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July 27, 2010

Good Loving Gone Bad

Remember that time on All My Children when, against all odds, the pairing of David and Greenlee was oddly compelling and romantic, and I found myself shocked that AMC remembered how to write a good love story and even more shocked that the writers were able to work at rehabilitating David's character after the awful cluster that was the David/Amanda/Jake quagmire? And how I was like, "I shouldn't let myself get invested in this AT ALL, because I know it will end in disappointment. Specifically, the kind of disappointment that comes when the runaway freight train known as Rylee (the freight train obviously has Ryan's blank stare and the smug pout Greenlee gets when she's in Ryan's orbit emblazoned on the sides, and the conductor shouts things about Ryan being an amazing man. It's terrifying) comes by at breakneck speed, crushing anything that stands in its way, laughing evilly as couples, characters and viewers' hearts are destroyed."? And how I immediately followed that thought with, "I'm totally a glutton for punishment who doesn't learn from past heartbreak, though, so let me totally like this couple against my better judgment"?

I remember that time.

Greenlee: What does this have to do with me?
David: Unfortunately, a lot. You see, the NTSB will discover that multiple calls were made to the mechanic from your old cell phone.
Greenlee: But I never...oh my god.
David: And if I bring the mechanic in--
Greenlee: Your mechanic.
David: He will testify under oath that he was hired by you. In addition to that, the NTSB will also find a large sum of money was wired from your account to pay him. So, you see, that, coupled with the documentation I have proving that you cooked Fusion's books, well...the case doesn't look that good for you now, does it?
Greenlee: I can't...you would actually hold this over my head? You would blackmail me to stay with you?
David: I guess that's one way to look at it.
Greenlee: How else am I supposed to look at it, David?
David: As a husband who's trying to hold onto his wife. Because that's all I'm doing here, Greenlee. I love you.

It was nice knowing you, Tolerable Dr. David Hayward! I guess we should be thankful that he's only blackmailing Greenlee and not, you know...drugging her. Although I probably shouldn't have even publicly remembered that story, in case the writers are like, "Hey, if we have him do that, we can demonize him more AND pass it off as continuity! Score!"


Why do you do this to yourself? Why are you still watching this awful, awful show? As I've never liked David, Greenlee or Ryan this doesn't bother me but it is sad that another couple with actual chemistry is being sacrificed on the alter of Rylee, which will go out the window when and if Alicia Minshew ever comes back because then it'll be Ryan pining for Kendall, his one true love, and how he can't be with her because she is happily married and raising a family and Zach and Greenlee being made it monsters, or even bigger monsters in Greenlee's case, to make it okay for Ryan to agressively pursue a clueless Kendall.

I hate Rylee so much, I don't care that David is trying to blackmail Greenlee to hang on to her. It's awful and terrible, but Rylee is worse. Evil on, Dr. Hayward...you're protecting this viewer from a repetitive stress injury as I don't have fast forward on high speed to escape that abomination of a "couple."

What is happening to David and Greenlee makes me want to cry or vomit, or a little of both. AMC had something really unique and great there, and they could've had a viable star couple for years probably, but now it's all mucked up on the altar of Rylee. And this makes me dread Kendall's return so much.

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