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February 23, 2010

Three Truths and A Lie

Can you guess which one of these All My Children observations is a blatant falsehood?

  • I am growing to hate a Hubbard
  • Nurse Gayle made me cackle with delight
  • JR's scenes with Little A Buzz "AJ" were sweet
  • I was pleased to see Brooke at the end of today's show

Let's look at the choices a little closer, shall we?

I am growing to hate a Hubbard...sadly, this is a TRUTH, but since it's Frankie, I don't feel so terribly bad. What the hell, though? He's a grown man, with Jesse and Angie's DNA, ostensibly smart enough to graduate from medical school, and he knowingly endangers the life of a patient so that his parents will be able to have some alone time? What the hell?! Someone's been watching too many airings of The Parent Trap and looking at it as an educational tool, rather than an adorable late 90s guilty pleasure.

Nurse Gayle made me cackle with delight...another TRUTH. There's something about a mentally unbalanced woman scorned that amuses me, especially when she starts hurling insults. She called Greenlee a "bug-eyed twit"! I mean, I adore Greens and all, but that was funny. It was the one highlight in the increasingly silly Erica/David kidnapping. Erica's steadfast determination to get Greenlee out of Fusion and out of town is only going to end poorly for her.

JR's scenes with AJ were sweet...yes, despite the presence of Marissa, a child actor who...is very new, and pimping of Toy Story 3 (Disney's acumen for advertising across all of its platforms is unnecessary here, because any thinking person is planning to see Toy Story 3 regardless of whether or not its advertised!), I found it all very cute. I am relieved beyond belief that the kid now has a real name*, since I had visions of a 40-year-old in a Chandler boardroom meeting being referred to as "Little A" and those visions made me sad, and the shot of them both reading the paper was just so adorable.

JR: How did you grow up so fast?
AJ: I don't know, I just did!

But why on earth did Marissa have to be the one to come up with AJ, after an elaborate story about how it makes sense because his grandfather is Adam, and his father is JR. I know his first choice was Buzz, but maybe back off and let him assert his independence a little, you bland fool!

Okay, this is a slight digression, but on the topic of JR and Adam's frantic search for Sonia Reyes and her son...if he turns out to be a match for JR, does that mean that Adam is his father? Because that would be RIDICULOUS. I know ridiculous is what this show does for a living, but come on--there is NO way that Adam Chandler would just opt to not have contact with one of his children. Allow me to say PUH-LEASE and have a ginormous eyeroll in advance of that potential storyline direction.

*Any hope that Spike can get the same?

I was pleased to see Brooke at the end of today's show...huge, massive LIE! That is far too mild a description of the reaction I had when Julia Barr's lovely face greeted Annie at the end of the show. My notes for today (yes, I take notes) (yes, I am a nerd) say, "Brooooooooke! Sooooo excited to see Broooooooke!" and, if I am being honest, the notes actually include more o's than I was willing to post here for all to see, and my response was accompanied by a high pitched noise and spectacularly uncoordinated seal-like clapping. It really doesn't take that much to please me, which makes the soap world's completely inability to do so even more tragic.  


"Erica's steadfast determination to get Greenlee out of Fusion and out of town is only going to end poorly for her."

Mallory, I deign you the Soap Goddess to decree this a TRUTH, with an additional caveat that David and Greenlee are insanely happy in love together, while his investment in Fusion gives her sole control of the company! :)

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