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June 18, 2010

Sins of the Father...That We're Being Punished For

I had a day that was, shall we say, less than great, which is surprising, since it had all of the ingredients necessary for a great day (Friday, sunny, warm) and I won't bore you with the particulars of the badness, but it ended with me shouting at my friend, "I am in no mood for shenanigans tonight!", an outburst that was both rude (despite my fondness for all caps yelling on the internet, I don't actually like to shout) and unlike me (since when do I not like shenanigans?!).

Because of this, I am holding off on commenting on today's episode of General Hospital that saw Sonny and Alexis talking about their daughter, Michael being released from Pentonville and Johnny and Olivia breaking up, because my reaction to everything, especially that last item, was...unkind.

(REALLY. I have nothing against Lisa LoCicero, except for maybe jealousy over that outstanding head of hair, but the facial contortions and dramatic moaning were alarming. I suppose she thought, "Now's as good a time as any to work on my Emmy reel", which is true, I just wish the theme of this hypothetical Emmy reel was something other than "crazed").

What I WILL comment on is the fact that SOAPNet is having a very special Father's Day marathon. Called "Sins of the Father. All about Sonny and Dante.

  • 3 PM--Sonny visits Dante in the hospital and thanks him for saving Morgan’s life. As Olivia wrestles with the idea of telling them they’re father and son, she’s shocked to walk in and see them bonding over childhood stories.
  • 4 PM--The tension builds as Sonny prepares to kill Dante for betraying him. When Dante realizes what’s happening, he starts to arrest Sonny who pulls out a gun and shoots him. As Dante falls to the floor, Olivia walks in and tells Sonny that he shot his own son.
  • 5 PM --Dante is in the hospital recovering from Sonny’s gunshot and the two have their first conversation as father and son. Sonny hopes they can try to build their relationship, but Dante rejects him. Sonny goes to the chapel to pray and realizes that he doesn’t want to give up on making things work with Dante.
  • 6 PM--Dante lashes out at Sonny, telling him he’s the reason all of his kids are having problems. When Dante ends up punching him, Sonny says he’ll let it go this time, but can only be pushed so far. Dante scoffs at that and tells Sonny to come and get him any time.

  • Because, first of all, "Happy Father's Day! Remember how a father shot his unarmed son in the chest? But it's okay, since he didn't know he was his son at the time. Those were some good times". And second of all, how is this different from every other day in Port Charles, ever? GENERAL HOSPITAL IS ALWAYS A SONNY AND DANTE MARATHON!


    It actually makes me nostalgic for the days when it was a Sonny/Jason marathon.


    Have a better Saturday, Mallory.

    Of course they are doing to have a Father's Day marathon about Sonny shooting Dante. Because people need to learn a POSITIVE role model example of a good father, and that's what Sonny is..well that's what everyone on GH says..I mean that's why he didn't go to prison right? Because he's a good fathers and good fathers don't belong in prison?

    Sonny is a joke.

    Hey, remember how Fathers Day is about honoring your father and showing him how much you love him? Because Soapnet sure doesn't!

    Well don't you realize it's sponsered by Hallmark's new Smith & Weston card collection for Father's Day....When you care enough to shoot the very best!

    Are you fucking serious?? I know you are. Even after having a bad day, you wouldn't make up something that twisted.

    Why now show that horror movie, "Father's Day" while you're at it? Or a marathon of bios about serial killers who also had children? Hell, let's make it a banner day!

    Guza, Frons and Phelps must be witches. How else do you explain the constant love of Sonny and all things violence on that friggin' soap? They all stand around a big cauldron at night, throwing in the shattered hopes and dreams of fans who remember a time when GH didn't suck like a Hoover.

    They should have had a Lucky/Cake marathon. Although, it'd be hard for them to find episodes since they're never the main focus.

    It would have been nice to showcase Lucky and Luke or Patrick and Emma, but these are the same people who decided to honor memorial day by showing a civil servant being shot in the chest. When it comes to GH I've been conditioned not to expect thoughtful heartfelt commemoration of those who deserve it.

    Sad to say I'd rather see the awful Sonny/Dante relationship honored than see any showcase of Luke/Lucky after Luke repeatedly called his son a failure, said that Lucky's sons were not valid because they were not by blood, and laughed at Lucky's pain over being held prisoner and brainwashed for over a year. And considering how quickly the show moved to stop most scenes with Lucky and Cam/Jake as soon as the "real" Lucky returned, I guess they share Luke's view of biology.

    It is no wonder Disney decided to pull SoapNet off the air...

    Lucky is a putz and isn't fit to raise a plant.

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