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March 10, 2010


It's really difficult for a person to slog through a large number of All My Childrenepisodes stored on his/her DVR* when they need to pause the show every few seconds as they burst into a peal of laughter (which probably isn't a "laugh" so much as it is a "cross between a squawk and a cackle") at the downright silly things that happen on this show.

  • Like...

    Annie: I knew it! You didn't come back for Tempo, you came back for Adam. You want him!
    Brooke: What?
    Annie: Everybody knows you don't need the money! You don't need the job! But husbands, husbands are hard to find, especially at your age and you are after mine!

    I love Melissa Claire Egan and Julia Barr (I'm beginning to think that the only people who don't love Julia Barr are the All My Children powers-that-be...) and this scene just reinforced my fangirlish glee over the two of them. When MCE screeched the words, "Adam doesn't need you, he has me! Adam is MINE! You can't HAVE HIM!", a piece of dialogue so ludicrous that it seems to have been lifted directly from a parody of a soap, and didn't stumble over her lines with laughter or cry tears of shame, I found myself really rooting for her to take home this year's supporting actress Emmy, because that is some talent. And Julia Barr deserves some credit as well for not breaking the fourth wall and asking the audience, "The fuck is this shit? Is this what I came back for?".

  • Or...

    Ryan Lavery, showing off his finely honed stalking skills, plans to monitor Greenlee's whereabouts by hiding his cell phone on her and tracking the GPS. This in and of itself is not ridiculous; it's creepy and off-putting, yes, but that's the realm where Ryan excels. What IS ridiculous is how impressed Erica and Jake were with this brilliant plan (I seriously worry for fictional patients in this fictional town who go to the fictional hospital where Jake works). And what's even MORE ridiculous is that he has this cunning plan and then DOESN'T TURN THE RINGER ON HIS CELL PHONE OFF, WHAT THE HELL?!

  • Well, pretty much everything about this


    Including, but not limited to: Angel Dixie having Bryce Dallas Howard's hair; Angel Dixie having awful jeans; AMC believing that heaven is where you go for extreme makeovers (remember the last time Angel Dixie came to town with enhanced cleavage?).

  • And also...

    JR, in heaven, having a vision of Babe (whose face was artfully blurred. Probably so they didn't have to bring back either Alexa Havins or Amanda Baker, but maybe also so they didn't turn anybody's stomach) and rushing over to declare his love to her again:

    JR: BABE! Babe! That's Babe, isn't it?
    ::Babe literally slams the door in his face as he runs to her. Literally, I am not making that up. It happened and it was hilarious::
    JR, not taking the hint
    : That was Babe! That was just the way I saw her on the pier in San Diego, just the way I remembered. Oh, I wasted so many days, so much time when she was alive. God, I loved her so much.

*Thank you all again, so much, for your patience while I get back into the swing of things after a very difficult week last week, and I'm sorry for the driveby posting. I will either be completely caught up by tomorrow or be driven to attack my television with a blunt object after prolonged exposure to soaps on ABC.


One good thing about AMC this week: David dressing up as a priest...and looking kind of hot doing it. Yeah, I know. I'm desperate for something good to look at on this show too. It helps that any time Vincent Irizzary (sp?) dresses up, he tends to look good.

Everything else...yeah, all kinds of silly. It's like Monty Python said..."stop being silly."

I am so happy to see a post on AMC since it's the only soap I've been following. But why no mention of the awesomeness of David + Greenlee? It doesn't even need to be a romantic pairing; just any opportunity to have Vincent and Rebecca working together again is great. And any opportunity to see Greenlee rail against the sanctimonious clan in Pine Valley.

Dalee ARE awesome, and they'll be even more awesome when they're romantic! :)

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