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June 07, 2010

The Happy Return...Or Is It?

I say the following with equal parts EXCITEMENT and DREAD and WONDER: Vanessa Marcil is returning to General Hospital in August.

EXCITEMENT because, as I have mentioned before, my love for Brenda Barrett is unparalleled. I'm talking hand-flailing love and adoration. She is my favorite General Hospital character of all time, and is responsible for some of my very favorite GH memories, from my favorite GH era. If you thought my near-hysterical fangirlishness for Jonathan Jackson's Lucky was bad, well, all I am going to say is that it's a good thing the internet wasn't around when I was in middle school, because...it would have been embarrassing to have the fawning my friends and I did in online archives for all eternity. So, really, there was never any chance that I'd be less than super giddy about this development. Brenda! Back in Port Charles! With a secret! A secret that I am guessing will be a secret child, which could be either...oh, who am I kidding, why I am even floating the idea that it could be good out into the world? Is it so that I will be able to look back at this post and laugh derisively at myself for being so foolish?

DREAD because this is still General Hospital as written by Bob Guza and produced by Jill Farren Phelps, which means that it makes me cry on a daily basis, and the tears are filled with rage and shame. Do I even want to see what kind of horrible stories they will saddle Brenda with this time around? Is there any way they will draw upon her history with Jax and Sonny without setting that history on fire in a horrifying, memory-ruining way? The answer to both of those questions is "no" and what's even worse is that I know that whatever demented idea I come up with for how they will try to ruin her will pale in comparison to the SHEER HORROR they will unleash, because even my most horrible and pessimistic of ideas cannot compete with the lunacy that happens behind-the-scenes at this show.

WONDER because...what will ABC Soaps In Depth put on its cover every week now?! For years, they have devoted a corner of their cover to wondering whether Vanessa Marcil will return or trying to mislead readers into thinking that she will return. I hope they can manage to keep going on!


Clearly they will devote even more cover space every year to Mo and Steve's contract talks Mallory! It's the only logical thing.

As I never really was a fan of the character of Brenda (although I did like Vanessa's work in 90210 and Las Vegas just fine) I anticipate this with nothing more than dread for the more screen time for Sonny this will inevitably cause.

And more Sonny worshipping. We might as well say goodbye to all of the other characters now, it's going to be all Corinthos, all of the time.

@Cindy: It's not already?

I quit watching at the Laughter at the Rape of Jax. Briefly returned for the Scorpio-Drake nuptials. Quit again. Briefly returned for JJ's comeback. Quit again at the No Repercussions for Attempted Cop Killing. I will not let them seduce me again.

@Emmy well we do have our brief flashes with Lucky/Liz and Luke/Tracey But I can imagine with Brenda back they will be reduced to seconds a week.

I actually quit again...I had quit upon the JJ comeback and then found myself curious. I realized two weeks ago that I hated 99.9% of the characters so why was I watching anyway.

Wouldn't be awesome if she came back with Jax or Jason's baby? (Yes, I said that out loud.)

"Brenda returning with a secret" makes me shudder, as, in my gut,it is code for, "Yet Another One Of Sonny's Groupies Returns With His Child," as if this walking sperm bank doesn't have enough. And we all know that this means, "More Sonny all the time."

Or it could also mean Brenda returns with Jason's child, and we get a triangle of Sam, Jason, and Brenda.

Sad, as I was enjoying Tracy and her putting Carly on blast.

Even worse, it could be code for Brenda returns with Jax's daughter, who falls in love with Michael. *runs screaming*

Wouldn't it be awesome if Brenda came back and just said (with Robin listening):

Hey Sonny, here's my seecret: you used to be kind of a prick, but from everything I've heard about you lately, I'm not sure why I ever loved you or if the man I thought you were in the early to mid 90s is really the man you ever were.

And this caused Sonny to re-examine his whole life.

Yeah, I'm a dreamer.

Since last time we saw Brenda she wasn't at all involved with Sonny, coming back with his child would be a miracle baby - not that it would stop Guza. Sonny and his super sperm probably could reach Brenda wherever she is located.

But I would hope that whatever story is coming up, it doesn't involve Sonny. Jax, Jason a new guy - fine. But not Sonny. Or if it does, let Brenda see him for the retched excuse for a human being he's become.

and how long did she sign for? please she isn't sticking around.

Okay this may bring me out of my whyintheeffinghelldidyoupeoplefireGREGVAUGHAN induced anger enough to take a peak at it again. I LOVED Brenda but if it even looks REMOTELY stupid (which i'm sure it will), back off it goes.

I am an admitted Brenda Barrett fangirl. I'm beyond excited and terrified at the same time.

I would also be totally okay with Mike McNamara's scenario, b/c it needs to be said.

I wonder how creep it will be if Brenda came across the Brenda-bots.


According to ABC she's around for 'the foreseeable future'. SID says they have information that's around for one year.

I love her.I'm excited.

But I completely expect to be

Pissed off
All of the above.

Only VM/Brenda could make me watch All My Midgets again.

I have to assume the non-mob cast members have either been given their walking papers or told to plan for a long vacation, since you know they won't be anywhere near the screen during this. Guza must be jerking off in glee at this point.

On the other hand, it would be nice to see some superfluous characters finally be given their walking papers to free up money for La Marcil. Yes, I'm talking to YOU, Olivia, Johnny, whatsherfaceBrendaclonelawyerperson, Matt, Spinelli, whatsherfacePatricksfriendwhatever, Nikolas, etc.

Wouldn't it be funny if at some point these shows tried to write better stories to help their ratings go up? HA! I crack myself up.

When Brenda returns, I want to see a renewed friendship with Robin. Loved them as friends, but not with Guza's sleeze. I know Brenda will be involved with the mob, nothing new. I do want some scenes with Brenda and Robin. I want to see Brenda meet Emma.

Boo. Hiss. The only thing I hate more than the character Brenda Barrett is the way Vanessa Marcil brings her to "life." Smug, shallow, self-Involved and deeply unsympathetic.

I am.... torn.
I liked Brenda fine back in the day, but I have zero interest in a Jax/Sonny redo, UNLESS Brenda can free Jax from the shrieking wildebeast on a permananet basis :)

Dare I dream of a Brenda/Matt pairing? Is poor Jason Cook still on this show? I hear he has been removed from the credits :-(

@ MacV -

actually I've noticed the credits rotate - Matt & Epiphany one day, Steve & Lisa the next. Apparently the show runners can't figure out a way to just add them all into the credits by either going slightly faster with everyone else, or removing the transfer shots of buildings.

OLTL generally rotates theirs everyday, based on who was on the episode. Young and the Restless did the same, except they only had a few of the people on theirs. GH doesn't have to do alot of rotating since everyone mob related are on everyday, and that's 90% of the cast.

Maybe gh will remember Brender's close friendships with Robin and BrookLyn's mom? Man I hope Brenda beats up Lisa.

I was quitting. I've got almost a week of unwatched eps on the PVR that I have no desire to watch, and if I could get through another week, I was going to break free. And now Brenda. I love Brenda. And the day before my birthday. I hate GH. And now I can't give it up.

Geeze I can't agree more. I'm actually dreading it and not b/c I hate VM or Brenda, but b/c anything that touches Sonny lately turns to ashes

Welcome to the marginalization of Skye... I mean more marginalized than she is.

I am so excited, and I can't WAIT to read your thoughts when Brenda returns. I was thirteen when she returned in 2002, and every day after school I would draw on a "Brenda mole" with eyeliner as I watched GH. So, I am almost proudly admitting that I teared with joy when I read that Brenda is returning, and I ran around my apartment screaming.
Oh, yes. This is going to be good.
(I'm not yet able to consider how bad it could be, because it's Brenda).

I never liked Brenda and don't understand why she was so popular, but everyone has their favorites of course. Also I really hope it's not another WTD story or secret child story. Don't we have enough of that already? On yesterday's show Sonny told Carly she was never cowering on the floor as he yelled at her, so he didn't abuse her. However I seem to remember Brenda cowering on the floor collecting her belongings as Sonny screamed at her when he found out she was wearing a wire. He may have even shoved her though I don't remember. So if anyone can attest to his mental abuse it should be Brenda. Oh wait, in Sonny's mind she made him do that, so it's not his fault.

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