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March 09, 2010

Maybe This Was Not The Best Advertising Venue...

If it weren't for my obsessive reading of Us Weekly and Us Weekly's obsessive coverage of all things related to The Bachelor (seriously, I know more about this Vienna character than I do some of my friends and I have never seen even one second of the show that wasn't featured on The Soup), I probably would have had a full-on panic attack at this on-screen advertisement.


I WAS very startled, though, and had to calm myself by pointing out that the ad was for something airing in primetime. It probably would have made more sense to calm myself by pointing out that Jason is an adult and the show probably wouldn't have him take a child bride, but you never know with GH. If they are okay with him being a murderer, maybe they'd be okay with him breaking all sorts of laws and societal taboos...

More thoughts to come on the latest in Port Charles, once I hire an interpreter who can tell me what the hell was going on in all of Ethan's scenes. Oh, sweet, inexplicably Emmy pre-nommed Nathan Parson, you don't make things easy for me.


The picture wouldn't download for me and I read "child bride" as "child bribe" and imagined sonny giving jason a lollipop not to kill Dante.

If Molly marries Jason, she will never have to testify against him, which is one of the most romantic reasons to get married, child-bride or not.

Well, if Tracy can divorce Luke to marry Ethan to prevent him from getting deported because Lucky and Luke need some reason to protect him because he is in danger from NOT working with Johnny Zachara, then.....

Molly can marry Jason as part of an essay in government class on "why wives cannot be compelled to testify against their husbands."

I don't know. Whatever. 2 + 2 = Chicken.

From the sound of things at General Hospital, looks like I have not missed much. Thanks for the updates.

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