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July 07, 2010

Sorry, I Just Hallucinated

I have been fast-forwarding most of The Young and the Restless for the past month or so, because everything in it is either so boring or so irksome that I just don't have the wherewithal to deal with it. I mean, I've even started to dislike Jill! JILL! I usually watch a few seconds of a scene to decide whether or not it has any redeeming value (it usually doesn't--I usually finish an episode of the show in, like, ten minutes), but I don't even bother with scenes featuring Victor because, you know...horrible.

Today, though, I hit play too soon and got stuck with a Victor scene and I'm kind of glad/worried that I did, because he said something shocking:

Victor: I'm the one who brought Patty into town. If she is guilty, there's blood on my hands, as well.

DID THAT ACTUALLY HAPPEN? I want so badly to believe that it did because FINALLY he owned up to the fact that he is a damn life-ruiner. But it is, like, obscenely hot outside and when it gets hot, I get tired, cranky and loopy. I kept trying to unlock my car today and didn't realize that I was hitting the lock button, and it went on for an embarrassingly long time. So I am afraid that I actually dreamed that brief, glorious line. If I did, though, please don't burst my bubble. I need this to be my heat wave moment of zen!


Okay so I haven't watched Y&R in like YEARS. Knowing that can someone please, PLEASE explain to me how Jill went from being Katherine's daughter to Lauren's sister???

Dawn, just assume that every DNA test ever administered in Genoa City or given to someone even remotely connected to GC is wrong, wrong, WRONG.

I'm sure in a couple years we'll learn that Jill was actually Zapato's mother.

Dawn: current head-writer Maria Arena Bell ret-conned Jill's true parentage by having Liz Foster confess on her deathbed that she'd known all along that Jill was a Fenmore (but not apologize for perpetuating the lie that kept Billy and Mac apart for over a decade).

Mallory: As for that quote from God Himself The Moustache, yes he did indeed say that...after he blamed Jack for starting everything by pursuing Patty's shrink. "If you hadn't put those two women in an untenable situation, none of this would've happened," he mumble-slurred, sending me into a volley of obscenities.

This show sucks. I remember watching during my junior high and high school years back when Lauren and Tracy were fighting over Danny and Lauren's father was shown quite a bit. He was not, IN ANY WAY, old enough to be Jill's father.

Dawn: I imdb-ed James Storm/ex-Neil Fenmore and Jess Walton/Jill and they were born 6 years apart.

If a dumbass like me can check that stuff, why can't the Y&R writers?


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