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June 22, 2010

Totally Clueless

When Sonny posed the question "Do you have any idea the kind of hell I'm living in right now?" on today's General Hospital, I shouted, "Yes! Yes, I do!"

And do you know why that is? It's because the show has broadcast every second of that hell in painful detail, every single day of every single week of every single month. I am so sick of Sonny and Dante that I have a visceral reaction to hearing their names in any context (which can be embarrassing, like when I was watching The Weather Channel and heard that we were having a stretch of sunny weather and moaned, "Damn you, Corinthos, why can't you just leave me alone?!")

I'd love to just fast forward all of their scenes, and all of the scenes where people are talking about the things we've already covered in their scenes, but that would leave me only able to talk about, like...Patrick and his decision to reside in Schmuck Manor, and if I did that I'd (a) cry at the turn this character has taken and (b) be forced to look at and write about the horrible hair situation that Brianna Brown has going on.

But all of that is a moot point because there came a point in today's episode where I literally stopped hearing. Like, Sonny said this thing, and you all know what it is because at that point in the episode you probably also stopped hearing, and the world was devoid of sound and my mind was devoid of thought. How can I craft a witty rant about Patrick when my brain is broken?!

Sonny: Dante, why can't you ever see me in a good light? You always see me in a bad light!

If you'll excuse me, I am going to be translating the words "BECAUSE YOU SHOT HIM IN THE CHEST" into a variety of different languages because screaming it at him in English is obviously not working, because he's an idiot. And also fictional.


When Sonny asked "Do you have any idea of this hell i'm living in" I might have tuned out and immediately started imagining him signing I Dreamed A Dream. May have something to do with Spinelli calling Jason "A modern Jean Val Jean" yesterday.

Clearly the show I watch in my head is way better than this one.

My big brother who doesn't watch soaps(apart from the occasional story I try to shove down his throat) actually rolled on the floor laughing when sonny said 'Dante, why can't you ever see me in a good light? You always see me in a bad light!', his response was, and I quote 'because u shot him in the chest, u dumb SOB'..

Has there ever been a bigger asshat on any soap than Sonny Corinthos? Michael is on parole. He's under the court's jurisdiction, and the court said minimal contact, and Dante as the person who is responsible for him.

Dante told Sonny point blank to stay away, and he strutted right over to Dante's like Fog Horn Leghorn going after that ugly dog on the cartoon.

Grow up Sonny. Your pity party has gotten old. You're reaping what you've sown, to keep the farm metaphors going.

I have sympathy for you, Mallory, that you cannot comprehend. I think we need to start a "Save the Blogger" program where we all send you $20 a month to buy Scotch and Quaaludes.

Because *I* absolutely CANNOT sit through any scene with Sonny. I don't completely fast forward them, but I do it in small spurts. I did manage to catch him saying "manipleeate" to Alexis again yesterday. Thanks, DVR, for letting me land on that joyful nugget of bad grammar.

To think that I would be forced by my job description to sit through that shit storm everyday makes my blood pressure spike.

Okay, who's with me? $20 a month to the gals to help with sedation?

It's like when Bo found out Victor was his father on DAYS...only rewritten by someone who had never seen actual human beings interact.

I grabbed my remote to turn off the TV once Sonny said "Do you have any idea the kind of hell I'm living in right now?". Sadly I wasn't fast enough and was forced to witness Sonny ask Dante why he always sees him in a bad light. After that I deleted the episode off my DVR and made myself a pb&j, which is sad because I love Kristina and it seemed like she was going to be in the rest of the episode.

And Brianna Brown needs to wash her hair ASAP. It's been greasy and disgusting for the past few episodes.

Does anybody else notice that all of Sonny's sentences start with "I" or My"? I mean if I were to have started counting them I would have passed out from the effort it would've required. God, that guy's a douche. Not that I ever thought he was the King of Awesometown but holy crap, the writers have made Sonny completely unlikeable.

Thing is, there is no "good light" for Sonny. There is nothing about him anymore that in any way be construed as "good". He's selfish, self-centered, egotistical, unwilling to admit mistakes, misogynistic, cruel, verbally abusive, he's a criminal and a killer. Yeah, yeah, Robin - I know - FIFTEEN years ago he funded an AIDS wing, but that was FIFTEEN years ago.

Thank god somebody finally mentioned Brianna Brown's hair. It is really unattractive. This might sound weird, but it makes me feel uncomfortable when I'm watching her onscreen. Like everything is dirty. Ugh. I feel gross just writing about it.

Ok, I have a random GH question that might just go unanswered, but..........who in hell plays Brook Lynn on GH. For the last two (almost three) weeks now SOD has been calling her ADRIANNA Leon. I thought it was Adrienne. Or some such. Yes, this is the only site I go on. It's driving me nuts.

It's Adrienne. At least it was when she was on Y&R.

Thank you, Amanda. That is what I thought. However, I tried to google it and I guess she changed her name?.......

Kat, it was Adrienne, but she now goes by Adrianna.

Much thanks again. It just bugged the hell out of me all of a sudden. I'm one of those kinds :) I can get used to it now that it is not a typo. LOL. It is a pretty name.

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