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July 06, 2010

Sympathy for the Devil

I understand that General Hospital must feel that the show's default "Sonny and Jason = right, always and forever" position of the past decade should be enough to keep audience sympathy firmly on Sonny's side, even when he practically gets his daughter blown up, but...oh my god. As soon as the smoke cleared, he was focused solely on covering his own ass and taking umbrage at Alexis's belief that it wouldn't be a good idea for Kristina to see him right away and yet...I feel like we're not supposed to despise him.

Sonny: This is on you, Johnny Boy.

Sonny: So, Johnny's been preying on Kristina, manipulating, taking advantage of her. So I went to see Kristina to save her from that twisted freak.
Ronnie: First cops on the scene said they heard Johnny accuse you.
Sonny: Okay, you know what? I don't care what you say, and what Johnny says, because he's a lying...because he's a lying piece of garbage and he'll say anything to save his own ass.

Sonny: No one could tie me to this, okay? If anyone knows I put that bomb in Johnny's car, I won't be able to see my daughter, you understand?

It would be the height of absurdity and completely out of character for Sonny to up and admit to police that he was behind this and make arrangements to go to Pentonville (although Mac probably wouldn't have believed that confession, because Mac is a bonehead. But goodness, it was unintentionally hilarious when Sonny was all, "Mac! We know each other!". Yeah, from opposite ends of the table in an interrogation room), but couldn't we at least have a scene of him looking appropriately guilty and torn up that he almost got his child killed? They couldn't have spared ten seconds between scenes of Dante being inept (why did he not have people watching Franco's mother's house? SERIOUSLY?) and Patrick being disgusting (he obviously didn't shower after his romp with Lisa, but I am hoping he at least took a swig of mouthwash before kissing Robin)?  All they needed to do was put Sonny in his office, tell Maurice Benard to try and perform a long division problem in his head, slap some glycerin tears on his cheeks, and voila--instant turmoil.

Sonny: Really, Alexis? You know what? Whatever you think is best. Don't shut me out of her life.

Listen up, troll: bad things happen when you are not shut out of your children's lives. Things like cops getting shot in the chest, and teenagers getting to prison and almost dying because of a car bomb. You are the worst.


Just what do they suddenly have against Sonny confessing his deep inner turmoil in the hospital chapel now? I mean I roll my eyes when i see that blatant attempt but at least it's in character for Sonny to do that.

I knew that when this thing went assess up somehow Sonny would figure it was actually Johnny's fault....but the speed at which he jumped to that obvious conclusion (for him of course) is what stuns me. I had figured on at least a week of Emmy baiting for Maurice Bernard with the unending hospital scenes and at least two mentions of how he's not nearly as awful as Deke who has you may know was abusive to Sonny.

1. I don't know what was more awful, Sonny's pathological lack of owning up to anything and everything of his own making, his compulsive violent habits, or his desperate attempt to cover his own butt by lying to his family and/or making Michael (who just got out of prison, hello?!) lie for him. That whole conversation with Michael, "I never wanted you to look the other way for me again, son. But I'm going to need you to do it one more time--" was awful! What happened to this character? Back in the 90s he was mysterious and kind of sexy. I was never a huge Sonny fan but now he's just smarmy and violent and consistently stupid. Yeah, Bob Guza, this guy'll rack in the ratings.

2. What's equally appalling to me is Spinelli's Jason obsession. To leave a crazy person on the street just so Jason can go free for awhile?? This character is ridiculous! I swear based on today and the last few episodes, he is ten times more in love with Jason than he is with Maxie.

3. Sonny's been the Main Storyline for so long that I keep thinking, well at least when *this* storyline is over they'll have to move on to another character's storyline as the more prominent story. Like Lucky/Liz/Nik. Or Lisa/Patrick/Robin/Steve. Or Jax and his women. GH used to have rotating plotlines and this isn't the Sonny Corinthos show.

I keep waiting for the shift to be taken off Sonny. Silly me!

"listen troll...." hehehe thanks Mallory, laughed at that one and u're spot on

No character growth. Again. So yes, it's all Johny's fault that Kristina nearly got blown to bits because her father put a car bomb in place. You would think that Sonny would have learned from Lily that car bombs sometimes take out an innocent victim.

And does Sonny's men/equipment come from the Acme company (ala Looney Tunes). A bomb that would wipe out 20 feet all around didn't kill at least one of the two (please, note I haven't watched so maybe Johnny had pulled Kristina back from the car or something). Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.

"What happened to this character? Back in the 90s he was mysterious and kind of sexy."

I kind of remember those days. I can also remember when the Jax/Sonny/Brenda rigmarole didn't make me want to shoot somebody and yet, now, faced with the news of Vanessa Marcil's umpteenth return I'm preemptively exhausted.

Of course I also remember the days when the good guys were the good guys. I have so so much longing for the days of Frisco and Felicia and Anna and Robert and Sean and all the characters I liked.

Franco called Spinelli "Spinozo". Lolz

Spinelli's love for Jason is creepier than Franco FACT.

Quite enjoyed watching Franco's mom Betsy's scenes.

This bomb s/l felt very throw-away. I don't understand where they're going with Sonny. He's a villain, not a hero.

I love Vanessa Marcil and I think that she is an amazing actress, but in order to be amazing you have to be given good material. GH is trash these days and it has been for a while.

I love how on almost every single show the writers give Sonny a line containing the word "manipulate." Maybe it's like a secret little joke between Awesome Writer and us.

I knew Sonny would blame Johnny for this whole thing. I too was amazed though at the speed in which he started yelling about it. I thought he'd blame Johnny because Kristina was hanging around him, being a mobster and all (hello Sonny, look in the mirror). But silly me I didn't expect him to start the PR campaign right there at the bomb scene to save his own keester. He doesn't even play it with any kind of hint that he's possibly lying, the indignation that anyone would think HE'D plant a bomb was so amazing, and yet everything that comes out of his mouth is a total lie. I really think the audience is expected to be rooting for him.

thx for keeping me updated on the crap happening on this show. it just reminds me why I am not watching. great post!

Actually it seems (from producer's interview) that VM/Brenda will play a major role in a Sonny redemption arc..so this despicable writing for Sonny seems to be on purpose..lol
Personally i have nothing against Sonny; he is a freaking bastard, SOB but that makes him interesting, the only thing who annoys me it is the lack of balance..it should not be the Sonny Corinthos show !

It is nice to know that I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON FOR WHOM THIS SHOW MAKES ONE HOMICIDAL!! It's like Guza wakes up, writes, aka rubs his mud stained hands along a pristine white wall and decides to physically assault me with his words. Truly, I watched the episode yesterday evening and spent so much time faux retching, I may have bruised my spleen. This show is garbage. I know that's an insult to garbage.

I used to wish the show would bring back Genie Francis, but now I've decided she is too wonderful to be forced to endure the drivel that Guza, et al, call a Soap. How I long for my 90's GH with umbrella storylines and mob violence THAT DID NOT EAT THE EFFIN' SHOW.

Poor Vanessa Marcil, so pretty, so talented, so destined for disappointment. A few days on this crap fest and she'll be on the "little red corvet phone" begging Prince to rescue her with another star turn in one of his videos.

You wanna know the best part, next up we get the unexpected (not) .... Sonny gets away with it, again and James Franco, while pretty, stabs my eyes virtually with part two of the "Who the eff gives a crap about Franco", saga. UGH!

I'm not saying I need to dante/lulu everyday, though they're cute as hell. But why not give us a storyline where Kristina's abuse/her reaction leads to a Mac/Alexis romance (sorta of a felicia and her girls 2.0) or a robin/steve hook up b/c patrick has become such a douche/ass bag.... or a Lucky/Claire romance (don't laugh, they were good in that park scene about babies)... or even better, a Quatermaine corporate intrigue storyline that brings back Ned, Jimmy Lee Holt, wakes Justus/AJ/Emily from the dead and includes my beloved Tracy w/o that albatross LUKE. AND maybe have Michael's community service launch an intro to the the love of his life, a latina chick, which brings a new "not white" family onto the canvas? You know cuz in my America, minorities and gays play leading, not supporting roles. Hell for good measure, I'd even accept them throwing in "shirley's god awful jewelry", as a story point.

But instead, we're stuck with Guza's "violence porn". I loathe him! Thank God for your blog, in the last year, you've prevented me from bleeding with rage from my eyes.

I agree in the 90's Sonny was a difference character...not only was he mysterious and sexy but he was brooding as well. You got the since that he was sowhat regretful and always didn't like himself or what he did...now he self-serving, cowardice, and down right slimmy. I wish so much that soaps would go back to families and rotate the story arcs around the main historical families of the show.
I am not watching at all now but keeping up through the blog so thanks.

I love Vanessa Marcil and I think that she is an amazing actress, but in order to be amazing you have to be given good material.

"All they needed to do was put Sonny in his office, tell Maurice Benard to try and perform a long division problem in his head, slap some glycerin tears on his cheeks, and voila--instant turmoil."

This may be the greatest sentence ever constructed. I'm still wiping tears from my eyes. Thank you!

What are you talking about? Sonny felt REALLY bad about the explosion. Well, he felt bad that his role in almost blowing up his own child might be found out. Hence the rush to cover up his crime (attempted murder is still a crime, right?)

Not one iota of "OMG, I almost killed my own child in my blood lust for revenge." Nope, not for our Sonny. All he cares about is getting caught.

And he will stick to his stance that this is Johnny's (and even Kristina's fault). Cuz God forbid that tool take any responsibility for his actions.


thanks for a great blog-- still see I am not missing much. UGH Patrick--not showering ick factor!!! ICK Patrick and Lisa. Sonny can't recover in my eyes-- shooting an unarm police officer (or anyone really) in the chest without remorse was the end for me. That is the hero of the show! Awful. Why is Vanessa Marcil coming back to this train wreck? Guza s/l direction has been stuck on Jason, Sonny and Carly for years on. It will never change until Guza is gone. I miss good storytelling --romance-- character driven stories -- I miss GH

i can't work out which is worse anymore self harm or watching this show... or maybe its the same thing? i feel like a drug addict, i know its bad for me but i can't stop

I agree with Sally, it does look like Guza is purposely trying to create a heartless Sonny (a la Pacino in Godfather 2, poor Fredo), for the sole purpose of having him break down emotionally when Brenda returns! But it sure is a long way to Tipperary!

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