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March 22, 2010

Why Can't I Have Nice Things?

When I am accused of being an angry, bitter, rage-filled person who has a wholly irrational hatred for everything she encounters in life, which happens quite often, I always try to point out that there are some things that I DO like, and that I am vocal about my like for those things, and that those things make me happy, and my utter joy at SORASing Michael and casting Drew Garrett in the role is one of those things. I have mentioned it, like, a lot, both here and in our Soap Opera Digest column.

(Um, listing it that way makes me feel creepy and ashamed of myself...)

Well, at any rate, General Hospital just went ahead and made my list of happy-making soap things shrink down to three, because Drew Garrett is out, and someone named Chad Duell is in, and I am left staring quizzically at my computer screen. It's all so confusing, especially because it seems to have happened so damn fast! Perhaps because of the aforementioned bitterness and all, my mind immediately jumps to a gossipy place that I know nothing about, so I won't even hazard a guess about what happened and will simply say: What the WHAT?


whyyyy? Drew played Michael so perfectly :(... I would like to know the reason for this!!
I'm sure Chad Duell will be fine *fingers crossed*...but still....:(

This is the first place I came when I heard. ARGHBLARGHK;LASDIOF HJOI;J!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How the hell can this possibly be explained??

Only one reason. Drew pissed off either the almighty Maurice or his blow buddy, Guza. Could this explain his banishment to the island of misfit mobsters with no real interaction with Sonny before he left?

I also couldn't figure out why no one is telling Michael about Kristina?? Jeez, Dante showed up at the island, trying to find Michael and bring him back, and KNOWING he was skulking around outside somewhere, he didn't bother to say, "hey, Michael might want to know that his SISTER WAS BEAT LIKE A DIRTY RUG AND IS IN THE HOSPITAL!!" I'm pretty sure that would have brought him out of hiding.

(I also have to mention here how ridiculous it was that Dante flew to the island and was back at Sonny's house before lunch! Pish posh...)

I have to go bang my head against the wall now.

The current rumor of the moment is he said something smart ass on his Twitter and that got his airtime lessened. But everyone loves to throw Twitter in there.

I'm at a lost....it makes no sense considering the massive amount of praise Drew Garrett got them. And allegedly it's to age Michael to early 20s...which I get even less.....

Maybe Guza got jealous of all teh Kish related firing outrage?

But I will predict that if they change their mind and bring DG back...we're getting "Return of Real Michael" campaign.

Ok so there was either some backstage dramz going on with DG or the people at GH are being complete and total dumbasses right now....I think the former is more realistic, but I just like the latter so much more....

Anyways, hope Chad is a good replacement

At this rate they should go ahead and bring Dylan Cash back. He is old enough to play the part now I would think.

Drew Garrett never even had a Twitter account so that rumor is crap. Too bad it got passed on to TWOP where gossip spreads like wildfire.

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