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April 01, 2010

"Subtly" and "Not At All Ridiculously" Planting the Seeds of Intrigue

If I ever find myself in need of a career change, I am thinking that I might go into the private investigation business because, based on the PI's I see in the soap world, they do absolutely nothing at all with their time except talk to people and make references to the cases they are working, which seems awesome. And also because I'm totally good at looking at clues and making educated guesses about what has happened or what is going to happen.

Like, get this, for example: I have a feeling that something bad is going to go down at the masquerade ball and it will possibly have to do with Adam, who everyone in Genoa City loathes and despises and wants dead. I understand if you didn't quite get that from this week's episodes; it's been so subtly and cleverly woven into the scripts that you have to have a really inquisitive, analytical mind to pick up on it.

I'm sorry, did I say "really inquisitive, analytical mind"? I meant that you have to have the ability to hear (the shameless, over-the-top hatred that is going to be used over the course of a murder investigation) or see (the angry lunging and glaring).

Billy: Well, you could just blame it on Adam. Half the town hates the guy. They wish him dead anyway, so...

Jack: That bastard is not going to walk. I guarantee it. After what he did to Sharon and my sister, he is not gonna get off scot-free. I will see to it, no matter what I have to do.

Jack, you know that I have a deep and, frankly, bizarre love for you but really. Really. If/when Adam or a random corpse believed to be Adam is found dead, you will be a suspect based on this line for approximately half a minute, and then everyone will realize, "Dude can't tell the difference between Patty and Emily even though he is more familiar with their, um, anatomy than anyone else. As if he has the wits to commit murder" and then they will all point and laugh at what a simpleton you've been lately.

Victoria: You know what the problem is? We didn't go far enough at the cabin. If I come anywhere close to losing Reed, you better pray that you're in solitary where I can't find you.

Jill: You used me, and I promise you, you're gonna regret it.

: Damn it, Sharon, Adam has already cost us so much time with Faith.

Sharon: Six months today.

Nick: Six months? Really? If I could just get my hands around his neck--

Sharon: Nick, I don't want to hear that.

Nick: Look, I'm telling you right now if that son of a bitch ever sees the outside of a cell, I will kill him.

Nick: You ever get within a mile of Sharon or Faith ever again, I will have to kill you.

Get it? Because people want Adam DEAD and then when there is a possible MURDER, there will be a million and one suspects and it will be INTRIGUING and MYSTERIOUS, like all of the other INTRIGUING and MYSTERIOUS stories present-day Y&R has been so good at, like the "What's the deal with Ryder and Daisy" secret, because that's the very definition of appointment television!


Well said...
And really, after dragging it out and belaboring the "everyone hates Adam" storyline, what are the odds that his killer would turn out to be a main character like Jack or Nick????
They may just have Patty snap and kill him at the ball....or the Lauren-sounding Sheila woman! Do we think she will look like Lauren now??

At least they didn't feel the need to show the entire story in the promo's GH-style! At least I don't think they have, it's been to boring to watch lately...

My ever sinking gut tells me Maria Arena Bell got "creative" and started that rumor about Kimberlin Brown returning to the show only to have that be a smokescreen for Tracy E. Bregman playing Sheila this time around.

You know, 'cause we need TWO effing twin women switching places storylines running at the same time...

Could someone remind me why I not only watch this steaming pile, but recap it every week as well...?

Much cheaper to have an existing cast member play a new cast member than to actually hire one.

I think we all knew someone was going to die the second we heard the words "masquerade" and "ball". Seriously, a "policeman's ball"? Has anyone seen a policeman there, outside of Chance, who isn't even on the force right now? What a load of crap.

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Il mio istinto mi dice che affonda mai Maria Arena Campana ha ottenuto "creativo" e ha iniziato quella voce su Kimberlin Brown tornare allo spettacolo solo per avere che essere una cortina fumogena per Tracy E. Bregman giocare Sheila questa volta..

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