FINALLY watch OLTL if, by some miracle, David Canary winds up there.

Maria, from what I've heard, Alicia Minshew is planning to come back after an extended maternity leave just to finish out her contract. That may not be correct, but that's the story I've seen around.

Jessica, I wish I could quit! I probably would be a happier person, but it's my job. A job that will send me to an early grave or a mental hospital, but a job all the same.

If u need a hook up then holla at your boy!


"Do you think Frons is stupid enough to bring him back to GH? "

Of course he is; the decision was probably his idea (or at least he likely cheered).

Seriously, WTF. I haven't watched since greenlee came back except for clips (crazy Annie, and David/Greenlee) because I knew the Rylee was coming.

Was he fired or is he retiring? Either way, I wish the man well and will happily watch anything he does.

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