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June 07, 2010

At Laaaaaaaaaaaast...

Bo and Nora, after... 11 years?  12 years?  Finally got re-married!  And it was adorable.

I am only a viewer of ABC shows, so I can't speak for others, but one of the things I've always thought One Life to Live does better over the others is the comedic or dramatic "bits," the tiny moments of less-than-a-second detail.  The show is generally much sloppier than, say, General Hospital, but the "slicker" shows don't usually have what they'd consider throw-away details that really contribute to the overall texture.  The little fist-bump between Natalie and Brody while agreeing to keep their tryst between them. Jessica's and Natalie's facial expressions in the background while David was explaining his status as ordained minister.  David's obsession with dancing with Viki at the reception.  Eli's little chivalrous gesture to Blair after the "gun situation" settled at the beginning of the ceremony.  Shaun's little death glares to Darrin.  I'll give credit where it's due and this show excels at nuance.  Follow-through?  Logic?  Not so much.  But nuance they've got.

Now, down to business.  How does this woman keep getting hotter?


It's ridiculous.  And someone in town has certainly noticed!


What I wouldn't give to have a man look at me like that, just once.  I swoon!  And how nice of them to remember that Blair and Eli are actually a new and exciting couple on this show.

And we got a Kim mention!


While a million other couples are in the middle of reuniting, Clint reunited with his gun.  But this time it was to pay David back for running his wife Kim out of town -- they remembered!  He misses Kim!  He's not the only one.

Meanwhile, Dani turned out to be a horrible little bitch.  I'm all for getting yourself out of a relationship you're not into, but there are about a million choices of when to break such news.  In the church where your boyfriend's parents just got married when he's supposed to be at the reception giving the best man speech?  Maybe it would've been worse if she'd dumped him in the middle of the ceremony.


Sad Matthew is not okay.

Also at the reception, Natalie and Brody had a private conversation in public that went something like, "We should talk about the other night."  "You mean the other night when we had all the sex?"  "Yes, exactly, I'm talking about that time a few nights ago when we got drunk and slept together.  I don't want anyone to know."  "True, we wouldn't want anyone to find out about the drunken one-night stand we just had."  "So we've decided?  We're not going to tell anyone THAT WE HAD SEX?"  "YES, LET'S JUST KEEP MUM ABOUT ALL THE MEANINGLESS HOT SEX WE HAD!"

Or at least that's what I heard.

While Matthew was down the street getting his heart broken, Rex had to stand in and give the best man speech.  What I heard was, "I just found out my parents aren't who I thought they were.  So my life is bad.  Then I went searching for my biological parents because it's terrible that I don't know who I am.  People should know who they are and know who their biological parents are, so it's totally no fair that I don't.  Have I mentioned myself and my predicament?  I've been going through a tough time.  Oh yeah, congrats Bo, I wish you were my dad!"

Again, that's just what I heard.

In other news, all the fellas gave the wedding party gals adorable looks walking down the aisle, Kelly continues to be completely uninteresting in scenes with anyone other than Shaun, Destiny gets cooler and cooler and more like the Llanview Greek Chorus every day, and Viki played the Clint Whisperer again today.  And ultimately?  The wedding was fantastic and just what Bo and Nora deserved -- a little conflict, a little humor, a little schmaltz, and a lot of dancing.


By the way, that's quite a set of gams on Hillary B. Smith these days!

Mazel Tov, Bo and Nora.  Destiny out!


Did Snoop Doggy Dog show up again? I know he and Robert Woods are pretty good friends so I thought maybe he would be at the wedding.

I caught the death glares Shaun was giving Darrin while i was at the gym and they tickled me so much I laughed out loud. If you knew nothing about this show or who was related to whom..you totally knew what those glares were about.

Loved, loved today. Bo and Nora getting remarried was fantastic. Destiny and Darren were so adorable and Big Brother Shaun was too precious.

I have to agree about Dani. Not only did she tell the truth at the worst time possible, but she didn't even tell the full truth. She didn't say she kissed Nate again and she would have gone with her BS excuse of not being ready for love if Matt didn't call her out on it.

But hey, here's a bright side. Maybe we'll get a Destiny/Darren/Matt triangle, which would be fantastic.

Humor and history and nuance and schmoopiness = YAY! I may very well have had something in my eye at one point today. My allergies, you know. But, seriously, you make a great point about nuance. OLTL is awfully good at that, and it does make a difference.

I just wanted to shout at Rex, "NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR STUPID PROBLEMS, TWITCHES-WITH-WOLVES!" God he is insufferable. They're still dropping anvils about him being like Bo's son, so I'm thinking David's his father, in some totally cockamammie way.

Oh, Louise, why can't the show always be as good as it's been during these wedding episodes? And why can we all have an Eli to make us feel all melty inside? Oh, that's right, because the universe hates us. *grumpy*

I loved David's version of the wedding ceremony. The best part was when he was talking about how Bo and Nora getting together was destiny... but "Not YOU Destiny"...and then Des said something like "JERK!" under her breath (couldn't hear her through my hysterical laughter). OMG! I LOVED that! Then Darren gives her a look as if to say, "How does this guy know you?" Can you just imagine the conversation later? Destiny: "Oh, we ran off to London together." Darren: "With HIM?" Shaun: "WHAT? I'm calling the cops! David, you perv! She's just a little girl!" David: "Wha'd I do?"



Monica, that part also had me dying. Between calling Nora mom and using all her names in the ceremony, David was killing today.

Louise, I pretty much heard the exact same thing from Rex as he was giving the "best man" speech. After he was done, I was all, "Way to make it all about you, douchebag." Out loud. To no one but myself, which is probably a good thing. I don't know that I want my friends to know that I talk out loud to fictional characters.

And the fact that Bo praised his speech made me look differently at Bo. If the anvil that I struggled for a half hour to get out from under is any indication, Rex is your son, Bo. Why would you want someone that self-centered as your kid? Ugh.

Also, I'm willing to forgive the very public private conversation between Brody and Natalie. That's a soap staple right there. And no one ever hears those conversations anyway. Plus, more Brody and Natalie is always good in my book.

I really felt bad for Matthew. But I'm glad he let his parents be happy on their wedding night and didn't make it all about him, unlike someone else on the show.

I'm not a fan of Rex for the most part. Although he wasn't that bad when all the mishaps before the wedding were occurring.

Also, I want my own version of Eli. *sighs dreamily*

I loved Brody and Natalie's fist bump. I hated Blair singing, but love her dress. I thought John looked happy for once and he and Natalie danced and kissed very well. I think Danielle needs to be sent back to London for dumping Matthew at his parents wedding and making him miss the best man toast. What a beeatch! Best of all, Bo and Nora got a fabulous wedding worthy of them. They are a wonderful and fun couple.

I have never been the type of gay who did drag or identifies with women at all. But if I did want to be a woman, I'd want to be Blair Kramer. There I said it.

Kassie DePaiva does keep getting hotter, but not in surgery sort of way. But so does Hillary B. Smith really. Must be something in the water on set. Like damn those legs. (Though seriously, ladies, dancing is where it's at if you don't have access to the fountain of youth. A good friend of mine had legs like that when she was pushing 70 (and seeming 50) because she was a dancer)

Also, do you know how much I would love it if the Natalie/Brody sex never came out? Like, oops, we shouldn't have had sex but our lives were sort of fucked up, and it was a fun release, but no harm, no foul. But God forbid American television ever has a healthy view of sex.

Loved, loved, loved OLTL yesterday, except for Rexx and his pity party. Rexx was better off as Roxie and Mitch's son.

David - giggle.

Shaun is such a teddy bear.

Memo to Kelly, please leave Llanview for London and take your boring male friend and never return.....

Brody/Natalie - I love their friendship.

Bora - great wedding!

Matthew told Dani at the end maybe she should just go back to her boarding school. I liked that Matthew apologized to Destiny for his comment about the two of them only being friends since he just received the same treatment from Dani.

After the Memorial Day reshowing Kim's exit, I have been hoping for a return. This only proves something is in the works. Whether it'll actually pan out, I'm not sure. I haven't heard anything yet.

Loved your Bo/Nora recap! You need to rewatch the episode on ABC.com because they have HBS & RSW doing a running text commentary throughout the episode!

Everytime,when you end your blog entries with "Destiny Out" it makes me smile! :-)

Loved this week on OLTL - for the first time in ages, I didn't erase them from my DVR after watching!!

This one of the most ridiculous sit coms I've ever seen, but it's stunning final makes me laugh a lot, you're right.

I don't know, this is not my favorite TV shows, is not that this TV show is bad...it's just that all the time is the same plot.

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