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« Countdown to the Emmys Day 3: Outstanding Supporting Actor | Main | I Made A Wrong Turn Somewhere »

June 24, 2010

Countdown to the Emmys Day 4: Outstanding Supporting Actress

We continue our look at the Emmy reels submitted by the nominated actors and actresses, this time looking at the nominees for Supporting Actress to see just how much Emmy bait they managed to pack into their reels.

What counts as Emmy bait? These ultra-dramatic buzzwords do:

  • Alcohol/alcoholic/drunk/liquor
  • Anger/angry/furious/fury/rage
  • Arrest
  • Betrayal
  • Breaks down/tailspin
  • Burial/cemetery/funeral/morgue
  • Collapsed
  • Confronts/blasts/rips into/tears into, etc.
  • Crush/crushed/sad/heartbroken
  • Dead/death/dying
  • Emotional
  • Goodbye
  • Hospital
  • Illness--mental illness, cancer, coma, miscarriage, shot, injured, etc.
  • Intervention
  • Kills/killed/killer
  • Pain
  • Stun/stuns/stunned
  • Tear/tears/tearfully
  • Tirade
  • Did the nominees for supporting actress shoot for "subtlety" and "nuance", or were they smart enough to know that the Emmy voters are unfamiliar with the notion of being over the top? Let's take a look. And remember, after the jump, your chance to vote for who you think should win, and who you think will win, the Emmy.
  • Beth Chamberlin, Guiding Light: Beth grieved after being told that Coop had died. Later, she told Alan that she was leaving him, despite his claims that she always ran out the minute things hit a rough patch, only to return once things had calmed. Beth visited Phillip in prison to thank him for risking his own life by pulling Coop from a fiery car wreck, thereby giving Coop a few more hours to live.

    Score: 2

    Carolyn Hennesy, General Hospital: Diane salivated when she learned that Molly was trying to fix up Alexis on a Thanksgiving date. Later, Diane learned from Spinelli that Max had suffered permanent impotency as a result of a car accident. Diane spent quality time with Max -- and a plunger -- and thought that she had cured his problem, but she learned that Max never had any erectile dysfunction. Spinelli's story was just an attempt to get Diane and Max back together

    Score: Vomit 0

    Julie Pinson, As the World Turns: Janet learned that her daughter, Liberty, was uneasy having Jack, the man that had killed her father, sleeping in the same house. Janet tried to explain that the shooting was accidental, but Liberty remained unconvinced. Later, Janet tried to make Jack promise that he'd never walk out on her again, but Jack couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't flee again. Janet then decided that she would have to leave, and, after doing so, collapsed and burst into tears.

    Score: 3

    Bree Williamson, One Life to Live: Viki pretended to be one of her alters, Jean, in order to get through to her daughter Jessica, who was suffering from her own battle with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Bess, the so-called "gatekeeper" of Jessica's alters, refused to let Jessica surface because she felt that Jess was unable to deal with the death of her daughter. Viki eventually coaxed out Jessica, who painfully recounted giving birth to her daughter, only to learn that the child was stillborn.

    Score: 4

    Arianne Zucker, Days of Our Lives: Nicole squared off with Sami and refused to allow Sami's baby to be returned to her -- a baby that Nicole had stolen from Sami at birth. Later, Nicole tried to explain her actions to the baby's father, E.J., by saying that she had "snapped" because she'd lost her own baby. As a furious E.J. lashed out at Nicole, the police arrived and placed Nicole under arrest.

    Score: 2

  • Carolyn Hennesy went the comedic route, which was risky; who knows if the Emmy voters will go for it? Who knows what goes through the head of these people at any given time? It seems to us that Bree Williamson is the one to beat.
  • Comments

    You know I have often wondered what the heck Carolyn Hennesy would even have to submit for an Emmy reel and now that I know.....Ignorance is bliss. I really didn't need that reminder.

    Bree Williamson in a make up Emmy for last year (but deserved this year as well) for me

    I'd like to see Arianne Zucker, but Hennessey might get it if there are enough "Cougar Town" fans among the voters. Plus she IS funny, no matter how vomit-inducing the writing is.

    Oh, that's how I know that woman from Cougar Town.

    God, never thought I'd type that phrase because

    (A) I never thought my boyfriend would convince me to watch it.
    (B) I love Courtney Cox, that plastic surgery lady from Scrubs who I didn't recognize from Drew Carey, and Kim Kelly is my best friend (in my imagination)

    Also, I can't believe I wasn't aware that said scenes took place on GH; was this something that you just overlooked here or did I not understand the posts (which meant they were obviously more subtle than this plot as described)?

    Agreed, Beth R. Bree deserved it when Nash died. OMG, I cried so hard. I believe Julie Berman won it instead when SHE should have won the year before THAT Emmy.

    Here's hoping the Full Circle Comes 'round...

    Bree Williamson is at her best when she's playing batsh!t crazy.

    When did Jessica lose Chloe/Hope? Was that 2009? I thought that should have been her reel. I cried with her.

    ^Julie Berman won for Younger Actress. Tamara Braun won for Supporting.

    Bree Williamson should win it. I'm astounded she didn't get it last year b/c Nash's death.....I can't tell you how much that girl made me cry, she was crazy good. I can't even think about it now or I'll start all over again. She was great in 2009 as well. I think this is hers to win.

    I really think Arianne Zucker should win it. She and Alison Sweeney (who was, frankly, robbed of a nomination) managed to take a babyswitching storyline and make it compelling and moving. And AZ as Nicole showed many many layers of what could've been a mustache twirling villain. Watching Nicole wrestling with her own conscience, while still pulling the wool over Sami, EJ, and even Brady, made the story worthwhile.

    Beth Chamberlin : she really deserves it.
    Hennesy is good and for once it is a "comedy vibe" reel : it could be refreshing if she wins.
    Bree Williamson was great (maybe a little bit OTT but it is daytime after all..lol) and she has Slezack with her in her scene..
    Ari Zucker was really great and she chose her best work for her reel in this entire storyline where she was certainly not supporting but the major lead lady with Sweeney (who was totally robbed by the way..shame..Bobby Eakes seriously ?! shame..)
    So for me it is between Chamberlin and Hennesy but the other two (Williamson and Zucker)are really good and if they win i will be happy for them !
    Pinson is a beautiful and good actress but her reel was not in the same league as the others. (Hey she can always come back on Days and this time win an emmy ! She can act so it is possible even with the Days awful writing).

    No secret that I thought Bree should've gotten it last year for Nash's funeral -- best work of her career. At this point we're all a little tired of her constant crying even though she does it well.

    I'd be gleeful if Hennessy won! Love her.

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