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February 16, 2010

The Day's Most Beautiful Dialogue

So, there is a ton to discuss about today's episode of General Hospital, and I will be discussing away later this evening, because how can I let a show filled with

  • ANOTHER Who's The Daddy story
  • Jason seducing Sam by reading a description of a gun (That is not satire. That seriously happened)
  • Lulu being awesome
  • Mac and Alexis, um, mackage
  • Morgan being heartbreaking

go unmentioned? I can't, is the answer to that question, but for now, I need to record a moment that led to pure, well, glee, a moment that ended today's show and made me sit up and cheer. Well, I didn't literally cheer, but I smiled broadly, and on a day with more effing snow and a pounding headahce, that's saying quite a lot!

 Dante: I don't care that you're my father. I'm dedicating myself to bringing you down.

(I mean, yes, we'll need to see if this actually takes and, since I've seen this show, I am not going to hold my breath, but I am not going to jump to the worst case scenario for the first time in probably ever and just continue to smile broadly!)


Too bad his dedication to bringing his father down probably won't last too long.

It may not last long...but at least he is a very talented performer....who needs to tell that young girl not to stand so close to him while he's in the hospital.

I can't take a thing Dante says seriously after he walked away from golden opportunity to do just that.

Oh my god, did they seriously committ Liz for being pregnant and hypothermic-crazy

Loved that line. Although knowing GH it won't be long before he joins the family business.

I haven't had a chance to watch today's episode yet, but is it wrong of me that my FAVORITE moment thus far (and I realize the week is young, but GH also doesn't have many of these, so I'm not holding out for much better) is Diane showing up to the PCPD still wearing her lingerie, discussing her honey and lavender massage from Max?? HA!!

I just think Carolyn Hennessey is the most awesome of awesome. I'm glad to know her question to Mac yesterday about calling Alexis didn't go unfounded. :)

I also happen to think Jax taking Jocelyn to the hotel without telling Carly and basically telling her she's a SUCK-ASS mom was pretty awesome, too. The pained look made me yell out "suck on THAT, Carly!!"

Juvenile, yes. Feel-good moment, yes.

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