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May 12, 2010

The Blame Game

When Carly dies (although I am sure that we will never see this on-screen for many reasons, including the obvious "The show has no other heroine, so why on earth would they kill off Carly?" and "Uh, General Hospital, the show, will die long before Carly does), I think that those surviving her should donate her body to science so that medical professionals can properly study the brain of someone who can only be described as DEMENTED BEYOND ALL REASON.

Carly: We're both responsible for what happened to Michael. Oh, we were so arrogant. And we thought we could lie and maneuver our way out of anything. And if this cover-up didn't go so horribly wrong, would we have ever admitted that the way we raised Michael was twisted and wrong? I mean, we didn't have a prayer of keeping that kid safe. And we didn't. And now Michael's paying the price.

Sonny: Permission not granted to take all the blame.

Carly: You don't think I'd blame someone else if I could? Let's start with Elizabeth, that sanctimonious bitch. Let's blame her. If she hadn't thrown herself at Jason that night at Kelly's, I wouldn't have ran to you and we wouldn't have devoured each other, betrayed our best friend, and jump-started that hideous cycle of disaster after disaster. Wouldn't have taken our son down with us, so, hell, yeah, let's blame Elizabeth. I already got a jump-start on hating her.

What the actual hell? As much as I'd like to write this off as an irrational statement made by a mother clearly unable to come to grips with what has become of her son, Carly says similarly deranged things all the time, so I have to believe that these are not the ramblings of a hysterical mother but, rather, the ramblings of a hysterical FUCKING NUTBAR.

Evidence for the "FUCKING NUTBAR" diagnosis was ample during today's episode, not just in word, but also in deed. After the jump, something so horrible, so disturbing and so done to death on this creatively bankrupt show that I don't feel comfortable having it appear on the main page, lest the authorities see it and bring charges against me for grossing people out, which may not seem like it's illegal, but in this situation it has to be, because SERIOUSLY.

Nothing gets Sonny and Carly feeling frisky more than watching their son go through a traumatic experience, which is reason #7,824 why this show is broken beyond repair.



Instead of awkwardly staged Limo Sex, we were treated to Couch Sex, and while the two acts had different settings, my reaction to both was the same: wailing, out loud, "What have I--what have I--what have I done to deserve this?" except I was so horrified, that I was incapable of forming actual words and it came out like a horror movie scream. I just...I wish I were blind.


Yeah. There's nothing like sleeping with your ex husband and asking your current husband to adopt your son in one day's time. Good job writers!

After all that, Carly didn't offer to give Jason a little horizontal mambo in the room above Jakes before he left for prison? She must be feeling not so fresh after Sonny - only excuse I can think of.

I'm taking bets. How long do you think it will be before she tries to bang Dante? To her, that would be the ultimate revenge against Lulu, not to mention she could have a DNA-double whammy notch on her bed post for bedding Dante AND his daddy.

Rene, you evil twisted Guzafied lady! You are as sick as me, GH has fried our brains. See, I completely expect Carly to be preggers with Dante Jr by this time next year. When the Brook Lynne plot doesn't hurt Lulu or Dante or even Sonny enough she is going to pull a Tony Jones on Shaagy Cop ;-)

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