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« Countdown to the Emmys Day 5: Outstanding Lead Actor | Main | Countdown to the Emmys: The Emmy SNUB Edition »

June 26, 2010

Countdown to the Emmys Day 6: Outstanding Lead Actress

Our look at the nominees hoping to walk away with one of 2010's Daytime Emmys concludes with the lovely ladies up for Outstanding Lead Actress (missed any of the previous categories? Click here for Younger Actor, Younger Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress and Lead Actor).

Rather than judging them on their acting (because why do something Emmy voters don't bother to do?), we'll once again be looking at the episodes they submitted to see just how much Emmy bait they managed to pack in and then opening the floor to you: who will win, and who should win. And, as you know, our official Emmy bait criteria consists of:

  • Alcohol/alcoholic/drunk/liquor
  • Anger/angry/furious/fury/rage
  • Arrest
  • Betrayal
  • Breaks down/tailspin
  • Burial/cemetery/funeral/morgue
  • Collapsed
  • Confronts/blasts/rips into/tears into, etc.
  • Crush/crushed/sad/heartbroken
  • Dead/death/dying
  • Emotional
  • Goodbye
  • Hospital
  • Illness--mental illness, cancer, coma, miscarriage, shot, injured, etc.
  • Intervention
  • Kills/killed/killer
  • Pain
  • Stun/stuns/stunned
  • Tear/tears/tearfully
  • Tirade

  • How did these ladies fare? Let's see.

    Sarah Brown, General Hospital: Hospitalized after a car accident, Claudia watched as her unborn child's heartbeat slowed. Sonny arrived shortly before the baby's heart stopped. Claudia admitted that she hadn't thought she'd ever be able to love anything, let alone a child. Later, Claudia made Johnny promise that he'd find whoever caused her baby to die and make that person pay. A doctor arrived shortly thereafter and told Claudia that they were ready to perform a D&C.

    Score: 2

    Emmy Fun Fact: if Sarah Brown wins this award, she'll be the first to win an Emmy in all three acting categories.

    Crystal Chappell, Guiding Light: Olivia packed her belongings and prepared to move out of Natalia's house. Both struggled to say goodbyeto each other, but agreed that Natalia getting married to Frank was the "right thing." Later, Olivia went to Gus's gravesite to thank him for giving her a heart, but she tearfully acknowledged that her new heart was broken. Natalia showed up and asked Olivia why she was crying. Sobbing, Olivia blurted out that she was in love with Natalia.

    Score: 3

    Bobbie Eakes, All My Children: At the yacht club, Krystal told Tad that Marissa was her daughter. Tad figured out that Adam knew who Marissa's father was and had been holding it over her head. Krystal explained that Marissa was Babe's twin sister -- and she knew that she would not have been able to raise two children. She broke down as she confessed that she hadn't given Marissa up for adoption, she'd sold her.

    Score: 1

    Michelle Stafford, The Young and the Restless: Phyllis struggled as Nick said that he would be a father to Sharon's baby if he turned out to be the father. Phyllis stressed that she was tired of their marriage having three people in it, and questioned when Nick would put her first and Sharon last. As her emotions got the better of her, Phyllis said she had to go for a walk, a walk that took her to Jack Abbott's house.

    Score: 1

    Maura West, As the World Turns: Craig returned to the cabin to find that Carly had downed a bottle of cooking wine. After she passed out, Craig took Carly back to Oakdale. When she awoke, she was furious to see that her loved ones had arrived for an intervention. Carly insisted that she didn't have a problem with alcohol, but Jack forced her to realize that she was acting just as her alcoholic father had. She sobbed when her son, Parker, said that he wanted his mother back.

    Score: 5

    Will Sarah Brown be able to make Emmy history, or will Maura West's Emmylicious reel propel her to victory? If Mallory were an Emmy voter, she'd be powerless to vote for anything other than the reel including an intervention, because she has a long, well-documented love of fictional interventions (in a related story, does anybody else feel the need for a Party of Five marathon?). What say you?


    Maura West for the win please !
    Chappell and Brown have really good reels

    All these performances are outstanding minus Bobby Eakes (seriously Ali Sweeney or Laura Wright should be here NOT HER ! grrrrrr BS seriously but every year there is some WTF with the politic business behind the scenes...).
    As for Stafford she is always great..just a great actress but her storyline is same old same old so her performances don't match West, Brown and Chappell.

    Sarah Brown had interesting and smart acting choices : she played the miscarriage with a raw, tough and angry vibe instead of the usual over-emotional crying mess daytime heroine/villainess vibe

    Chappell chose a declaraction of love : refreshing choice maybe a little daring..not the usual drama

    West has the best reel with her alcoholic storyline, her acting range is superb on this scene..she is just a great performer so GO MAURA !

    Who should win in my book : Maura West
    Who will win : between West, Chappell and...maybe Brown.

    I would like Sarah to win for the FU faction for the way they tried to blame the character's failure on her and not the horrid writing. on the other hand i know full well that Guza would take such a win as proof he did a good job and well....horrors would ensue.

    So I rooting for Crysal Chappell because she is awesome, that storyline is awesome and the soap gods may smite you if you root against her and Maura West. I would like to see the shows CBS axed get some respect.

    I think Alison Sweeney should have been nominated. I haven't watched DOOL for years but her showdown with Nicole was amazing. If I had to choose between the nominees, I'd say anyone but Michelle Stafford.

    My total devotion to Michelle Stafford is well documented (I totally want to hang out and brush each other's hair while we giggle and talk about about boys), but I have to say once again that anything that could give Maria Arena Bell the mistaken impression that her writing is in any way regarded as or related to something with "Best" in the title is unacceptable.

    Therefore, I will pronounce Maura West the winner.

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