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July 26, 2010

Short on Words But... But...

It just couldn't go unaddressed.  Blair walked down the stairs in a weird pink coat with a high collar and it was a little scary.  I worried that it was more a Dorian jacket than a Blair jacket and, while I am all for Dorian jackets, I'm all for Dorian jackets on Dorian.  And after a few segments full of Dorian and David inexplicably and out-of-the-blue disapproving of Eli as a match for Blair, I didn't want to see Blair sunk further.  But they didn't sink her further.  They most certainly did not.  Because you see...


Are you freaking kidding me??  How much more super-human can this woman get?

I wish I could say this only made me gleeful, but this -- this? -- is the woman who can never be the first choice of any decent man?

It's not that there's nothing else to say about today's episode.  Layla suggested some people who love Evangeline might want to be informed that they're pulling her plug and she listed Bo, Nora, and John, and everyone was still considering it until Cristian named Todd Manning... "Yeah, it should just be family," was Layla's immediate response upon the invocation of that name.  A delicious moment.  A confusing moment?  One Life to Live continued their efforts to use every identifiable song that ABC Daytime already owns the rights to on behalf of General Hospital when they played the Jason/Elizabeth theme song during the "Everybody's the Daddy!" scene at the bar. 

But all of this is irrelevant.  It is difficult to find words to blather on about things that really don't matter in the face of the most important thing that happened.

And on that, I need to go for a run.  Or find an exercise video.  Does Kassie de Paiva have an exercise video?


KdP did look hot at the end of today's show. I was eating an egg roll and thought about tossing it in the trash, but hey, it would take me two decades to look that good and I finished my egg roll and two cookies, to boot!


I have to admit, though, I did like the Christian/Layla/Evangline storyline, even though Layla's mother's about-face was a bit too abrupt (even if the reasons for it were fairly clear) and it's a little galling they're pretty much shutting down any possibility of the character's return (I say "pretty much" since this is a soap after all) without even getting Renee Goldsberry to return for a few days. But it was a nice dose of realistic drama, which has been a bit too lacking in Llanview in recent months.

It's hard to believe Kassie De Paiva is in her 50's. She looks fantastic.

Seriously though, if you find that exercise vid, lemme know.

I'm so jealous of KDP's body. No way I'm going to look like that when I'm in my 50s.

She's not quite in her 50's yet. I think she hits the big 5-0 next year. Be that as it may, she looks rockin' for ANY age.

Dandesun you are right. She will be 50 in March.

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