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July 19, 2010

Port Charmless

Bob Guza's tendency to watch a movie and immediately adapt it, badly, for his own nefarious, Jason-worshiping purposes, has become a running joke with General Hospital viewers. Well, perhaps "joke" isn't the right word choice there, as it implies that the situation involves humor. There is no humor here, just complete and utter sadness that this man has built an empire rewriting stories poorly. But you know what I mean: HBO airs a movie, Bob Guza catches it and thinks to himself, "Wouldn't it be awesome if that happened in Port Charles and included lines about what an amazing person Jason is?" and we wind up with Kate Howard Wears Prada, the saga of dueling police and mafia informants that I refuse to even describe as a rip-off of The Departed because that would require mentioning this show and The Departed in the same sentence and I just cannot even, and the upcoming Lisa Niles: Bunny Boiler.

I think he must have stumbled across Mean Girls at some point recently, too, because there was a whole lot of sass and venom on today's episode.

Spinelli, in particular, seemed like he was about ten seconds away from taking out his own Burn Book, which I'm sure would be named something utterly ridiculous, and writing a hateful screed about Dante. Although I don't think that any of his secret musings could be more disturbing and unsettling than what he admitted out loud and in front of someone today:

Spinelli: Dante might find himself in a crime scene photo of his own. Not that I would shed a tear.

Explain this to me as simply as possible, using small words and speaking slowly. Basically, pretend you're talking to Bob Guza: why should I not be repulsed beyond reason with Spinelli? Because where the show sees "adorable, zany sidekick", I see "Fuck the what?"


Spinelli isn't the only one who pitched a bitch today. When Maxie pointed out that Lucky showing up at the hospital when Elizabeth was in labor said volumes about his feelings about her, he lashed out:

Lucky: What I feel is my business, all right? Just leave it alone.
Maxie: All I was trying to say--
Lucky: Are you just looking for attention? What are you doing here? What, Spinelli is done making his life all about you, so you're insinuating yourself into mine?
Maxie: Okay. You asked me to go to that concert with you, because you wanted to move on. That was your idea. Don't take it out on--
Lucky: I have moved on.
Maxie: Oh, really? So what are you doing here?
Lucky: Well, anything's better than self destructing with you.

OUCH, right? They were both speaking the truth, really, but that was ice cold! Maxie reacted by changing into a tracksuit, eating ice cream and talking to her magazine. I probably would have reacted, well, like this:


Okay, I really just wanted a reason to post that .gif, because HOLY HELL, do I love James Frain. Franklin's scenes on last night's True Blood filled me with sheer joy. "Watch how fast I type 'mothafucka'!" SHEER JOY. Can we keep talking about True Blood and, like, Inception and other non GH-y things? Because the non GH-y world is so much more fun...

Lucky made up for his detour into the world of Regina George by dropping by Maxie's with sugar cookies and an apology and an admission that he still wishes the baby was his. And somewhere in Los Angeles, Bob Guza pumps his fist and shouts, "Foreshadowing, bitches!"


Speaking of foreshadowing...

Dante: I need Jason out of prison, or we're going to see a lot more dead bodies this time. Maybe even one of our own.

Now we can all start playing the "Is this the episode where Ronnie shows up dead?" game.


Picking up where we left off on Friday's episode, Sonny got in the newly remembered Warren Bauer's face about Kiefer. The confrontation was notable for the strident overacting on the part of the latter, and for the former's inability to remember his lines and attempting to buy himself some time by making overly emotional facial expressions. In a matter of seconds, Sonny was able to see into the sordid history of the Bauer family and assessed that Warren is an abusive pig.

Sonny: Abusers aren't...they aren't born, they're taught [actually, he said TOT, as in tater, but I think he meant "taught"]. You get hit enough, you eventually hit back.
Warren: More baseless accusations. I can see how Kristina comes by her lying so naturally.
Sonny: I can see the truth all over your face. You knew damn well that your son was capable of doing what he did to Kristina, and you did nothing. You wanna know why? Because you hit Kiefer first.

It was...not a good few minutes of acting.

Kristina and Sonny then discussed Sonny's newfound compassion for Kiefer, and Sonny said if Kiefer were still alive that he'd try to get him help and you could almost hear the Full House audience say "Awww". 

Remember when he almost got her blown up, like, ten minutes ago? Yeah.


What I am about to say is shocking. I never thought that my fingers would be able to type these letters, in this precise order, but: the scenes with Nikolas and Liz as their son was born were almost sweet.

Please don't think that this means I am at all on board with Nik and Liz romantically, because DISGUST. The pairing continues to be all sorts of wrong and all sorts of ew, but Aiden's birth marked the first time that Tyler Christopher and Becky Herbst were in a scene together without projecting boredom (him) and utter revulsion )(her). It was suprising! And their discussion about naming the baby was cute.

Elizabeth: There's only one problem.
Nikolas: Problem? What? He has ten fingers, ten toes. I swear, I counted three times.
Elizabeth: He doesn't have a name. Did you come up with any?
Nikolas: Uh, I wasn't sure that you wanted my opinion on the subject.
Elizabeth: I'm sorry for shutting you out. So what do you want to name him?
Nikolas: Spencer suggested we call him Buzz Lightyear?
Elizabeth: Buzz Lightyear Cassadine?
Nikolas: It's easier to pronounce than most of the names in my family.
Elizabeth: Well, it'd definitely get Cam and Jake's vote but I think we should go for something a little more traditional. I don't want social services showing up at my house.
Nikolas: How about we name him after your father?
Elizabeth: Jeff Cassadine?
Nikolas: Right.

You really have to give ABC credit for continuing to pimp Toy Story 3, which is already a box office sensation and an instant classic that I loved more than words can express. I admire their desire to go the extra mile!

The fact that Aiden's hospital bracelet ends with 66 can only mean that he is going to wind up as a pawn in Franco's latest game, which is...utterly unsurprising. Bad things happen to babies in this town! I mean, it's a miracle that his birth was so uncomplicated, especially since Kelly delivered him (did anyone else squawk with indignant laughter when Robin described Kelly as "capable" the other day? Capable compared to what, Robin? A tree stump? Actually, she doesn't even hold up compared to a tree stump, because the tree that babysat Emma performed ADMIRABLY last winter). Naturally, being kidnapped (? maybe? Probably?) by a madman is coming up.


Speaking of Franco, today we watched Franco watching scenes from Franco's last go-round. For more than two minutes. I once opined that I would watch James Franco sit and stare at the wall; that was just a figure of speech, GH, it wasn't a dare.


Lastly, TV Guide did an interview with Bob Guza about Brenda's return. Mostly, it tells us what we already know (Brenda will interact with Sonny, Jax and Jason? Shocker! Actually, the part about her interacting with Jax is kind of shocking), but there was one line that was just so telling:

Bob Guza: I love the way this whole thing is setting up.

Does your arm have a cramp from so vigorously patting yourself on the back, tool? You're the one setting it up! UGH, hate!


I'm just looking forward to the scene where Dante punches Spinelli right in his face and he shuts up forever.

That's going to happen, right?

Hell yes to True Blood posts! Now THERE is some crazy-ass, entertaining soap!

I'm just ever-so-thankful I no longer watch this awful, awful show. I think I'd be apoplectic with rage over Spinelli's recent behavior. What could have been an interesting, different character for daytime has never been allowed to grow up and be a Real Boy. Instead he's not even a Jason Cheerleader like the rest of the show has to be, he's a Jason Stalker! He's more of a bunny boiler than Lisa could ever hope to be.

Color me shocked, BTW, that Liz had another boy. I was sure since it is actually Lucky's that it would be a girl; only manly, virile men like Sonny and Jason can have boys, while weak, girly men like Patrick and Lucky only beget girls with their worthless sperm.

If we ever got a scene with Dante punching Spinelli, I'd never delete it from my DVR. NEVER!

You guys have successfully peer pressured me, by the way: be on the lookout for True Blood posts next week! I need an outlet to discuss the brilliance of James Frain and how skeeved out I am by Sam's family.

I was disappointed that Liz had another boy. Boring. And please tell me I hallucinated that Kelly told Liz to push at the BEGINNING of her labor!

Um, "she's had plenty of time to get viewers on her side"?! Okay, does anyone here/ANYWHERE actually LIKE Lisa?


Yeah, that's what I thought. She can't act, the first actress was prettier and actually a better actress (bear in mind I'm speaking comparatively here), and she has zero chemistry w/JT. Honest to God, there's more chemistry w/Scott Reeves than Brianna Brown! And she might be the most boring-how was it NumbNuts, a.k.a. Guza, described her?-"hot, sexy, adventurous bad girl from your past that you just can't forget" that I've ever seen on ANY show. Seriously, Sam from iCarly is more badass than her (no, I'm not 12, but I have 16- and 4-year-old girls)!

So, not only have they committed Scrubicide (just made of awesome, Tim, as were all of your posts-I bow to the bitchiness, my friend), fucked Patrick's character just all to hell-they did it for THIS SHIT?! "The fuck what?!" indeed, Mallory. And, as per his usual eat-up-with-the-dumbassedness, Guza keeps having Patrick dig the hole deeper-i.e., not telling Robin, letting Carly find out before Robin, letting his whore go all bitchface on Robin and being struck mute, his whore dissing his sex life w/Robin and saying he wants more of her greasy ass and AGAIN saying nothing in defense of his wife, etc.-so that his slapped-together, half-assed redemption of Patrick will seem all the more half-assed, and Robin will look like the fooliest fool to ever fool when it's all said and done for taking his ass back so they can fight his psycho skank together. MOTHERFUCKER!

Whew, okay-feel a little better now. Seriously, can Patrick just become the damn town mattress-you know, Carly's male counterpart-and let Robin have Lucky? B/c Kimberly McCullough and Jonathan Jackson would be the cutest pocket-sized couple ever-like, teacup pig level cute!

Oh, yeah, and I would LOVE a TB discussion. Tara and Franklin...oh my lord, I could pee myself laughing just thinking about those scenes! Please do it!

Marianne: Kimberly McCullough and Jonathan Jackson would be the cutest pocket-sized couple ever-like, teacup pig level cute!

All this True Blood talk must be getting to me. I read this and my mind immediately flashed to Andy Bellefleur screaming "PIG!"

Hey Marianne, I so agree with your whole post, this level destruction for barely acceptable character/actress is ridonculous!! However I actually though am one of those poor saps that want Scrubs to make it through this (not without some separation/ fighting&groveling for Robin on Patricks' part). I just love Jason and Kimberly together so much that I am willing to endure this however this constant Lisa bitchiness is wearing thin and we have only had a week of it so if Robin does not find out soon I may go batty. Though I do love the idea of Kimberly and Jonathan (seriously they would be soo adorable) I am trying to holdfast to Scrubs.


Okay, I just gotta say it. I beg forgiveness in advance to all Liz fans for this.

"I don't want social services showing up at my house."

Uhm, Liz honey? Yeah, they're not gonna take away your kids for naming them badly. If they would have taken them away for anything at this point, it would be for the fact that you can't seem to keep your legs closed long enough to actually have at least two of them be full siblings AND have a father who's not a)dead (RIP Zander), b) a brain-dead thug, or c) unaware he's not the father because you can't seem to get your Bic flicked enough by just one man. And they won't even arrest you for that. You're gold.

*WHEW* I feel better. :)

Count me in for a TB weekly discussion. And OMG Franklin.... My husband and I were giggling hysterically during that scene of which you posted the animated gif. Everything about that show is pure LOVE.

Unlike Spinelli, whom I have decided just needs to die. Because I cannot stand him anymore.

Marianne, the teacup-sized power couple idea is priceless! Let's get Lucky and Robin together! Lubin (sounds like lovin') works for me. Much better than Rocky, which sounds like they'd be heading for a bad end (or a fight, or a flying squirrel). Think of how cute their teenie tiny babies would be!

KleBarron and Beth-LOL, seriously, that is all.

Monica-I know, right?! They'd all be little purse-sized babies!

Sophia-I feel your pain,honey, and I haven't given up on them completely. But, seriously, Jason Thompson is trying his best to look as sad and guilty as a human being can-I swear, he looks like someone ran over his puppy, he's really kinda pitiful. But if he's not being given the dialogue, there's only so much he can do w/his acting to save Patrick-and make no mistake, Patrick needs saving right now. I just cannot watch Robin have to eat his bad behavior w/a smile on her face, and ask for seconds, ONE MORE TIME. I just need her to get her say, for real, and I need Patrick to work a little bit to put it back together....unlike w/Leyla, where he got to make a sweet little speech and she got to be silent. Just. no.
Not ranting at you, btw, just Guza.

# Guza for trying to destroy Stone and Robin's story. He's using a very good SL and twisting it to make Robin look like some ridiculous woman pining away for her dead boyfriend. And # him for ruining Robin and Patrick.

It's time for Spinelli to go. It's extremely nauseating to watch a man child go bonkers over his daddy Jason, and become non functional over the whole pentonville prison ordeal.

Please make it go away.

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