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July 23, 2010

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue


Jake: Ryan has had an aneurysm. It's in the same spot in his brain that he was shot a few years ago.


Why has ANOTHER All My Children writing regime decided to give Ryan a brain injury in order to extricate him from his latest victim love interest and to facilitate a reunion with the woman they have decided, at the moment, is the greatest love of his life? I mean, I already know that the answer to this question is "because everybody who writes for this show is creatively bankrupt and horribly lame" (it's also the answer to the related question, "Why is this show going full throttle in making Angie and Jake so completely awful?"), but come on! The majority of this show is so deadly dull that I have been forced to bribe myself to watch entire episodes, and they expect me to sit through this, again, some more? This is just kicking me while I'm down.

I am trying to figure out if I am so irked because this has been done to death (you know what's less entertaining than a retread? A retread of a retread!) or because I am fed up with the prospect of Ryan dying or being comatose and ushered off camera for a year being repeatedly dangled in my face and then cruelly snatched away...


I have 2 questions
1) Why are we expected to believe that Ryan actually has a brain?
2) Why are we expected to care about the umpteenth Rylee reunion?

Ryan "No-Blink" Lavery bores me to tears and I am seriously ill at the thought of La Kane being his soul mate du jour. He is as bad as Ridge on B&B as a nasty, mean, stupid man who inexplicably has every woman and her mother groveling at his feet.

More pressing questions, IMO, are:

1. Just WHY has he taken over AMC?
2. When are he and Erica going to break up, or have they broken up already?

Gio the new flavor of the month is Ryan and Madison. They broke up the ick that was Ryan and Erica as soon as Pratt was fired. It's Ryan and Madison until Greenlee gets a brain again and then of course both David and Madison will be rolled over by the Rylee bus as Kendall, Annie, Aiden and anyone else before them had been.

This is a couple that really has no backing, except as a easy way to ff'd through both Ryan and Greenlee. For me an avid hater of Ryan, Madison at least made him tolerable. Rylee is awful to watch, because it's a been there done that Frons favorite. IMO Cam and RB don't have an ounce of chemistry. Now if this is a set up of a rivalry between Zach and Kendall and Ryan and Greenlee...I'll watch it, because I know Zen can wipe the floor of Rylee. If it's a way to have that couple once again be in Zen's lives (when that doesn't make any sense at all) I will be pissed. Rylee is strictly FF'd material. Nothing worth caring about. Unfortunately they can't carry a s/l and have it work, so once again Zach and Kendall will be propping their sorry a$$es. ugh

i rolled my eyes at that line also, but not for the reasons you wrote. "Ryan has had an aneurysm.." uh no. how about "Ryan has blown an aneurysm. It developed in the same spot where he was shot a few years ago."
An aneurysm is a weakness in the artery wall that expands out to form a balloon and when it pops all that blood pours out into the brain. people can live for years with the balloon clamped but without the clamp (given during surgery) any hit to the head, any sudden movements, raised blood pressure could blow it and bleed out.


There are two reasons why I no longer watch AMC. First and foremost . . . w/o Zach Slater there is NOTHING for me. But even if there were . . . I can't deal with watching Ryan Lavery anymore. The only reason I did before was only if he were in a scene with Zach.

I just cannot see how tptb never seem to realize what a total joke Ryan is. They just.do.not.get.it. But I stopped watching a few mos ago, so it's a moot point for me now.

Jillian: Exactly my thoughts.

I have hated Ryan ever since he and Kendall were first together. He kept trying to get her to work with Greenlee. Kendall didn't like Greenlee, didn't trust her, and didn't want anything to do with her. Ryan assured Kendall that her jealousy was all in her head and blah blah blah. Kendall was supposed to be the love of his life (the writers have completely obliterated the meaning behind that phrase), but he showed her no loyalty. Then, he turns around and marries Greenlee, thereby proving Kendall's fears correct.

He's a fickle heartbreaking bastard. I hate him.

Mallory and Cindy have said it all for me except I do have 1 question.... When will TIIC EVER admit that the writing and the character of King Lavery are hacking this show to death?? And I truelly believe the character of King Lavery is the worst of the two!!

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