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February 11, 2010

Problems Commenting?

We've received dozens of emails and Facebook posts since early December, letting us know that many of you have had problems posting comments here on the blog.  And we've had the problem ourselves, so we know this is not just a bunch of soap-watchers being overdramatic!  But TypePad has been unable to duplicate the problem on their end.  TypePad has asked that if you've had this commenting problem, please contact them directly.  The only way this is likely to get fixed is if as many of you as possible who are having problems actually do report that directly to them.  So if you have experienced this bug and can take a couple minutes to make a report, we'd really appreciate it.

We're really sorry about these problems.  We've definitely noticed a drop in the volume of comments and want to get everyone back up to their usual levels of bitchery ASAP!  If this doesn't work, we will explore other alternatives.  Thanks so much for your help. 

(And since the comments aren't working for many of you, a poll to try to help figure out how widespread this is.)


Testing . . . testing . . . I don't think I've had a problem with this . . .

Just sent Typepad an email. This happens to be at least eight times out of 10. I NEVER hit the "post" or "preview" button without copying my comment first, lest it be lost in the universe. Sigh.

Thanks very much for letting them know, Rene. We appreciate the help!

just sent them a email regarding- a couple of lost posts I have had. Enjoy your blog so much... still reading my comments just not appearing

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