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March 16, 2010

"Remember When We All Used To Laugh Together?" No, Liz. I Don't.


I'm more or less on board with most of these complaints, but... Maxie used to be the worst character on the show. We all used to love Lulu. I know it seems impossible and that it was ages ago, but it really truly used to be that way. It's a testament to how awful Lulu has been for years and how awesome Maxie has been, but think about it. There was a time when no one could imagine pill pusher Maxie as better than Lulu. Still this show sucks.

All of the above.

I almost voted for all of them, but I still can't stand Lulu. None of the female characters are compelling, engaging or even really likable.

so all of the above. It would so help GH if you couldn't see the plot twist coming about seventy miles away. Was anyone really thinking Nik was going to be the dad? did anyone not see Kristina gets beat up by Keifer becoming all about Sonny?

Well I have to take that back...I don't miss Carly and Olivia. so all BUT that.

Speaking of Lucky, I've been wondering how the hell Luke and Laura ever ended up married. My mother stopped watching GH after 16-year-old Laura asked her mother if she was having a sexual problem with her husband! So I never saw the Luke and Laura saga, but I do know he raped her. Seems to me this show has always been a little sick for her to fall in love with her rapist. Am I missing something?

LOL totally all of the above...except Ethan is kind of growing on me. Not sure I'm proud of that but eh.

I haven't bothered to watch any of this abuse storyline, because I'm afraid I'll start hysterically laughing and not be able to stop.

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