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June 21, 2010

Countdown to the Emmys Day 1: Outstanding Younger Actor

It's time for our annual look at the actors and actresses nominated for daytime's biggest (?) honor (??) and this year, we're going to do things a little differently. In the past, we watched their Emmy reels and offered our lovingly critical take on the acting, which often included the phrases "We have no idea what's going on here because we don't watch this show" or "[He/she] submitted THIS scene, which was the start of that HORRIBLE STORY where [the writers introduced this crime against humanity and passed it off as entertainment]". And it was a really nice idea in theory, except for one glaring problem: nobody who votes for the eventual winner actually gives a damn about acting skills. We don't know what they do give a damn about, but they have an obvious soft spot for over-the-top Emmy bait.

This year, we are going to follow suit and study the submitted episodes (courtesy of soapcentral.com) to see just how Emmy bait-y they really are, using a highly scientific scale. Each actor and actress will be given one (1) point if their submission includes one of these Emmy buzzwords:

  • Alcohol/alcoholic/drunk/liquor
  • Anger/angry/furious/fury/rage
  • Betrayal
  • Breaks down/tailspin
  • Burial/cemetery/funeral/morgue
  • Collapsed
  • Confronts/blasts/rips into/tears into
  • Crush/crushed/sad/heartbroken
  • Dead/death/dying
  • Emotional
  • Goodbye
  • Hospital
  • Illness--mental illness, cancer, coma, miscarriage, shot, injured, etc.
  • Intervention
  • Kills/killed/killer
  • Stun/stuns/stunned
  • Tear/tears/tearfully
  • Tirade

Let's take a look at the Outstanding Younger Actor nominees and see how in it to win it they were when it came time to choose their episode!


Drew Tyler Bell, The Bold & The Beautiful: An unapologetic Thomas tore into his family for their lack of action in handling Rick, a man who'd been responsible for his sister's death, bedded his mother, and then turned his sights to his other sister, Steffy. While Ridge seemed to understand and even approve of Thomas' actions, Steffy did not and angrily confronted her brother.

Score: 2

After the jump, the rest of the actors, plus a chance to vote for who you think should win the Emmy and who you think will win.

Scott Clifton, One Life to Live: Schuyler walked in on Stacy adjusting her pregnancy pad. Schuyler assumed that Stacy was faking her pregnancy and called her every name in the book. Kim, who'd been there with Stacy, interrupted his tirade and claimed that Schuyler was the father of Stacy's baby. Schuyler went into a tailspin as he realized that he'd been drugged and seduced by Stacy.

Score: 2

Zack Conroy, Guiding Light: James turned to his father, Phillip, when he needed to come up with a huge amount of money to get himself out of a jam. Phillip was supportive, and said that he'd talk to the police to try to makes any charges go away. James didn't want the police involved at all, and later turned to his grandfather for help. Before James could rope Alan in, Phillip pulled him away and vowed to protect him.

Score: 0

Drew Garrett, General Hospital: Sonny came up with an alibi for Michael for the time of Claudia's death. Johnny visited later and tried to convince Michael that, despite having accidentally shot him, Claudia never hated Michael. Michael was enraged and blasted Claudia for having put him in a coma for a year. Later, Jason tried to comfort Michael, but Michael defiantly announced that he didn't regret killing Claudia -- and that he'd do it all over again.

Score: 5

Dylan Patton, Days of Our Lives: At the hospital, Will tearfully told Kate that the last words he'd said to his sister, Grace, before she'd died were things he'd wished he'd never said. Kate assured Will that Grace knew that he loved her. Later, at home, Sami told Will that Grace hadn't been adopted; she was his biological sister.

Score: 2

And the most Emmy bait-y actor is...Drew Garrett. Will he walk away with the Emmy?


Drew Garret better win. It'd be a nice big FU to TIIC at GH for getting rid of him.

I voted for Clifton for should, Garrett for will. DG WAS fantastic, but I felt SC was a technically better actor. However, I'd be thrilled if DG won and rubbed the GH execs' noses in it.

Last year, the younger leading actor winner was no longer on the show he was nominated for (Darrin Brooks, DAYS), so I'm viewing that as a new Emmy trend and figuring Drew Garrett has this in the bag.

While Drew Garrett should win, Scott Clifton will. The more shows you've been on, the more potential voters who have worked with you, the better your chances are.

We also don't know what went on with Drew Garrett behind the scenes and GH, so his coworkers may not care for him enough to support him.

Drew for the win.

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