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June 07, 2010

The Happy Return...Or Is It?

I say the following with equal parts EXCITEMENT and DREAD and WONDER: Vanessa Marcil is returning to General Hospital in August.

EXCITEMENT because, as I have mentioned before, my love for Brenda Barrett is unparalleled. I'm talking hand-flailing love and adoration. She is my favorite General Hospital character of all time, and is responsible for some of my very favorite GH memories, from my favorite GH era. If you thought my near-hysterical fangirlishness for Jonathan Jackson's Lucky was bad, well, all I am going to say is that it's a good thing the internet wasn't around when I was in middle school, because...it would have been embarrassing to have the fawning my friends and I did in online archives for all eternity. So, really, there was never any chance that I'd be less than super giddy about this development. Brenda! Back in Port Charles! With a secret! A secret that I am guessing will be a secret child, which could be either...oh, who am I kidding, why I am even floating the idea that it could be good out into the world? Is it so that I will be able to look back at this post and laugh derisively at myself for being so foolish?

DREAD because this is still General Hospital as written by Bob Guza and produced by Jill Farren Phelps, which means that it makes me cry on a daily basis, and the tears are filled with rage and shame. Do I even want to see what kind of horrible stories they will saddle Brenda with this time around? Is there any way they will draw upon her history with Jax and Sonny without setting that history on fire in a horrifying, memory-ruining way? The answer to both of those questions is "no" and what's even worse is that I know that whatever demented idea I come up with for how they will try to ruin her will pale in comparison to the SHEER HORROR they will unleash, because even my most horrible and pessimistic of ideas cannot compete with the lunacy that happens behind-the-scenes at this show.

WONDER because...what will ABC Soaps In Depth put on its cover every week now?! For years, they have devoted a corner of their cover to wondering whether Vanessa Marcil will return or trying to mislead readers into thinking that she will return. I hope they can manage to keep going on!


I liked Brenda, but like everyone else, I'm prepared to be disappointed. My biggest fear is she comes back to introduce Jason to his son, Franco..never mind that they're all roughly the same age, that will never mentioned.

@Danny- LOL about the mole! I perfected Brender's 2002 eye shadow back then, I was so proud, then someone stole my train case and my "masterpiece" was gone. :( I'm sure Alexis or Liz are to blame for that though.

VM coming back as Brenda? Who cares when the writing has sucked donkey balls off and on since she left in 2002. Unless GH finds a new HW, EP and ABC Daytime President nothing will change. We will still get personal agendas backstage that push our favorite characters into sleeping with their husband, brother-in-law and step-father all in one day for an explosive WTD. SBr return as Carly, sorry that's Claudia was a bust, JJ's return as Luckless is a snooze, GV was hot as Lucky, but was let go for JJ who looks about 16 when he's in scenes with RH. Guza will simply write Brenda as returning to town with Jax's kid while still legally married to Jason and making eyes at Sonny who will be foaming at the mouth that Brenda is married to his lapdog Jason. We will see Sonny/Brenda/Jason/Carly/Jax/Sam/Lucky/Maxie/Lulu/Dante from now until VM leaves the show while everyone else is enjoying a year long vacation....

I loved Brenda, especially with Jax. BUT, this show has so many amazing actors and actresses who have been faithful to this show for years and who are underused. She went out to make her big career, and now that her show got canceled, she comes back like the prodigal daughter, and now all the other actors will just get shit on even more.

Plus, you're right. Bob Guza ruined Laura's (Laura's!!!) return, Noah Drake's return, Robert Scorpio's return, and Holly's return, plus Sky's scenes are already underwhelming, and he made us all want Sarah Brown's character to just die, already. (I'm sure I'm missing someone, but that's depressing enough.)

This won't end well. Who are we kidding, it probably won't even start well.

Love Brenda. Hope Guza remembers Robin and Brenda are BFF's. Scared as to what horror Guza will write for the return of Brenda, shaking in my boots that she also has a Sonny child-- the miracle sperm keeps working from afar.

Since I gave up GH you will have to let me know if it is worth tuning in....

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