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July 18, 2010

Remember That Time, With the Thing At The Place?

I decided, mid-week, to take an impromptu (and I hate even typing this made-up word, because it is so silly and twee and I have often and publicly used the phrase "holy cannoli", so you'd think silly and twee would be right up my alley) staycation (UGH. Please don't judge me, for I already judge myself), deciding to do absolutely nothing except sit by the pool, read and give myself three different pedicures. No soaps and no waking up before 7:30! It was totally relaxing.

I felt like I owed it to myself, since I was dealing with the double whammy of crippling sadness over the end of the World Cup (this always happens at the end of big sporting events, because I am a nerd like that. Fernando Torres, I'll miss you most of all!) and a heat wave that can best be described as blistering, or hellish, which meant that I was crankier than usual ("Mallory, isn't your default state cranky?" YES, IT IS, so you now have a pretty good idea of the kind of crankiness I'm talking about here) and any posts I made would have just been rage-filled screeds instead of...well, rage-filled screeds peppered with humor.

But there is a downside to taking a break from soap-watching. Namely that you then find yourself wading through multiple episodes at once. As I watched the Franco plot meander to what will surely be a ridiculous conclusion as the shows tries to get as much drama as possible out of James Franco's couple of days on set, and as I watched the fallout from Patrick and Lisa's ick nast hookup, and as I watched Sonny...just be, I could actually feel my brain start to fry. And then came Warren:

Warren: Ms. Davis. Surrounded by her loving family of thugs and pathological liars.

Sonny: Kristina's mother told you proper procedure. Now, you need to contact Diane Miller because she's the one who gets paid to listen to garbage like yours. Nobody else here is interested.

Warren: Well, I suggest you get interested. Your little respite is over. You're gonna pay for what you did to my son.

It WAS a nice little respite, wasn't it? It says a lot about this show and how often it drops storylines and entire characters that I seriously thought we'd never see Warren or hear about his lawsuit again. And I was totally okay with that, really, because everything about Kiefer's death was so poorly handled and Bradley Cole is just completely awful. But Warren is back and I'm pretty sure is going to get a large role in this summer's non-sweeps, non-event that will change everything in Port Charles forever and...this show is just the worst.


Mallory, I sympathize! I came off the World Cup football-athon with major crushes on Iker Casillas and Thomas Muller. I felt some serious withdraw when it ended ;-)

I know from reading this blog that you're a JJ fan (meee tooo. that boy) so here's something that will maybe cheer you up because it cheered me up a few days ago when I stumbled over it:

youtube . com/watch?v=QI260xnENkM

JJ at his cutest.

As for the rest of the show, by some miracle I felt like Sonny-centric scenes were kept to a minimum for the last few episodes. Or maybe I didn't notice them so much because I skipped through them, and what happened was every other conversation outside of Sonny's presence didn't also revolve around Sonny so it felt like he wasn't in it much at all. Yay! Other thoughts: I kind of feel like Sonny and Claire have zero chemistry (just me? Or is it sonny's come-ons that weird me out..), poor Kelly Monaco has the most amazing hair and also needs more to do than serve as background furniture, and New Michael has officially grown on me, Chad plays him in a way that's not so disturbed and anti-social. Am curious to see where they take the character.

Holy crap I'm just now watching this episode on SOAPNet. I'm trying to ignore Sonny and focus on how much I love Jonathan Jackson. Because I do love him. He even makes me not hate Maxie/Lucky. He's magical.

I, too, am despondent over the end of World Cup though I am equally ecstatic over Spain's win. 'Nando's all well and good but my World Cup boyfriend since 2006 is David Villa.

Though I was cheating on him with Miro Klose. Shh! Don't tell!

Oh... soaps? Um... Sonny's a douche. That's all I got.

My favorite comment this past week has been "wait...who's Warren?" followed quickly by "Oh jeez...why can't we just get Double Dead Diego back".

Bradley Cole is on GH? Why is he awful? They're not dangling him near Laura Wright, are they?

They're writing Bradley Cole's character very one-note. "My son was great. You're horrible. You're going to pay for what you did to my son." From what I remember, when I wasn't fast-forwarding, he has had only one scene with Carly. But yeah, they totally dropped the whole storyline and then hello, Warren's back all of the sudden.

A five-year-old could write a storyline with more dramatic tension than these hacks. I only leave this on as white noise after OLTL, which is also sucking mightily these days.

Oh, and Mallory, staycations are cool - there's nothing fun about wandering around NYC in 100-degree weather. You're not alone in enjoying a little sleeping in and doing nothing!

Liz is right - JJ is magical. I too am finding Maxie/Lucky not too terrible, though I prefer him with Claire. It would be awesome if Claire is the one woman who is able to hold out against Sonny and finally take him down. I'm actually not a Sonny hater, but I do think his time has come, and it will take a woman to do it!

I really wasn't wondering where Warren went. I sure didn't miss him.

The sad thing is that Bradley Cole is really fantastic but GH doesn't know how to take a great actor and use him/her correctly. Not even Bradley could make such awful writing watchable.

It ain't the writing, as bad as it is. Bradley Cole is a horrible actor. He made the last six years of Guiding Light almost unbearable.

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