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August 03, 2010

Laughter Through Tears

Ryan and Greenlee reuniting in some disgustingly cheesy way purely to make All My Children's paltry audience sick with rage and disgust is such a foregone conclusion that the question isn't "Will their reunion happen?" but "When their reunion inevitably happens, what narcotic should I turn to in order to ease the physical and mental pain that I will face every day between 1 and 2 PM and then for hours after, as I try to erase those images from my mind?".

I know it. You know it. And David Hayward knows it. His preferred method of coping is being hilarious.

Greenlee: I want another doctor.
Ryan: I can't say that I blame you. Are you okay?
David: Shouldn't you be back in bed? We wouldn't want that feeble brain of yours to explode again.
Ryan: What happened to your hand Greenlee?
Greenlee: It's just a small cut. I'm fine.
David: No, you're not fine. You're hurt. And you know I don't want that for any reason.
Greenlee: I probably just need a stitch or two.
Ryan: Did you cut yourself? Or...?
David: No, Ryan. I shanked her in the shower.

Granted, even if he hadn't made the glorious choice to refer to Ryan's mind as "feeble", I still would have been delighted by this exchange because I love the word shank.

But really, if David's going to be forced to don a busy mustache to twirl evilly so that the show can lazily facilitate Ryand and Greenlee's latest douchetastic voyage down the road of love, it's only fair that he get to go down making quips, even if it's likely that they fly right over Ryan's head


I seriously physically gagged on my Smartpop popcorn after school (work) snack while watching that hideous opening monologue of Greenlee's. A prince who is handsome and kind??? I can't take watching it. Damn this show!!!

Hey and sorry about going off topic, but I just recently started reading Serial Drama again, after a year pause, and I was wondering why there is no more posts about Dool? I know the show sucks major balls, but I remember from before that one of you were EJami-shipper? They have really good EJami stuff on Dool right now and Serial Drama´s post about Dool and EJami were highly entertaining and full of awesomeness.

Sorry, I can't stay. I have to go make my "I Heart David Heyward" t-shirt with six different kinds of glitter made.

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