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May 05, 2010

I Think I'm About To Become a 'Shipper

And my couple of choice is, quite obviously, Tracy Quartermaine and Awesome Writer.

For the most part, Tracy doesn't get a whole lot to do, because, well; she's a woman over 40, her last name is Quartermaine and she is not part of the mob so, really, we should be grateful that we see her at all and just suck it up and deal with the fact that we just see her for a half dozen scenes where she bickers, banters or snipes at people because at least she's alive when she does it, and not a ghost in a tracksuit!

But when Awesome Writer writes for her? It's reliably genius. When a fantastic actress and a good writer who is aware of an actor's strengths/character history/the English language join forces, it just...I swooned, a little bit.

Tracy: Why are you blaming Lulu for a situation you created? You stole Michael from the Quartermaines. You gave him to Sonny.

Carly: Oh, my god.

Tracy: You have nobody but yourself to blame for all this misery.  

Lulu: Tracy, I don't need you to fight my battles.

Tracy: I'm just stating fact. Why don't you go home and take care of your kid instead of ripping into Lulu?

Carly: Lulu and her twisted priorities are the reason why Michael's in lock-up. You should have called me the second Dante brought Michael home.

Tracy: It's a little late for that. Michael's had a lifetime of damage. Comes with the territory, I guess, when your father is a mob kingpin. You were the one that chose to marry Sonny. You are the one that chose to allow him to adopt Michael. What the hell did you think, he was going to grow up a choir boy?

Carly: I expected Lulu to care more about Michael than her boyfriend the cop.

Tracy: Don't misunderstand me. I have no use for Dante. My fear is he's going to be just as manipulative and a liar like his father. But Lulu chose loyalty to the man she loves. And given the hell you have unleashed in the name of loyalty to Sonny Corinthos, you have no right to criticize.  

I've been rolling my eyes and covering my ears this week as Carly has paced all over the courtroom shrieking and snarling like a howler monkey at those who have wronged her (I know that it's actually in character and I do, as ever think Laura Wright is doing a fantastic job, but HOLY GOD, is it difficult to listen to after a while) but I will gladly accept even more temper tantrums if they are always followed with Tracy Q saying something hilarious and true, in a voice dripping with acid.

The show's unparalleled failure at...everything is the only reason I can come up with for why the other writers aren't desperate to write for Jane Elliot. I mean, who wouldn't want her snarkily reading their words? Hell, I am busy trying to think of a way to entice her to record herself reading one of my blog entries.


OHMIGOD, if Jane Elliot recorded Serial Drama posts, that would be totally be my like soundtrack for life.

Jane Elliott and Awesome Writer should be bronzed.

I would like for her to record my outgoing voicemail message.

Mallory now that you put the idea of Jane Elliot doing Serial Drama blog readings out there I DEMAND the internet gods will it so!

Tracy (And Judge Carroll bitching out the entire idotic crew to a lesser extent becase clearly he'll be made the fall guy for Michael having any sentence. I feel a charge of corruption coming on for him) made the show for me yeterday. Instead of following Luke around everywhere, if she could just follow Carly around and point out reality to her I'd be great. If Tracy was there to snark on in I think I could almost, almost handle Carly and Jax's umpteenth repeated fight about the exact same thing!

I wish I could have a pocket-sized Tracy to carry around with me.

I do have to hand it to Carly, though. She is so amazing at her ability of lack of self-awareness it's astounding. For once, I would like her to shut it and let what people say to her sink in. She tried to keep up with Tracy and had major attitude when the Judge was speaking a little truth, and I'm supposed to feel sorry for her?

Everytime that harpy cried, I laughed.

Between Tracy, Judge Carroll, and Awesome Writer, I think I need a cigarette.

Jane Elliot rocks! She IS Tracey Quartermaine. And I savored her telling Carly a few home truths. Carly kept Michael from his family and enlisted a thug who blackmailed AJ in the most despicable way possible. And just what is AJ's crime? Being an alchoholic?

Hahaha after I read their conversation the song 'The Wind Beneath My Wings' literally started playing in my head.

Did you ever know that you're my heroooo? You're everything I wish I could beee.

"The fans speak out through Tracy Quartermaine!" I mean, FINALLY someone on the show speaks what we're all thinking.

I might have to watch this -- OMG I love JE and Tracy Quatermaine... She is the voice of so many fans

I have to admit I laughed out loud when Tracy layed the smack down on Carly. FINALLY!!! I just whiched that scene would've been longer and maybe Tracy could've thrown in a few slaps to Carly's face. I don't condone violence but someone needs to slap some sense into the old-ass woman that behaves like a petulant child.

I initially read the title of this post as "I think I'm about to become a stripper." I was somewhat disappointed I was wrong.

I've got my money on Judge Carroll sentencing Michael to court ordered counseling and removal of him to the Quartermaine household as a "halfway house."

Of course, they'd never send him to Shady Brook. Because....that's apparently just a womens' hospital. Anyone ever thought of shipping Sonny off there to deal with his "claustrophobia" issues?

Laura Wright is God awful. I am so tired of her yelling her way through her scenes. Her rabid bitch approach to Carly doesn't work anymore.

I have to agree, Lisa. I don't remember Tamara Braun ever being this..."succubus like." She could put the hate on a scene when needed and bring on the bitch factor, but she didn't make my ears start bleeding with the shrill-harpy screaming. Eegads.

I always felt that no matter what Carly did, there was a level of sympathy I could muster, and that worked with Bruan. Right now, though, I just want someone to push her off the roof of the CGI hospital and have her land in a heap in a CGI dumpster. All while Johnny and Olivia watch from their CGI balcony.

P.S. - Speaking of CGI - I figured out after watching "Mega Pirahna" on the Sci-Fi channel that GH actually has better computer-generated graphics than they do. That's a plus for the show, right? RIGHT?

Of course, they don't have Tiffany (yes, 80's mall singer Tiffany) playing a part on THEIR show, so one point for you, Sci-Fi Channel...one point for you.

Can Carly take a long vacation somewhere the way Luke gets to?

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