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June 22, 2010

Countdown to the Emmys Day 2: Outstanding Younger Actress

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which of the nominees for Outstanding Younger Actress is the most Emmy-licious of them all?

Remember, here is our official scale for judging just how much Emmy bait appears on their reels. Each actress gets one point if their reel includes one of these words, which are all shorthand for "ACT-ING! DRA-MA!"

  • Alcohol/alcoholic/drunk/liquor
  • Anger/angry/furious/fury/rage
  • Betrayal
  • Breaks down/tailspin
  • Burial/cemetery/funeral/morgue
  • Collapsed
  • Confronts/blasts/rips into/tears into
  • Crush/crushed/sad/heartbroken
  • Dead/death/dying
  • Emotional
  • Goodbye
  • Hospital
  • Illness--mental illness, cancer, coma, miscarriage, shot, injured, etc.
  • Intervention
  • Kills/killed/killer
  • Stun/stuns/stunned
  • Tear/tears/tearfully
  • Tirade

Let's take a look at the nominees, shall we? And then vote for your pick to win, and who you think actually will win (because if this awards show has taught us anything, it's that acting talent doesn't always equal awards).


Julie Berman, General Hospital: Lulu confronted Johnny when she believed that he wanted to be with Maxie instead of her. Lulu insisted that Johnny and Maxie slept together, and Maxie said Lulu had been pushing them towards it -- but they hadn't. Lulu was infuriated when Maxie said that none of them were without blame. Lulu threatened to tell Spinelli about Maxie having kissed Johnny. Later, Tracy urged Lulu to get a backbone.

Score: 2

Molly Burnett, Days of Our Lives: A grumpy Melanie overheard Nathan talking to Maggie about how he didn't want to be in a relationship. Later, Maggie talked to Melanie and told her that she complemented Nathan. Maggie determined that Melanie sabotaged everything good in her life because Melanie felt she was not worthy of happiness. Melanie reconsidered her actions and met up with Nathan in the park. There, she made funny small talk about "this guy" that she liked. Nathan gave Melanie a hard time, but agreed to go to dinner with her.

Score: 0

Shelley Hennig, Days of Our Lives: Stephanie exited the shower just as an unknown man shot Phillip in the chest. The gunman took a shot at Stephanie, but missed. At the hospital, Stephanie tried to hold it together as Phillip was taken into surgery. As Stephanie tried to cope with what had happened, Victor probed her for details about the shooting. Stephanie was given clearance to see Phillip. He came to and tried to say something to her before flatlining.

Score: 5

Christel Khalil, The Young and the Restless: A hospitalized Lily couldn't decide if she should tell Cane that she might have cancer. A somber Neil entered the room and told his daughter that the biopsy had come back positive: she had cancer. Olivia tried to explain Lily's course of treatment, but Neil tried to block Lily from asking questions. Lily finally told her father to be quiet, moments before learning that her chance of survival was just 45%.

Score: 4

Marnie Schulenburg, As the World Turns: Alison vacillated between anger and indifference at her father's appearance at her graduation ceremony. She was stunned to learn that Hunter had sent Larry an email telling him to show up for the celebration. Later, Alison vented about how her father had never been there -- no holidays, no birthdays, not even an occasional phone call. After she got her feelings out, Alison gave Larry a farewell hug and nearly called him "dad."

Score: 2

Shelley Hennig and Christel Khalil know that the Emmy voters can't resist shootings/near death experiences and cancer, with Hennig's reel coming up slightly ahead. Do you think they'll waltz away with an Emmy? Do you think they should?


I voted for Molly Burnett, largely because, since I started watching DAYS again, she turned a character I actively disliked into one I actually enjoyed seeing.

Kristin Alderson should win the emmy if she was nominated!!!

While I'm not surprised that most folks think Julie Berman will win, I AM surprised at Christel Khalil's strong second place showing.

I'm not really sure if spending most of your "cancer storyline" in bad wigs every week during the "Minority Wednesday" episodes and experiencing the ramifications of a hysterectomy in your 20's via shorthand -- 1 hot flash -- before launching headfirst into getting your only two eggs fertilized and then recruiting a zombie to carrry said fertilized eggs to term in the space of 2 scenes and then going away to France to face death off camera is even remotely worthy of a raised eyebrow, let alone an Emmy nomination.

Couple that with the fact she's spent the majority of her weekly appearances acting opposite The Thunder From Down Under, NuMac the Zombie Queen, and Eddie Winslow, and I can't even fathom Christel Khalil pulling a win out of the bag. (And yes, in the plus column we have the fact she did submit a reel focusing on her interaction with uncle-daddy Neil and Doctor-Without-A-Border Olivia, but in the MAJOR minus column it was a Maria Arena Bell episode so I really think those two cancel each other out leaving Julie Berman a clean shot.)

weak group this year.

Dirk's comment has me DYYYIIIING!!!

"Minority Wednesday's", Eddie Winslow & Mac the "Zombie"! HAAHA!

That's all I have to say. I don't care for any of these actresses. Don't care who wins this week category. NEXT!!

Amy: you should check out his weekly Y&R recaps...the dude is a riot.

Christel Khalil= zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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