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June 23, 2010

[Yesterday's] Dumbest Dialogue

After choking David Hayward in a fit of rage, Ryan realized that he should probably try to explain to Madison that his violent outbursts are in his past, except for the one that just happened. And he chose to do so by sharing stories that highlight his kind, gentle nature.

And, to the surprise of absolutely no one, anywhere, no such story exists where Ryan had a pleasant interaction with a human.

Ryan: If I find an ant in my apartment, I take it down in the elevator and set it free.

He must have a special affinity for ants, since they are his intellectual equals...


That's why I fast forward through Ryan's conversations with everyone except David. Only with dear, demonic Dr. Hayward, can one hope to hear something other than praise for Pine Valley's personal savior: Lord Lavery. I love Stephanie Gatschet, but I wish I could black out her scenes with Ryan, because even on fast forward you can see her doe eyed adoration and how much it puffs him up. Yuck.

Ants are capable of building colonies with ventilation systems that remove the carbon dioxide and bring in fresh air, while Ryan Lavery adds 2 and 2 and gets Q.

I think you owe ants an apology...

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