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August 09, 2010

There's a Thin Line Between Hate and More Hate

Oh so much happened today.  A huge secret was revealed that rocked people's worlds, that changed four characters' lives forever.  Forever!  Punches were thrown!  Insults were hurled!  Forgiveness was begged!  Excuses were made!  Do you think if I use enough exclamations points I'll eventually muster up some investment in this storyline?  It was so dramatic!


Stop, stop, he's your brother, you're all brothers!  Oh no!  (Zzzzzz.....)


I'm going to be fair and say it was almost worth it for this reaction shot.  Almost.

And just in case anyone's confused, this woman --


-- this woman is supposed to be a mother of three sons somewhere between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five.  This woman.  Bore these children:


Puberty hits young where she's from, I suppose.  I mean I've been to Dayton, Ohio, but I truly don't remember any pregnant nine-year-olds.  I really would 'fess up if I had.

Beyond these scenes and this "reveal" being incredibly tedious because these are three brand spankin' new characters and one fairly recent and unsympathetic character being affected here, the way these segments were directed and blocked was incredibly awkward. The bulk of the movement was Inez turning her body back and forth to plead her case to her various chiseled sons with her arms just dangling limply at her side. 



And just to give equal time, the other actors in the scenes weren't doing much in the way of gesture, either.  A room full o' face-actors, playin' people we barely know.  Yay.  And for some reason they just had to get rid of Rachel Gannon.  Where is she???  (Actually, we know exactly where she is.)

The Salinger-Ford clan.

Just.  Cannot.  Care.

My favorite couple, Blair and Tea, had an emotional goodbye today, complete with a flashback montage of all their not-so-good times together throwing each other out of windows and the like. I sheepishly admit I got a little choked up, in particular because Kassie de Paiva and Florencia Lozano are just on fire in scenes together, but I'm still unconvinced that Tea is actually going to die.  I don't know how they're going to backtrack or get out of it, but I just know they will and then... what was the point of all this?

Did y'all know that Eli is Bennett Thompson and really evil?  Just keeping you posted.  Really evil.  Bennett Thompson.  Evil.  Eli.

Destiny out.


As soon as I saw the title of this post, I KNEW it was gonna be about "One Life to Live" and, more specifically, the Fords. I LOATHE the Fords. Ford boils my blood, Nate is fuckin' useless, Inez is woefully miscast, and James is...okay, I guess. Except for that Twinkle bullshit with Starr. Blech. Because of them we lost Kish and Sky and Rachel? HATE!

I haven't watched OLTL in years, but at least it's entertaining me with that post.

What. In all that is holy. Is that woman wearing? Julie McCoy called from the Love Boat, and she wants her dress back.

I haven't watched those I Want to Be a Soap Star shows either, but these shots look like they're from the early episodes where they get rid of three contestants in a single week. Awful!

Eh, I kinda like the Fords. They're pretty to look at.

I'm with SwanSinger. If my choice is between more McBain, more Rex, or the Fords; I'm going with the Fords everytime. They are definitely some eye candy.

McBore and Rexx vs Ford, James and Nate....Okay, I'll take the Ford's!

Can't we get rid of all of them and keep Eli?

I'm with you Dandesun! Really like Matt Walton and hope they can redeem him sommehow...except they only do that for Todd :(

I'm guessing Inez is eating the Falconeri pasta over at GH. It's the only explanation for how such a young woman appears to be only a handful of years older than her sons.

I agree that the Fords are too pretty to lose. They don't even have to speak. Just have the camera pan past them at the country club a few times per episode and I'll be a happy woman.

"This woman. Bore these children:"

Yep. A scary percentage of nine-year-olds ARE hitting puberty in 2010, but it didn't happen so often in 1985.

And seriously, WHO CARES? I like Nate. I never liked Ford - though they are trying to make him sympathetic now - and James is just sort of there. I'm with you: We lost Rachel (and Kish, and SKY!) for this crap?

I don't mind the Fords. Except for the first Ford to show up. He's pretty, but I don't really enjoy his character.

I can kind of see why they scooped up the woman playing Inez, though. I enjoy her performances, even though she was a little understated in the scenes pictured above.

I'm also with Dandesun. Let's keep Eli. I don't care if they redeem him completely. He's too good to lose on this show, that has already tossed out like yesterday's garbage several of the good actors they had.

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