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April 30, 2010

All The Young Dudes

"Dudes" is misleading, isn't it? Because there is only one young man in Pine Valley right now and it's not the geeky, adorable son of Palmer and Opal, because who would want to see Petey Cortlandt when they can instead have a sullen, obnoxious rebel, am I right? Especially since it turns out that the sullen, obnoxious rebel is Tad's son, and who doesn't love Tad more than Palmer and Opal?! I am beginning to understand exactly what goes on in the mind of Frons and Co. and it terrifies me...

Not too long ago, I remarked that there was no way anybody could possibly care about Damon's story, aside from caring when his scenes would be over in order to move onto something that could, possibly, be more entertaining. Oh, how I long to go back to those innocent days! Because now, whenever Damon is on-screen, I am filled with white-hot rage and hatred, because he is TERRIBLE. I don't think he has any likable qualities, there is entirely too much screentime devoted to talking to or about him and her hatred of him has made me become a serious supporter of Liza. Liza!

The writers seem to have realized (much too late, of course) that they made some serious wrong turns with him, and have decided to introduce his father, AKA the worst human being in the universe, to conjure up some sympathy for him. And boy, did they lay it on thick. He called Colby every name in the book, he said all sorts of horrible things to Damon...

Paul: At what? Flushing your future down the toilet? Poor mother. You know, for years, I've been trying to explain to her what a worthless piece of crap you are. Maybe now she'll get it.

Paul: Damon is a screw-up. He always has been, and he always will --

Tad: He's not a screw-up. There's a reason for his behavior. He's not responsible for his brain chemistry.

Paul: Please! That's just some acronym a shrink made up.

Tad: ADHD is real. It's treatable. You know how much you could do for that boy?

Paul: Look, look. If Damon wants to stay here, knock up a few girls, break a few more laws, that's great. He can rot in jail for all I care.

Tad: So that's it? You refuse to help, right?

Paul: Look, Damon is beyond help.

AND he was mean and dismissive to Tad, which I think we were supposed to take serious offense to.

Well, AMC writers, I have to tell you that it hasn't worked. I still hate him. And I know that means nothing to you, because if you do ever take my feelings into consideration, it's merely to do the exact opposite of what I'd like, and that if I were going to make actual wishes about this show, a better written Damon wouldn't rank in the top 10 (that list is mostly new and creative ways to send Ryan out of town for good) but if I could make a small and, I think, reasonable plea, can't you just go back to making him boring? That would be great.


I'll go even further Mallory and say that I don't think Paul was all that terrible. His tirade at Colby, while inappropriate, was the most interesting realistic thing to happen with the character since this latest, terrible recast. Damon is first class douche and could use several smacks upside the head--his father was attempting to do that verbally.

This is the same crap that one of the other awful writing regimes pulled to make Reese sympathetic. Introduce a horrible parent, in Reese's case it was her mom, and tell us that the parent is awful and abusive. Unfortunately, these hacks mess that up because they show us a shitty kid who has lied and behaved in the most childish and irresponsible manner and a parent at the end of his/her rope and no longer able or interested in dealing.

Don't get me wrong, you're not supposed to give up on your kids, so Paul and Mrs. Williams are ultimately wrong, but with kids like Reese or Damon, I understand.

Given the repetition of this storyline and the fact this one was even more ineptly implemented than the last (instead of being gay, you have a juvenile delinquent with ADHD*) I'd say that the problems at AMC will never be solved simply with a writing regime change and Chalres Pratt proved that they can be made worse. No AMC's problems go much deeper. Shit.

*Who cares if he has ADHD? That only explains why he's dumber than a box of hair, but it doesn't explain why he doesn't have any freaking decency.

WORD to your post, Mallory and WORD WORD to your comments Ande McBeal.

I hate this storyline. HATE. HATE. HATE. I've never liked Damon but it is making me hate all of the characters involved, except Liza. Really, I was cheering on Liza this week and frankly doing that makes me feel extremely bad about myself. Thanks a lot AMC.

And seriously, this past week they must have said "ADHD" eleventy billion times and I cannot take it anymore!!! That damned acronym is making me stabby!!! Hell, the entire show makes me stabby!!!

And since when is a diagnosis of ADHD an automatic free pass for any and every trangression you have EVER committed??? I'm not a doctor, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night but I am pretty confident that your ADHD is not the direct cause for stealing cars, breaking into houses and knocking up your girlfriend.

I can't stand Damon and I absolutely hate this storyline in its entirety. Damon is an ass-clown who happens to have ADHD. I'm with Liza because I understand why she'd want to keep Colby away from this hot mess, but it's not making me like Jamie Luner's Liza. Still dislike Liza. (And a little off topic, but I was disgusted by that dialogue between David and Liza about why he wants the goods on Madison...I get that it was supposed to be sarcastic or whatever, but I thought it was gross).

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