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September 08, 2010

Sonny With a Chance (Of Over-the-Top Propping)

Today, Brenda and Sonny had a (seemingly endless) conversation about how it's OKAY that Sonny has done all of the horrible things he has because...well, because he loves his kids.

It's not that I am surprised. 

Revolted and hate-filled? Yes. I am both of those things.  

Sadly resigned to Brenda's new role on the show? Yes, that too. I should have seen it unfolding exactly this way, really, and I am kicking myself for not predicting this! Bob Guza has been saying for quite some time now that Brenda would play a big role in redeeming Sonny, and I'm not foolish enough to think that said redemption would happen organically and soapily, because this is Bob Guza's General Hospital, where good things go to die after a long period of back-burnering. I should have known that his idea of redemption is to have Brenda pretty much say, "How can I redeem you when you didn't do anything wrong in the first place?".

But surprised? No.

Well, okay, maybe a little surprised at just how OUT OF CONTROL it was.

Sonny: I hate this man, and I've openly threatened to kill him on many occasions. Even to a federal prosecutor who, bless her little heart, was wearing a wire.

You know me and my fondness for adorable phrases! "Holy cannoli", "Isn't that just a kick in the pants"...if the words "bless her little heart" were spoken by anybody but Sonny, I would have been completely delighted! But from Sonny, it was more bizarre than wonderful.

And Brenda had zero reaction to hearing that someone wore a wire, which makes sense, because it's not like a wire was a huge part of their history or anything....

Sonny: I know, I know. I'm stupid.
Brenda: What are you talking about? You're not stupid. You're not stupid!

This is the part of the show where I would have started to shout "HOLD THE PHONE, BRENDA" if I hadn't stopped talking to my TV during this show ages ago, opting instead for heavy sighs and the occasional cross between a yelp and a groan. I mean, really. One thing all of Port Charles can agree on is the basic fact that Sonny is an idiot; it's probably part of the kindergarten curriculum! To tell him that he's not, well...that's a whole new level of ego-stroking. 

Brenda: I remember the first time I saw you after Lily died. You were drunk, you were in so much pain. You were just destroyed. I saw what it cost you. How much everything cost you. There's no way, Sonny, that you'd ever be involved with a car bomb ever again unless you had to be, unless you were desperate. Unless you were a desperate father trying to protect his daughter.

If you were planning to use a car bomb in order to exact revenge on someone for a petty reason, that is completely unjustifiable. But if you were using it because you were DESPERATE, that's pretty much the very definition of "Oh, it's totally no big and it definitely doesn't merit further discussion".


Brenda: You would never shoot someone who had no chance of fighting back ever.
Sonny: I wish you hadn't said that. I did that.
Brenda: No.
Sonny: Listen, I shot my son. He's a cop.
Brenda: What do you mean, your son's a cop?
Sonny: I got his mother pregnant when she was in high school. She never told me and she never told him. Years later, he's assigned to take me down. It's a small world.
Brenda: And you shot him?
Sonny: I shot him the day he was going to arrest me. I liked him. I was impressed with him. But when I found out he was an undercover cop and he was playing with my kids, working my family...I had--I had to get rid of him and I did what you said I would never do, which is shoot a man who has no chance to fight back. The door opens, I hear his mother screaming, "You shot your own son".
Brenda: I'm so sorry. It must have been awful.




Yes, SONNY is the one that this was awful for. Forget whether this is in character for Brenda are not: this is not the kind of reaction ANY human being would have! "I'm so sorry that you shot your unarmed son in the chest, Guy Who Shot His Unarmed Son In The Chest. It must have been awful for you to shoot your unarmed son in the chest."

Sonny: You're the first person who hasn't called me a monster after I told them I shot a cop.
Brenda: You're not a monster. Don't ever call yourself a monster.
Sonny: You know I never would have done it if I knew he was my son. The truth is, I never should have done it at all, which is what I just realized.

He JUST REALIZED you shouldn't shoot people in the chest. JUST REALIZED. And yet Brenda did not shudder and then immediately revise her "You're not stupid" statement.

This effing show.


Didn't you just lvoe the fact that it rained when Sonny left brenda? A little nod to their history that he always leaves her in the rain! I hated this whole episode, listening to her tell him basically that he's never done anything wrong, that running a strip club, drugging a teenage girl, and then sleeping wih another teenage girl when he was in his late twenties was okay but Johnny (who apparently is now 30? WTF) pretending to sleep with Kristina was heinous beyond belief and he deserved to die in a car bomb. I hate this show!

RIP Brenda Barrett. Yesterday was the complete destruction of her character. She matured & moved past Sonny in 1998. No intelligent human would have responded in such a manner. During her 2002 return she left still in love with Jax, suddenly she's all about Sonny again? Where is the Brenda who "I choose me"?

I know now her story is not worth watching, it's not even her story, it's about Sonny.

sigh. was considering checking out the SnB scenes but now i see there is absolutely no point.

Vicki, I'm with you about Brenda's laugh. It's verging on Tourette's.

It's much more entertaining if you read Brenda's dialog with a flat, sarcastic tone. Try it - it's how she should have said it, and makes so much more sense.

JnR Redux - I don't see GH putting Robin back with Jason when she hates his lifestyle and she's a M.O.M! If Jason can't be with Liz and his son then why would GH put JnR back together?

Desperate is "Nazis are coming to kill my entire family." It is not "my daughter is dating someone I despise."

I don't know why, but my first thought was of the scene in Sound of Music where two nuns (one played by Anna Lee) go the mother superior "Reverend Mother, I have sinned. .." because they tampered with the German cars to prevent the Nazis from catching the Von Trapp family.

Sonny PLANTS A BOMB in a car but somehow that's ok.

It should be blatantly clear to all of you by now that all characters are on the show to kneel down and worship at the altars of Sonny, Carly, and St. Jasus. To think otherwise is naive: first time, shame on Guza, second time shame on you. How many times does this scenario have to play before some of you get it?
I stopped watching this crapfest of a show 2 years ago and have missed nothing but the aggravation and a lower blood pressure.

Hey Guza! Why don't you hunker down with a couple seasons' worth of Dexter, so you can maybe pick up a little something about redeeming a killer?

Wasn't it just a few days ago that she told that one dude off (when he wanted her to model for Franco) because she DOESN'T LIKE VIOLENCE?!?!?

How is shooting your son and being the instigator of a car bomb pacifistic?

I can't tell you how much I regret VM ever returning as Brenda. I loved her - but this is an unrecognizable facsimile. Even when she was a teen and first met Sonny she had more sense than this. She finally grew up and grew beyond that tormenting relationship.

I wish this was just a six month quick stay because I can't watch this and I hate the idea of taking a 2 year break from the show.

Guza has screwed up yet another character-Brenda! VM comeback has been botched beyond belief! I liked Sonny and Brenda, but their "reunion" last week was just weird!! The fake Italian set and accents don't help. Even VM seems off-she is just not the same actress she was before. She probably wondering why she came back to this mess!!

I just hope that someone at ABC has a brain and is planning Guza's demise as we speak!! It not, cancel it now and put us all out of our misery!

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