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April 07, 2010

Who Do I Pay To Make This End?

I have a lot of questions about the storyline that combines Lauren, Jana, Daisy, Ryder, Mama Bear, Contrivance, Insanity, Inanity and Horror. Questions like "How?" and "Why?" and "Is Yvonne Zima secretly a robot, because her portrayal of human emotions is horrible" and "Who the crikey fuck thought that this story was a good idea?"

And all of those questions are still weighing heavily on my mind, because SERIOUSLY.



Daisy: Now I came to tell you myself. First off, Ryder and I...we totally did know each other from before, since the womb, in fact-- twinsies.

Lauren: What?

Daisy: Did I say I was done? Yeah, so Ryder's my brother, which means Tom is also my dad. Yay, me. But here's the best part, and I think you know where I'm going with this, right? This all leads back to our mom. Mm-hmm. Oh, deep down, you totally know who she is. Come on. You can say it. Think... your worst nightmare.

Lauren: Oh... my god. Sheila?

But the biggest, most serious question I have is: what do I have to do to make this stop? Because I'll do it. Hunger strike? Fine. Bribery? Okay. Pledging to include a positive mention of Maurice Benard in every blog entry I write for the next month? I'LL DO IT. I am DESPERATE. Because the end of today's show has me so apprehensive about tomorrow's episode that I've been contemplating attacking my TV, Office Space style, just so I don't have to sit through what is sure to be a ludicrous follow-up.


Sheila! Sheila! Sheila! Sheila!

I know, I know, I know. It's terrible because these hacks are going to further destroy this character---which is really something since she's a sociopath's psychopath. I mean these people ran me off when I tuned in specifically for Stephen Nichols and wanted to indulge in Peter Bergman. I lasted two months, so Sheila's return would have a short shelf life. That said, if it's Kimberlin Brown chewing scenery and not some other pale imitation, I'll take it. Currently I'm shipping Greenelee and David, looking forward to JR and Annie hooking up on AMC and "enjoying" Ethan on GH, so I'm so desperate. There would have to be some measure of joy in watching Brown bring her magnificent bitch persona back to the small screen? Wouldn't there?

Hahaha Mallory, I love you! You never fail to make me laugh and brighten my day.

"Twinsies?" "Twinsies?!!" Ugh, I'm gonna vomit.

I know this is a completely arbitrary and stupid question to put out there, but wouldn't it just have been easier to bring Sheila back for the 50 millionth time and be done with it?

SERIOUSLY. Daisy is about as scary as a house plant. It's actually hilarious to watch her get all "psycho"; it's like when a little kid cries and you laugh because they look so cute and silly. I just want to pat her on the head and say, "Thanks so much for trying." And Sheila got Phyllis' face installed a few years ago; will Michelle be doing double duty?? I love Lauren and Michael but Lauren by herself is all lip gloss and heavy eye lashes. I bet she will still be glossy in captivity. Prediction: They will id the dead body from the explosion as Adam and then "everyone's a suspect". Like the "who killed Carmen" crap a few years ago. But it won't really be Adam, which won't be revealed until Victor is just about to be sentenced to life in prison for murder. Sigh.

I'm with you 110% on the complete and utter horribleness of this storyline (and the show in general). I have a feeling that Mama Bear is Sheila, but the woman in the mask is Sarah Smythe who Sheila drug off to the same plastic surgeon she took Sugar to, only this time instead of having the woman made to look like Phyllis she had her made to resemble Lauren. Why? I have no idea other than the fact that it makes it seem like this is a densely plotted storyline with crazy, unpredictable twists...which is laughable because we all know this crap is made up on the fly with no regard for what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow.

As for the body found in the basement, it's obviously not Adam (remember the Hightower guy at the diner that Adam clearly had plans for until he found out the guy had a kid?). My guess is that it's Gay Rafe, thus ending my theory that he would eventually hook up with Phillip when he came back to town.

Of course, Estella and Gay Rafe's beau Brian will fail to notice his absence from the story canvas because...well,because it's convenient.

What the hell happened to Yvonne Zima??? She used to be a decent child actor.

Brenda, perhaps you're thinking of her sister Madeline (from The Nanny) who DID know how to act....unlike Yvonne.

My favorite part was of today's show was when Lauren told Daisy that unlike Shelia, SHE wasn't crazy. Really, Lauren? She has you locked in a cage, and Jana in a box and she's NOT crazy?! Who's the crazy one now, beyotch?

BTW, Shelia is officially the Stefano DiMera of Y&R.

Nina's back and because of these "Twinsies" Sheila allegedly spawned I can't even enjoy Y&R. It takes a lot to dampen my Nina joy ;-) Her line about vipers and piranhas was delish! I had to turn it off today, Dr. Crazy didn't kill Zapato the Sequel did she? Oy.

Having Kimberlin Brown return as Sheila would have been great, but I guess they couldn't really do that after turning her into Phyllis (complete with a Phyllis' voice transplant), so now they've turned her into Lauren (complete with a you-guessed-it, Lauren's voice transplant and height reduction to match).
BUT I do not subscribe to the bizarre love affair people have with TEB's acting on Y & R. I actually think she's A HORRIBLE actress! Anytime Lauren has to get upset, confused, angry, or especially hyperventilate/panic, it is truly painful to watch. REALLY BAD ACTING!! Why do people insist she get Emmy nods??? And now we have to watch her suck her way through TWO ROLES?? Which means Y&R will now have TWO SETS OF LOOKALIKES AT ONCE????
Mallory, please destroy my TV too!!

Wait? Sheila now looks like LAUREN? No Kimberlin Brown? Fail!!!!! I'm so glad that I don't watch this show anymore.

I guess I'm mainly offended that any child of Sheila's would be just so friggin' dull. The monotone, the lack of facial expressions... are we sure Daisy isn't Nick's?

I totally agree with you about the utter horribleness of this storyline. I have a feeling that Mama Bear is Sheila, but the woman in the mask is Sarah Smythe who Sheila drug off to the same plastic surgeon she took Sugar to, only this time instead of having the woman made to look like Phyllis she had her made to resemble Lauren. This story is just a crap..

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